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Similarities between "Castle" and "The Mentalist"- Kate-Rick vs Jisbon, Riksbi-Cho vs Rayn-Espo- How is it similar?

Updated on May 21, 2012

"Castle" and "The Mentalist", both crime dramas, have some striking similarities. (Click here to read article about how "Criminal Minds" is darker than "Castle".)

  • "The Mentalist" follows a mentalist, formerly fake psychic, Patrick Jane, who helps the CBI solves cases. In "Castle", mystery novel writer Richard Castle helps NYPD solve cases. In both the shows, the "hero" isn't a cop, but someone with special skills who helps the cops.
  • Both of them are witty, intelligent, and humorous. They apply their thinking power to solve the crimes.
  • Both shows have a slap-slap-kiss, will they-won't they dynamic between the lead couples.
  • Castle has been married and divorced, Jane's wife has been killed.
  • Castle has a teen daughter, Jane had a little girl who was killed.
  • In "The Mentalist", Jane is trying to track down Red John, the serial killer who killed his wife and his daughter. "Castle" follows NYPD Detective Kate Beckett as she tries to track her mother's killer. In both cases, it seemed like they were close to catching the killer many times, but never did.
  • Red John had a "mole" in the CBI in "The Mentalist." Detective Montgomery had connections with the killer in "Castle".
  • "Castle" has "Iron Gates" to match "HighTower" from "The Mentalist". So even the names of the head cops are similar!
  • "Castle" shows Espisito-Ryan-Castle bromance, while "The Mentalist" has Cho-Rigsby-Jane bonding.
  • Espisito is dating within the department, Ryan outside. Rigsby dated Van Pelt within the team, Cho is dating someone from outside the CBI.


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