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Tom Brokaw Making Asinine Statements About The Boston Bombings...

Updated on July 1, 2013

Simply Because You are Out Of The Spotlight Tom Brokaw… You Do not Have License To Make Asinine Statements About The Boston Bombings

Tom Brokaw has been a newsman for a long time and used to be the well paid mouth-piece for NBC nightly news, whose reputation has been malignantly compromised by its sister station, MSNBC, the modern version of Pravda or one of the English speaking versions of Al Jazeera. Forget about any of the NBC stations giving you any objective news about their secular messiah, President Obama… locally or nationally, but, apparently, MSNBC, where Brokaw is an elder statesman opining on the issues of the day is again seeking the limelight by engaging in Political Correctness speculating and making bogus, spurious comparisons to our drone program for one of the reasons why the two brothers bombed the Boston Marathon.

In the same common sense, non-politically-correctness-vein, if there is anyone down at the Pentagon deliberately planning to kill children in Afghanistan or anywhere in the Muslim world, via our drone strikes targeting terrorists, he or she should be prosecuted with extreme prejudice. Perhaps, it is my legal training, but should not there be an element of ‘intent’ involved when Tom Brokaw and other left leaning America haters spew this nonsense?

Let me get this, there are soldiers who have served honorably in the respective war theatres of Afghanistan and Iraq and who are catching hell financially now that they are back in civilian life, while these two bombers were economically living better than they are. Yet, these bombers, with all the largess America offered them as immigrants, deliberately placed bombs in the presence of children, knowing that these children would die, and, indeed, an eight-year-old-boy, among others, tragically did just that.

I supposed to Tom Brokaw that when the boys and girls down at the Pentagon planned our drone strikes, and, yes, children and civilians sometimes do die, that we are nonchalant and do so cavalierly. This bogus moral equivalence makes Liberals like Tom Brokaw feels good, without thinking of the lethal consequences they do to our geo-policies… but as long as Brokaw can say anything, no matter how silly, as long as he is looked upon as the elder bespectacled sage, it is ok.

As one pundit puts it, I wonder where were our drones that supposedly, deliberately, target innocent Muslim children before the terrorist bombings that preceded 911: the Khobar Towers; the USS Cole; the embassies in East Africa; and the first World-Trade-Centre. Now, as a former soldier, I know that the United States military has at its disposal more deadly, lethal, means for killing children, but somehow it chose to use its drones. It is amazing how Tom Brokaw, along with others, does not speak on the cowards that most of the terrorists are when they hide among their wives and families, hoping that this would prolong their lives....

I have been writing for years that nothing reported on MSNBC surprises me anymore - I swear that I once heard one of the MSNBC’s reporters, its White House Chief Correspondent, ChucK Todd, stood by without offering any follow-up questions, while he was interviewing a Muslim who said that it was ok to kill those who insulted the Prophet Muhammad. I have a feeling that Mr. Brokaw was still smarting over the rejection of the gun legislation that was recently voted down and leaving many of the loons on the Left bereft… anytime now, I expect to hear MSNBC, parroting the White House ‘talking points…’ declaring that there should be a ban on pressure cookers because they were used to carry out the Boston bombings.


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York

      The Irish and the Italians never killed anyone in the name of their adopted home because of religion.... I do not excuse those of my black brothers and sisters and many are truly living in perdition, yet do not resort to killing children because of religious fervor.

    • mbwalz profile image

      MaryBeth Walz 4 years ago from Maine

      You know, the most wonderful thing about this country is that even if you do not agree with the President, you can still write this hub and comments and not be put away into jail. That is why we have a Republic. It's imperfect, but a Republic is there to make sure that the minorities' rights are protected as much as the majorities'.

      We do offer a home for people from so many countries and the majority of them work hard, go to school, and pay taxes which will in turn help pay for the baby boomers to retire. These kids were troubled. And when you put them into the perspective of crimes by terrorists that were born here, it kind of makes their being "from away" (as we say about all you non-Mainers) irrelevant.

      Just think of the Irish, the Italians, etc. from the turn of the century that wreaked havoc and caused their families and neighbors to be targeted for prejudices. Remember the signs? No Irish or Italians? Kind of like some other groups that get labeled because of a small group of bad eggs.

    • profile image

      rmcmillen 4 years ago

      Ok…. So… where to begin?

      For one, I would probably just as soon compare Fox with a communist station like Pravda as I would… well, do something as simple as eating breakfast. In fact it’s usually around the 5 minute mark of watching Fox’s “if you weren’t born here get out and stay out” hate-saturated message that I tend to black out from the craziness and lies of O' Reilly or Beck (ok.... so Beck isn't really on Fox anymore, but he's still freakin' nutty.)

      Secondly, as both a liberal and a human with a brain and his own free will and free thought, Obama is in no way, shape or form a “messiah” to the majority of… well... any group whatsoever. So, you know… there’s that… plain and simple.

      Third, and before I begin I should point out that I did not see, hear or read about Brokaw’s statement at all… so I am going to go at this one a bit blindly. Sound good?

      As I was saying… THIRD, we may not be deliberately targeting innocent women and children, but… and I hope as someone with legal training you will like this one, a study conducted by both Stanford Law School and New York University’s School Of Law found that when looking at all those killed in drone strikes only 2% were the high-level targets they set out to kill.

      I’ll say it again…. Only 2%! Even if it’s not deliberate and even IF a hunk of the remaining 98% are followers of the 2%, that’s still a lot of wiggle room. Even if it is not deliberate, It still seems strangely suspect that we continue to go about things the way we do all the while knowing that our ways are more than likely causing death, if not serious injury to nearby women and children.

      It may have been a little insane for Tom to even think it was deliberate that we would kill innocent individuals, but it is just as insane that we continue to use the drone program.

      It was insane when we used it under Bush, it is insane that we use it still under Obama, and it will be insane if we continue to use this nonsense under whatever poor soul sits in the White House after 2016.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York


    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 4 years ago

      I am sick of all these liberal pontificators who never get it right. You, however, did get it right. Up and awesome.