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Sinergy: The Finnish Band That Mixes Neoclassical Power Metal With Powerful Vocals in Beware the Heavens

Updated on November 13, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

Beware the Heavens: front album cover

The front album cover for Beware the Heavens has a magician on it. He is surrounded by many lions and their cubs. He is brave to try and confront these lions. Bravery is a very important life skill.
The front album cover for Beware the Heavens has a magician on it. He is surrounded by many lions and their cubs. He is brave to try and confront these lions. Bravery is a very important life skill.

Who Were The Band Sinergy?

Sinergy were a very good power metal band from Finland but they had members from three different countries at one point. They were led by vocalist Kimberly “Kim” Goss, Alexi Laiho, Lauri Porra, and Jesper Strombald (ex-In Flames) guitarist who provided some of the lead guitar work from the band’s first album called Beware the Heavens released in 1999. The band is no longer active but when they were, they provided strong vocals, good guitar work, and creative solos.

Motivation for deciding to Write About the Band Sinergy

This writer had listened to Children of Bodom (Alexi Laiho’s main band) and had always been in awe of the technicality of the guitar playing especially on the band’s first two releases. And Kimberly Goss has a powerful voice which deserves consideration. She has both power and a soothing style to her voice which should attract fans over the world.

Track listing for Beware the Heavens

  1. Venomous Vixens
  2. The Fourth World
  3. Born Unto Fire and Passion (instrumental)
  4. The Warrior Princess
  5. Beware the Heavens
  6. Razor Blade Salvation
  7. Swarmed
  8. Pulsation (instrumental)
  9. Virtual Future

Beware the Heavens: Analyzing the First Five Songs

Venomous Vixens is the first song on the album and right away, we see that these musicians mean business! The creativity of the guitars is shown and Sinergy sounds like a neoclassical power metal band and Yngwie J. Malmsteen is an influence as well. The song is about a pair of creatures that are going around terrorizing the world. They are looking to get rid of anyone that is willing to cross to path. Near the end of the song, I sense that there is a Jason Becker kind of influence in the guitar playing. You might notice this too if you hear that part. The Fourth World is about discovering a different world through a passage that goes through the clouds. Only the elite people are given access to this fourth world. It is some kind of paradise which does not exist in the outside world. The smoothness of Kimberly Goss is seen here as the song tries to tell us that there is a passageway to this fourth dimension or fourth world. Born Unto Fire and Passion is a beautiful instrumental with some violin in it. Writing about this song makes me feel more passionate and alive already! The Warrior Princess is about a hero that has so much passion that she is considered a sort of female hero in her youth. Her name is Xena as she bravely goes into battle to fight for the honor of the country. There is no rest of her as she has unfinished work ahead of her. Lyrically, the song is similar to the song Maid of Orleans by Dark Moor. Xena fights against a cyclops that is willing to destroy an entire forest. But because of her amazing use of weaponry, skill, and bravery, she is able to fight off the cyclops and restore peace to the land even if that peace is temporary. Beware the Heavens is about the western front being calm at first. But there are a group of preachers that are actually opening up the land to Armageddon. They are false prophets so the song’s message is that when we are confronted with various preachers, not all of them will be honest with us and tell us the truth. So when we see these kinds of people, we have to make a run for it.

"Razor Blade Salvation"

Beware the Heavens: Songs 6-9

Razor Blade Salvation was always the strongest song on this album. It is a power ballad about being with a lover from whom passion will result in a bloody end. These kinds of relationships do not last but people will seek relationships for fear of being alone. Swarmed is a melodic song about someone that sees the light is fading as darkness approaches. She is petrified to even be alive. She is seeking some help and salvation as she wants to break free of this hopelessness. In life, most of us have times where we feel like we have nowhere to turn and there is life of darkness. Remember to never give up on your life. Light is always better than darkness. Pulsation the second instrumental is another beautiful song with a melodic twin guitar sounds that is very much classically influenced. I remember back in the day around 1999 and 2000 that this song really impressed me due to the creativity and skill of Alexi and Jesper. Virtual Future makes reference to the changing technology and if you are not prepared to deal with these changes, you may “drown” though not literally. Time goes so fast and the technology has changed with time. For instance, there are people that now have virtual offices. But that’s a different topic.

Final Thoughts About Beware the Heavens and Sinergy

Beware the Heavens is an outstanding album from this international band. However, they would last as a band only until 2004 (technically). They disbanded for good in 2011. But Sinergy is one of those moments that Kimberly and Alexi will remember forever. For fans of bands like Dark Moor, Angra, and Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Sinergy is an excellent choice of bands to listen to. Kimberly’s powerful soothing voice will help relax you and you will find this an absolute pleasure of a band to listen to!

The song "Pulsation"

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