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Singer Debra Romer America's Got Talent Predictions

Updated on August 31, 2010

Can the Angel-Voiced Beauty Win AGT?

Debra Romer has advanced to the semifinals on the fifth season of America's Got Talent. Romer, a 22-year-old singer from Kalamazoo, Michigan, is known for her soft and beautiful vocal tone. Debra is also quite attractive and seen by more as very marketable. Others see Debra as overrated and undeserving of her semifinal spot. After seeing her beautiful and soft first audition of Sarah MacLachlan's "Angel" and her quarterfinal performance of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," it is clear that Debra Romer does not and never will have the power to interpret most songs. She got a major gift from the voters even getting to the semifinals. Only the singer's advantage and possibly her looks tilted the votes in her favor. Romer's voice was literally quivering from a lack of power during "Dreams." She simply has no shot at winning America's Got Talent.

Judging singing talent is a tricky thing. The reason singers like Debra Romer get through to later rounds of a show like America's Got Talent is either because a certain number of voters like their song choices or their style. But this hardly ever holds up on these national talent contests. Looks and other things tend to fall by the wayside as it gets closer to the finals. When I first heard Debra on "Angel," what I heard was an admittedly too soft but very beautiful singing voice. On tone alone, Debra really does have an angelic voice. But once you hear her a second time, it becomes crystal clear that her excessive softness is a persistent weakness in her performances.

"Dreams" was a complete mess that hardly even registered as singing. It barely surpassed a faint whimper, thus making it impossible for Debra to actually interpret the song in any meaningful way. People watching Debra the first time might give her a pass because she does have that beautiful tone. But as the fans and voters start to see more of Debra, it will become clear to larger and larger numbers of fans that she is the epitome of a one-trick pony. Debra literally can't do anything but push out beautiful but almost lifeless notes. She can't interpret songs with that lack of power or volume variations necessary to sing most songs.

Such soft notes may be appropriate for certain Disney cartoon songs or some other types of easy listening. But the problem is singers like Karen Carpenter can still interpret super-soft songs with excellent phrasing and style. Debra lacks any kind of personal style and has nothing in the way of phrasing. Simply put, she has an amazing vocal tone but nothing else in terms of singing talent to go with it.

Debra Romer lucked into a semifinals spot, and the voters are slowly figuring out how limited she is as a singer. Romer may but probably will not sneak into the finals (she has more competition now in Jackie Evancho). But even if she lucks out again, there is simply no way Debra Romer can outlast Michael Grimm and the other favorites in the finals. This one-trick pony may or may not be "marketable." But she doesn't have the chops to win a million dollars on America's Got Talent.


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