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Singer Jitendra Joshi's Profile

Updated on September 29, 2014
Singer Jitendra Joshi
Singer Jitendra Joshi

Jitendra Joshi completed his B.Com.L.L.B in Nadiad. He had fallen in love with Mukesh's voice from his early childhood and also started singing at various social events and later in college annual functions. When he sang one of mukesh’s song "Awaraa hoon...” from Raj Kapoor’s famous film "Awaraa” at a function the immediate reaction from audience was to say " Mukesh… Mukesh.” He has a voice that could on one hand be deeply melancholic and on the other hand exude a profoundly innocent and mellifluous sweetness. It is an exquisite blend of torment and anguish, tenderness and joy. He pursued his singing ambitions along with his flourishing career as a Government Odit officer. Jitendra Joshi began performing publicly in 1980, as a singer as well as a compare at various shows with famous Gujarati Film Music Director Mr. Brij Joshi and Mr. Amit Patel. Jitendra Joshi making his first Music trip out of the country, went to U.K., in 1985 and sang to appreciative audiences, & became quite famous as a versatile singer and as an announcer ‘Stage King ’. Since then he is doing regular foreign tours of Europe, Canada and America.


His Audio Albums [Released]

  • Dhol Dhamkya – Rydham House
  • Pad sangrah Na Pado- Rydham House
  • Gokali Na Mele- Music Center (V.V.Nager)
  • RanMukta Bhajanavali Part-3 & 4 –MusicCenter (V.V.Nager)
  • Jay Mataji Part-2 – Soor Mandir
  • Hari No Marag- Music Center (V.V.Nager)
  • Dhoolida- Khodal Production
  • Maa – Khodal Production
  • Nitya Smaran – Santram Mandir, Nadiad
  • SunderKand – Hari Cassettes
  • Jankar Live Garba- Rydham House
  • Patani Patola - Music House
  • Sradhanjali – Studio Malhar
  • Sradhanjali “Maa” - Studio Malhar
  • Ranzaniyu – Sangeet Music (V.V.Nager)
  • “Shree Narayan Naam” - Studio Malhar


Apart from sending several Musical Groups to U.K., U.S.A., Canada. He has personally toured to various countries on public demand.

1991 - Kenya – (Drama, Musical Show)
1995 To 1996 - U.K. (Every Year)
1997 – U.S.A
2002 - U.K
2004 To 2005 - To U.K
2007 To Till date - Canada

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