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Singer Nathaniel Kenyon America's Got Talent Predictions

Updated on August 31, 2010

Can the Young Singer Win AGT?

Nathaniel Kenyon is a 19-year-old contestant on the fifth season of America's Got Talent. As a singer who has made the semifinals, Nathaniel instantly has a better-than-average chance to make it to the finals. Nate's age and relative lack of experience weigh against him. However, he looks like a star, and that can garner a lot of votes. Despite his youth and lack of experience, Nate also has the kind of vocal tone that seems to be popular these days on the radio. Considering the positives and negatives, though, Nate Kenyon will almost certainly fail to win America's Got Talent.

When it comes to talent, Nate is a bit underrated by many fans. First, some fans discount his talent because they think he was chosen just for looks or to please the teen girls. While I may or may not have picked Nathaniel if I were a producer or judge, I see the quality in his vocal tone and ability to deliver a song in a live performance. He does have a nice voice. Yes, Nate is not on the same level as the top singers in this competition like Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock or Alice Tan Ridley. But he is most certainly competent at taking a popular song and giving it the appropriate interpretation. Nate also seems to have a good idea of what kind of artist he is and what he wants to do with his talent.

In other words, while it's true that Nate is not a fantastic singer, to say that he is just an average singer is undervaluing his skills as a singer. Although it's true that he comes off a bit as a karaoke-like singer, his vocal tone and ability to interpret songs are well above average. Some people seem to backlash against singers like Nathaniel simply because he gets teen-girl votes. So what? The issue is whether he has talent, not who is voting for him. Just because he is clearly not as good as some of the other singers doesn't mean that he hasn't earned his semifinal spot. People moan about singers doing well on this show. But it's not the singers' fault that the art of singing just happens to lend itself to the type of emotion-invoking performances that compel viewers to vote. I personally thought that Nathaniel, despite being sick and certainly not the favorite on the night, did enough to earn a semifinals spot.

Nate has yet to sing in the semifinals and will probably have a tough time getting through to the finals at this point. Certainly, Alice Tan Ridley and Jackie Evancho have the upper hand against him. Fighting Gravity is also almost a mortal lock for the finals. That leaves two more spots for the finals (unless the judges pull a fast one again and let in six acts). Nate will have to outlast Haspop, Debra Romer, Murray and Michael Grasso as his top competition for those two remaining spots. Even Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon, the aerialists, could potentially steal one of the finalist spots. This will be tough. Nonetheless, as a singer, he has about a 40% chance or so of getting to the finals.

If Nathaniel Kenyon does manage to make the finals, he then has a mountain of competitor to surpass. At that point, being 3rd or 4th on the pecking order among the singers won't get the job done. Even if Nate was picked to fill a spot for the teenage girls or some other demographic, he has earned his spot up to the semifinals. But his lack of skills relative to the top favorites is finally catching up to him. Even if he squeaks into the finals. this is not his million-dollar payday. The talent isn't quite there yet for him to win America's Got Talent in a very tough season for competition.


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