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Singer Skylar Laine: American Idol 11 (2012) Spoilers and Predictions

Updated on January 14, 2012

Skylar Laine is a singer from Brandon, Mississippi. According to spoiler site TheIdolPad, she has made it to the Top 42 on the 11th season of the American Idol singing competition. Based on her "Diamond Studded Pistol" song that she wrote and performed, Skylar appears to be going the country route. However, she has also mentioned online that she sings southern rock. But there is also a video on YouTube of Skylar singing "Once Upon a Time." Thus, she appears to have a fair degree of versatility.

One thing that Idol has not done a good job of is promoting artistic female singers (Crystal Bowersox being a notable exception). It seems like the pageant princesses, the hot girls and the pop divas get picked over the artists. I'm not sure how many other songs Skylar has written or whether she works with some other writer, but I enjoyed "Diamond Studded Pistol." That song sounds like it could be a hit or a great movie song, and she sang it with some good power notes, as well.

It is possible, though, that Laine could fail to make the voting rounds. If she is going to go in marketing herself as a country singer, then she will have competition in Chelsea Sorrell, another good country singer. Although Skylar seems much more versatile, it is doubtful that the show is even looking for a country singer to win this year. So even if Skylar is as good as she seems like she might be, they could just as well cut her before the voting rounds if, as suspected, the producers are not looking to favor a country queen this year.

Having said all that, I have doubts that Sklar Laine will make a strong run this year on American Idol. The timing is bad for her, and she seems to be the kind of singer that Idol always overlooks or fails to adequately feature as a viable candidate to win. Skylar is likely to either be cut before the voting starts or lose out in the first voting round (the Top 24) if she tries to focus on only country. I would recommend throwing some of that southern rock into the mix to increase her chances of making a run for the Top 12.


TheIdolPad: American Idol 11 Spoilers

Sklyar Laine: "Diamond Studded Pistol"

Skylar Laine: "Once Upon a Time"


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    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      I have missed the start of idol so I so appreciate the update and videos. I always get hooked on it. Now to add x factor as well. Great write. You are talented. Hugs to you. Up all the way.

      May the best singer win.