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Singer Taylor Mathews America's Got Talent Predictions

Updated on August 20, 2010

Can The Singer Win the Fifth Season of AGT?

Singer Taylor Mathews is a contestant on the fifth season of America's Got Talent. Up to this point, Taylor has done quite well, advancing to the semifinals after placing in the Top 3 in his quarterfinals week (the top 3 in public voting in each of 5 weeks automatically advanced, with a fourth contestant each week picked by the judges to advance to the semifinals). While some have accused Taylor of getting through on the votes of teenage girls, he has arguably improved throughout the competition and has earned his spot in the semifinals. Nevertheless, the competition gets stiffer from here on out. Due to the presence of Michael Grimm and other top contestants in his semifinals week, Taylor Mathews will have a tougher time advancing to the finals. Even if Taylor does advance to the finals, he will likely not win America's Got Talent.

Some fans have accused Taylor of being an average singer. I don't believe this to be the case when looking at the Big Picture. Taylor has some appealing qualities as a singer and performer that set him apart from the average singer. First, his vocal tone, while not exactly golden like that of Michael Grimm's, leaves a nice taste in the mouth, so to speak. Certainly, Taylor's vocal tone is better than the average singer, and vocal tone can overcome other weaknesses of a singer. Yes, it is true that Taylor seems average in some respects. He doesn't seem to have much versatility, and he is not a particularly soulful singer. But just his nice vocal tone is enough to make him a viable pop singer.

In addition, Taylor plays the guitar at least on a decent level. This is always a nice bonus for a singer in a national talent contest. This exact kind of contestant has won American Idol three years in a row (a singer/songwriter/guitar player). While arguably this is more a function of popularity than talent, it's a good indicator that a contestant like Taylor gets bonus points from a certain segment of the voting public.

Nonetheless, talent does tend to prevail as a contest gets closer to the final. And Taylor lacks the punch of a Michael Grimm or a Prince Poppycock. The main problem with Taylor at this point in the competition is that he just isn't unique enough compared to these other top contestants. I believe Taylor is better than an average singer, and I would even give him as much as a 50% chance of creeping into the finals. But he won't prevail even if he does inch into the final round of America's Got Talent. Uniqueness becomes very important, and this is where Taylor will likely fail to capture a championship this season. Grimm has a strong shot due to his soulful performances, and Poppycock is overwhelmingly the most unique opera singer in America's Got Talent history from a style and performance perspective. These are the things that get the average person to vote.

Cuteness, guitar playing and an above-average vocal tone, by themselves, are generally not going to be enough to overcome these more unique or soulful contestants.

However, Taylor has a decent shot to make the finals. These are the contestants in his round:

Michael Grimm

Kristina Young

Future Funk

Antonio Restivo

Christina and Ali


Prince Poppycock

Dan Sperry


Anna and Patryck

Connor Doran

The two almost certain locks to make it through are Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock. After that, it probably depends largely on the actual peformances for the third spot, and then the judges could make any wild decision for the fourth spot. Anyway, these contestants stand a decent chance of getting one of the two remaining spots:

Taylor Mathews (needs his best performance yet), Connor (needs to step it up again), Anna and Patryck (outside chance only), Dan Sperry (must perform a bigger act this time), ArcAttack (depends on whether the fans get tired of this limited act), and Christina and Ali (need to improve greatly and make a great song choice even with the great backstory).

So, depending on how Taylor Mathews peforms, he has a decent chance of getting into the finals. I personally think he has almost reached his peak and will lose out to Dan Sperry, Connor, or Christina and Ali, but he still has a decent shot to move to the final round.

At any rate, his relative lack of uniqueness and vocal nuances make it difficult for Taylor Mathews to win America's Got Talent. He has made a great run, but most runs are meant to come to an end. Taylor's shot at a championship is slim to none.

Taylor Mathews - America's Got Talent Quarterfinals


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