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Singers Christina and Ali America's Got Talent Predictions

Updated on August 24, 2010

Will the Cystic Fibrosis Sisters Capture the AGT 5 Crown?

Christina and Ali, sisters that both have cystic fibrosis, are singers and contestants on the fifth season of America's Got Talent. As far as TV reality shows go, Christina and Ali's story is a tailor-made ratings grabber that producers of these kinds of TV talent shows love to latch onto for arguably the wrong reasons.

True, Christina and Ali are courageous young girls for facing this disease head on and going for their dreams. On the other hand, one can also question whether they have the talent to deserve their spot in the semifinals of America's Got Talent. My own opinion is that they fell short but were still praised during the quarterfinals. Not surprisingly, they did get the votes to make it through to the semifinals.

However, backstories generally fizzle out, and the true talent or at least Vegas-quality acts tend to make it to the finals on America's Got Talent. Due to their relative lack of performing experience and relative singing talent. it is virtually certain that Christina and Ali will not win America's Got Talent. In fact, they will have trouble even making the finals due to stiff competition during their semifinal round.

Piers Morgan already admitted from the beginning that Christina and Ali are not the best singers. And this should be obvious to anyone who watches this show. They are primarily there for the backstory, not for their talent (or lack thereof). I will say this -- the younger girl, Christina, is a potential star. She is developing decent power in her voice and starting to develop her own style and phrasing. But she is green. On the other hand, Ali, while possessing a fine vocal tone, is no more than a decent karaoke singer who has no personal style. And together, these two, while seemingly very close-knit sisters who are proud of each other, lack chemistry on stage. Their lack of stage experience shows. Simply put, Christina and Ali are doing a great service by showing that individuals with cystic fibrosis can go for their dreams and should live life to the fullest. But their lack of talent is also evident at the same time.

Because singers (and contestants with great backstories, as well) have such an advantage on America's Got Talent, Christina and Ali have some shot of making the finals. However, they have some serious competition standing in their way for their semifinal round. Here are the contestants competing against Christina and Ali in their semifinal round:

Michael Grimm

Taylor Mathews

Future Funk

Antonio Restivo

Kristina Young


Prince Poppycock

Dan Sperry


Anna and Patryck

Connor Doran

Chief among Christina and Ali's competition for the four or five acts going to the finals (the actual format will be revealed on the show) are definitely Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock. These two are practically mortal locks for the finals, barring some kind of sickness that harms their singing ability.

After that, Taylor Mathews has also been a popular contestant and, while also still an amateur at this point, possesses more musicality and sense of himself as a performer than Christina and Ali. Among the singers, only Kristina Young, who simply does not deserve to be in the semifinals, is arguably less talented than Christina and Ali.

After that, many of the non-singing acts have performed very well this season on America's Got Talent. Connor Doran and Dan Sperry placed in the Top 3 during the wildcard with their first live performance, and Anna and Patryck came back and got voted through in the Top 3 after losing out in their first quarterfinal. AscenDance and ArcAttack are also considered very unique acts and finished in the Top 3 during their respective quarterfinal rounds.

With all of this competition to deal with, Christina and Ali are legitimately stuck in a corner with little room to escape. In the end, they will likely lose out in the semifinal to Michael Grimm, Prince Poppycock, Taylor Mathews, Connor Doran, and AscenDance. Dan Sperry, Anna and Patryck and ArcAttack are also potential spoiler acts.

Christina and Ali should be commended for their courage in the face of an uncertain future, as those who suffer from cystic fibrosis generally die at a young age (one of their sisters already passed away from the disease). Many people would simply give up hope and fail to go for their dreams. These girls have great attitudes. But it is a singing competition, and they are just too green (both of them) and too unskilled (particularly Ali) to win America's Got Talent.


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    • profile image

      Runni 6 years ago

      Dude - u can't say that they aren't good coz they are amazing and I'm gonna find a cure to cystic fibrosis however long it takes me...