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Singing Religious Texts

Updated on March 23, 2016

I could honestly write a very long paper about singing religious texts. I am a very religious person and in my religion, we sing a lot of different songs. Even though I am a terrible singer, I love every single one of the songs that we sing. There are many reasons why these texts are put to music and not just spoken. One of the biggest reasons is because music has the power to move people and make them feel things. A beautiful piece of music can make just about anyone happy. If you put some religious text to a beautiful piece of music, people will feel more than they would if it was just read to them. Another big reason is for educational purposes. It is very easy to remember things when it is put to music. A lot of children in my religion learn the basic principles because they learn the songs that the religious text is put to. They know the song, they remember the words and learn what they mean. Especially with little kids songs, they are easy to get stuck in your head and they are hard to get out. Because of this, it is a lot easier to memorize the lyrics to the songs. I do believe that the impact that the songs and lyrics to the songs is big to both the listener and the singer. Both of them can feel the power of the song and can be affected by it. I personally am really glad that religious texts are put to music because they are a lot more entertaining and I can learn a lot more from them.


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