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Singing Out Loud In Public

Updated on November 23, 2010

Please Tell Me Next Time

 I know we are all guilty of belting out our favorite songs in the privacy of our homes or even in the car.  Even though you know your not the next American Idol it doesn't bother you to sing it out at the top of your lungs.  I know for myself I sound just like alot of my favorite singers when I am singing in the car or going about the house doing my chores with my ipod turned up so I don't hear anything else.  Even in the house or the car the kids hear me sing but they don't tell me how awful I sound or even a simple "hey mom, do realize how loud you are singing?", because as we all know when your ear buds are in and the volume is turned up you can't really even hear your own voice. 

Unfortunately I did not realize just how loud I am until I was out doing the yard work.  As I was cutting the grass I was listening to my favorite mixes of music and of course singing along.  So lets see about a half hour to cut the grass, another 45 minutes to rake the grass, and then about 20 minutes to pick up the piles of grass, bag it, and place it out with the trash.  This whole time I knew I was singing out loud, but I thought my voice volume was at a little bit lower than a conversation voice.  Boy was I wrong.  When I had finished up and was on my way back into the house all of my neighbors that were out started clapping for me..  Yikes!!!!!!!  How embarrassed was I.  I quickly came in the house to tell my fiance and he was just laughing saying about how I am generally loud when singing to the songs.  His answer also was, "well didn't you know that if you can't hear yourself of course you'll be louder."  Seriously, you couldn't have just mentioned it maybe once in the past hundred times you heard me????????

Then if it couldn't get any worse, I started to think about all the time I went to the store without the kids taking along my ipod to escape the craziness for a little while.  I would just go in the store, place in the earbuds, and take my time and shop.  I didn't have to worry about hearing "can I have this, I don't want that kind, and why can't I just have the huge bag of candy", it was just me, myself, and freedom.  Was I really loud at the store?  I am sure someone would have mentioned it, made a face, or even just followed me laughing.  Maybe they did try all of the above, could I have just had everything tuned out except for my never ending list of groceries and my music??

So just remember, be cautious of how loud you sing in public.  You may not realize it but you really may be to loud.  Also I would like to say sorry to anyone who reads this and realizes they too may have been preforming for crowds completely unaware.  Next time I might just mouth the words instead, I will save my voice for the car or the house, because the kids think my voice is beautiful, or at least that is what they still let me believe.  I am sure when they grow up a little more they will tell me the truth!!!!



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    • JillKostow profile image

      Jill Kostowskie 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks for commenting, I am never one to care what other people think of me. I live my life for me and my family and if I am having a blast either by myself or with the kids that is the only thing that matters. I think when others have something to say about it, it only means they are just jealous because they are tooo boring!!! lol

      Sweetsusieg - Just sing louder when the kids ask you who sings the song. If you can't hear them over yourself singing then you don't have to answer them!!! :)

    • Stressed 24\7 profile image

      Stressed 24\7 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I do know for a fact that I sound like a rock star!!! Just kidding. As long as you are enjoying yourself who cares what others are thinking.

    • Sweetsusieg profile image

      Sweetsusieg 7 years ago from Michigan

      I too swear that I sound good when singing, but my kids are older and have a different opinion. There comment to me? "Mom, who sings this song?" When I tell them, they say "Lets keep it that way"

      LOL Have a GREAT day!!!