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Sirius Satellite Radio Review - By a Consumer

Updated on October 21, 2009

As a subscriber to Sirius I thought it was about time for a quick review. Please keep in mind this review is based on my personal experience and listening preferences.


As far as programming goes I really have no complaints. Listening to commercial free radio is fantastic. They have every genre of music you could hope for and frequent guest hosts by some really great artists. At this point I am fairly spoiled as listening to commercials on terrestrial radio really annoys me now.

As for talk radio I am a fan of Howard Stern and Jason Ellis. Both of these shows are exceptionally better than anything I can find on terrestrial radio. Have to say the only downside to Sirius is not being able to get your local traffic and news. But this is completely understandable considering Sirius is broadcasting to a much larger Audience.


There are various ways to listen to Sirius;

In the car: My current car has Sirius built in, this method provides the best sound quality in the car by far. The quality is even better than am/fm radio. My previous car I had a Sirius radio that transmitted the single to my cars am/fm radio. The sound quality was ok. Another great thing about Sirius in the car is regardless of where you go you can listen to uninterrupted radio on long road trips. Except if you go through a tunnel, the signal will cut out momentarily.

At home: I have a Sirius Boombox which sounds great. The only downside is the Antenna for the radio needs to be put outside with nothing blocking it. This can make listening indoors difficult and is quite inconvenient.

On the go: I personally do not own a Sirius hand held device but from what I hear there is no way you can get a signal indoors, on a bus or even in a car. This is why I do not own one. If you do own one please feel free to leave me a comment on your experience with a Sirius handheld.

Internet: This is my favorite way to listen. I listen all day to Sirius at the office and the signal is great. Simply log on to the Sirius web site and listen away!

Cost of Subscription

Personally I think this service is overpriced. You will have to check the site for current rates but it costs about $15.00 a month and if you want to add additional radios you have to pay even more. But once you start listening to Sirius it is hard to give it up because it is so good. I can't imagine life without it.


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    • godbyj profile image

      godbyj 8 years ago

      Just found out about this Sirius Promotion Code. Use promo code 'nice' and get a subscription for $70.00 for one year. Sirius will also mail you a $25.00 gas card! Good until Dec 31st 2009 for Canadian Residents.