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Sirius XM Radio BPM 51

Updated on June 7, 2011

Sirius XM Radio

For anyone who spends alot of time in their vehicle driving satelite radio is practically a must have. It passes the time away much more pleasurably than listening to CD's or going from one FM station to another trying to find something worth listening to.

My personal favorite is BPM 51. They play exclusively remixed music. Some people prefer the original edits while others like myself prefer the remixed versions. Dance music is always upbeat and never depressing so it comes as no surprise that it would be a favorite among many.

It is truly amazing what they can do with a piece of music, the DJ's, that is. Recently I was listening to a new song by Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga. I went to youtube and listened to the original and was awed by what the remixer DJ Dark Intensity did to the song. The remixed version doesn't even sound remotely like the original. I liked it however. Many of you have probably heard the song telephone and seen the video with Beyonce. Some, like my husband, won't like either, some will like one but not the other. No matter where you stand when it comes to remixed music you can't deny the fact that some of these guys have real talent and have practically come up with new songs.

The song, "Now I'm that chick" by Livvi Franc featuring Pitbull is a good song but the remixed version by Kaskade has stunning sound effects. While I was at it I listened to a few other songs by this new DJ Dark Intensity and his work is pretty good. Granted I didn't like some of the other Lady Gaga songs so that influenced my review.

BPM 51 has remixed many songs by many different artists. They have remixed songs by country singers like Taylor Swift and Leann Rimes. They have remixed songs by artists like Snoop Dogg which I personally didn't think they kept around long enough and yet others songs by Cher and other artists from the 80's 90's and even occasionally from the 40's or 50's. Those aren't heard very often. I think the announcers throw in something new once in awhile and if it takes off and they get lots of requests for it to be played they play it, if not it falls into a trash bin somewhere.

BPM 51 has a sister channel, Area 52 who also plays remixed music but it is a little different in the fact they may play many songs in one sitting by the same remixer. Vonyc Sessions is one such set that I listen to periodically. Johnny Budz is another.

Of course when it comes to Sirius XM there are plenty of stations to choose from with no or very few commercials. Cable TV used to be that way but those days are unfortunately gone.

If you've never considered satelite radio it's a worthwhile investment especially if you spend alot of time in your car. But of course you can get home systems too. They even have lifetime memberships now however with them being in bankruptcy who knows if that is a wise choice. I thought so as it shaves off quite a bit of money and if satelite radio ever does come to an end I'm sure the membership will have paid for itself by then. I'm not too worried.

If you want to hear more of DJ Dark Intensity you can go to myspace and type in DJ Dark Intensity. Want to hear more of what plays on BPM 51 go to youtube and punch in bpm 51 as the search term.

You can also check out Sirius XM BPM 51 at myspace. It's worthwhile to check out if you like dance music and would like to see what BPM is all about.

You can also type in bpm 51 or bpm 81(that's the station it used to be on) on youtube and find a number of musical numbers there to listen to.

Update: I have since added another lifetime membership and am completely pleased. It costs much less to go that route so it's worth checking out. You are allowed to switch the membership to a new radio up to three times. For instance if you buy another car you can switch it up to three times. If you buy one specific kind of radio, the one that slides onto it's base you can interchange between vehicles if you have more than one and you drive one awhile then another for awhile or if you buy a new vehicle and put the same kind of radio in. I personally like this radio because it's a clean install, it sits right on the top of the dashboard very nicely. Some are not so easy to install and make look decent. The radio is the express. You can get it right off the Sirius XM website.


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