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Sistar is "Loving U" : REVIEW

Updated on August 23, 2012

Sistar gives off a cute and sexy vibe in their music video for “Loving U”. It’s very reminiscent of their debut “Push Push” days. The song is simply about being in love and having a crush on someone. It has a very upbeat summer theme, which I can’t really relate to because it isn’t summer in my part of the world and we’ve been experiencing rain almost every night. We’re off to a great start.

There were parts in the video where Sistar's acting does look genuine but in other shots it looks like they were playing it up to the camera. The video has a lot of cuts and it’s a bit difficult to see everything that was going on. The scenarios in the video didn’t really connect. There was a scene where Sistar car breaks down and they try to flag down the passing cars, I think it would have been better if they continued that story line and eventually getting to the beach to flirt with surfers. But in the actual video, a good chuck of their time was spent in their condo and at a junk yard. You do not go all the way to Hawaii to spend it indoors or dance at some junk yard.

When I think of Sistar I think of long thick legs and grinding. They show off their sexy legs and grind their torso in almost every other video and this isn’t an exception. Not that I have anything against grinding torsos, it’s just a little bit tired at this point.

The women of Sistar have a sexy matured look, so I can’t really buy it when they act cute. They have very shapely bodies and womanly faces that don’t really match the song. I know they became famous with the cute and energetic "Push Push", but they should evolve from their debut stage. I prefer their mature sexy Las Vegas themed song “Alone”, that seemed to suit their image better. I did like “Ma Boy” though. I would actually prefer “Ma Boy” over “Loving U”. That should be enough to give you a hint of my overall opinion of “Loving U”. A MEH out of 5.

Okay, okay 3/5.


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