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Sister Wives -- Why Is This Show Still On The Air?

Updated on May 20, 2012

I ask that question each new season that I hear it's back for another season

A lot of times I'll say something and end up contradicting myself. Like when I quit Lost when I got sick of it being The Jack Shephard Show. I swore I'd never watch it again. Then the writer's strike happened and there was nothing better to watch and it seemed like it wasn't so much The Jack Shephard Show anymore, and I started watching it, again.

I also swore I'd never watch Toddlers and Tiara's since I find what they're doing to these poor little kids disgusting, but I started watching it out of a sick fascination for how vile these mothers are. One mother was going on about how her daughter loves doing this so much when the kid was screaming, "I don't want to do this." The money these women spend is ridiculous. And some are telling their kids to shake it for the judges. It's a train wreck you can't look away from. I watch that show with my mouth open in shock, but only if I can't find anything better to watch.

But I'm going to say this and I don't think I'm going to end up contradicting myself on it some mystery day in the future. The only way you could get me to watch this show is to put a gun to my head and force me to watch it.

Granted, I don't know anything more about this show then what I've seen in the promos and the promos seriously turn me off. Maybe they're like the Waltons only Daddy Walton crawls in a different wife's bed each night. And I think everyone has a right to live their life they want to lead it, but when they bring it in the public eye on television then I think I'm allowed to point fingers at it.

I'm still gasping in shock from one promo for that show last season. One of the Sister Wives was going on about how if her kids don't choose the same kind of life she's chosen she won't feel she's raised them right. And I'm like, "Say what?" She wants everyone to live and let live with them, well why doesn't she let her kids grow up and make their own choice for how they want to live? So basically if she has a daughter, she wants her to grow up to be a part of some man's harem and if she has a son, she wants him to marry a bunch of women. Not exactly the hopes and dreams most mothers have for their children.

As I said, I know nothing about this show, but when he popped the question to Wife #1, did he tell her up front he wanted her to be one of his wives? Or did he just find some woman he wanted to cheat on Wife #1 with and thought it wouldn't be cheating if he got her to agree for him to marry another woman and them to live in domestic harmony together? And I'm sure he thinks it's sanctioned in the bible because in the Old Testament men were married to more than one wife. But if my husband came to me saying he wanted to bring another wife into the family, I wouldn't be his wife, any longer.

The thing is once he got Wife #1 to agree to this and Wife #2 agreed to the situation, he had it made in a shade. Neither wives can complain when another woman gets a rise out of him and he wants her to join his little harem and becaome the new Sister Wife. Once Wife #1 agreed to the first one, she lost all chance to put her foot down and say no to successive wives. And each new wife agreeing not to be the only wife also can't say spit about it, either. This dude has it made in a shade.

What I want to know is where are the Brother Husbands? If this little twerp can mulit-marry women, why can't they women multi-marry men? Fair is fair. Why do I think the little twerp would have a problem with that? In short, he likes getting to spread it around with other women, but if his harem started spreading it around to other men, something tells me he wouldn't like it, at all. Of course, the little twerp seems to have gotten all these women knocked up ASAP so they probably aren't able to bar hop to find themselves a Brother Husband. Besides, I doubt a man would agree to this situation. Men think it's great when they can have more than one women, but like Friends' Joey doesn't share his food, most men don't like to sharie their women. There would also be the who's the Baby Daddy drama to think about, but since they're all one big happy family that shouldn't matter.

I also wonder how the kids of these Sister Wives cope. I got teased plenty in school and I saw plenty of other kids that didn't quite fit in teased, too. So don't tell me these kids aren't teased. Unless they're home-schooled and they don't have to mix with their peers. The thing is if they hadn't shined a spotlight on their unique family situation no one would know the truth about their home lifeand these kids might have had a relatively easier time of it. Of course, with all these wives and kids I imagine they needed the money to support themselves. In this economy most people are having a trouble making ends meet and they don't have kids with four different women and the women, themselves, to support. Kate Goselin claimed without Kate Plus 8 she couldn't support her kids.

Again, I've never watched an episode of this show, so my opinion is an uninformed one. And I do think everyone should be allowed to live the life they choose. But I do question the wisdom of agreeing to do a TV show about it. Aside from the monetary gain have there been any other benefits. I mean, didn't they have to leave the place they originally lived in because they took this to the airwaves?

I support peoples rights to practice S&M, but that doesn't mean that I want to watch a TV show about it. What people do in the privacy of their own homes is none of my business. Unfortunately, the Sister Wives and their Brother Husband haven't kept it in the privacy of their own home. As a woman the whole thing just disgusts me, because this little twerp is the one reaping all the benefits from this situation. And I can't even understand how he's pulled off this sweet deal for himself. It's not like the dude looks like Ian Somerhalder or Josh Holloway. He looks like Shaggy from the old Scooby-Doo show. Maybe if he looked more like Freddie, but Shaggy? What do these women see in him to put up with stuff like this and to put their kids through the way they must be treated because of this situation? Are they that desperate for a man? Wouldn't it be better to go without than to consign themselves to be part of Shaggy's harem?

I've seen from the latest promo Shaggy is taking one of the Sister Wife's to shoot paint balls at each other. She looks the oldest of the lot, so I'm guessing she's Wife #1. She says it's should be part of a successful marriage to shoot your husband with paint balls. It makes me wonder if she wishes those paint balls were really bullets?


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    • profile image

      Renee Collins 5 years ago

      I actually watched the first season and some of the second, mostly out of morbid curiosity because I was just wondering what type of people would actually choose to live this life. Well, all of them with the exception of wife #2 were raised in this lifestyle. So when he married wife #1 they already knew that somewhere down the road he would take on other wives. They waited a few years before taking on another wife. Wife #2 and Wife #1 were actually friends and I believe Wife #1 encouraged him to court her. Wife #2 wasn't raised this way and as a result her family doesn't deal with her. Wife #3 claims she always wanted to be a 3rd wife because growing she heard that when a man is having rough times with his first two wives that the third wife comes and balances things out which was the dumbest thing I ever heard someone say. Wife #4 is the whiney baby of the group, every time I turn around she's crying about something. The first season follows his courtship of her and their marriage. Even though Wife #1 seems to be match maker, she has the most jealousy issues. She asked him how would he feel if she took on another husband, and like you said the twerp wasn't feeling the idea and actually called it vulgar. Season 2, followed wife #4's pregnancy. So now there is like 18 kids in the family because #1 has one, #2 has 6, #3 has 7 i think, and #4 had 3 prior to the marriage. It's just crazy, I'm all for live your life do what you want, but don't be stupid. They knew polygamy is illegal in the US but chose to make a show about it and because it all of them lost their jobs and had move out of Oregon because of an investigation. How dumb can you be? Sorry for the lengthy explanantion. Just my long winded way ofr saying you arent missing much lol.