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Sitcom Episodes That Featured Mountain Climbing

Updated on July 27, 2020

The Tanner Home Is Not As Full When D.J. Goes Climbing


Mountain climbing has been a useful metaphor in popular music, probably because the activity conjures images of not only rock but also being high. Foreigner opened its debut album by boasting of climbing any mountain in its first hit "Feels Like the First Time," and Diana Ross reached the top of the charts with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

The art of rock scaling has not been employed quite as often in the world of television, even though several sitcoms have used mountain climbing in plots of certain episodes. Here are ten of the most recognizable.

1. Last Man Standing
Mike's ex-girlfriend, an "Outdoor Woman," wants him to accompany her on a trip to scale a challenging peak.

2. Seinfeld
George Costanza (portrayed by Jason Alexander) causes a mountain climbing accident that mars the Adonis-like face of the new boyfriend of Elaine, who turns out to be as superficial as the male friends she had been criticizing for that very vice.

3.The Simpsons
In the episode called "King of the Hill," Homer tries to scale Mount Springfield in an effort to impress Bart.

4. Married With Children
Shoe Salesman Al Bundy (portrayed by Ed O'Neill) toeholes his way up a mountain, along with his No Ma'am buddies, to ask Ironhead (portrayed by Waylon Jennings) the secret to battling political correctness.

5. Sponge Bob Square Pants
In the "Valentine's Day" episode the title character tells Patrick his gift is on top of Mount Climb Up and Fall Off, so the latter makes several attempts before falling down.

6. Here's Lucy
For the plot of "Lucy and the Mountain Climber" the title character (portrayed by Lucille Ball) tries to prove she is still young, betting her new boss that she can beat him to the top of a mountain.

7. The King of Queens
"Prints Charming" centers on the fact that, after accidentally picking up the wrong pack of pictures of a very outdoorsy couple, Doug and Carrie decide they should start doing more exciting activities such as Scuba diving or mountain climbing.

8. Full House
While on a rock climbing expedition with Kimmy in "Love on the Rocks," D.J. (portrayed by Candace Cameron) begins to question her romance with Steve.

9. The Big Bang Theory
In an attempt to befriend a colleague, Sheldon decides to accompany him on a rock climb.

10. In the House
After Marion (portrayed by LL Cool J) admits his acrophobia, Tonia and Maxwell challenge him to address the fear by rock climbing.


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