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Sites to Download/Listen Hindi Music Legally

Updated on March 28, 2018
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Kannan believes music is God's gift to mankind. With this in mind, he creates articles for other music lovers.

The internet is full of websites that allow downloading Hindi songs free. These downloads are actually not legal in any sense. How can someone give you songs to download for free that is actually being sold.

One thing is for sure that these very sites are full of pop-ups, malware, and adware. This basically means that the data stored in your computer is in danger. You are exposing your data to be ripped by a hacker. (I browsed some illegal free download sites for research purposes).

Downloading free music will also deny the maker of the music the monetary benefits which they rightly deserve. The Indian Music Association is very much helpless in this regard because the servers which actually store these songs are elsewhere outside India.

But still I have a gut feeling as international relations of India increases and with more stricter cyber laws they will surely crack the whip on at least some the sites which allow free downloads.


Sites to Download Hindi Songs Legally

Also, the sites listed below are DRM free which means you can legally transfer music to your computer, Ipod or cell phone once you buy the songs.


Since starting as a selling books only website Flipkart has come a long way. After launching products in various categories they have now come with mp3 downloads. You can download songs directly to your PC or phone. They have songs from most of the Indian languages. Newer albums can be bought from about 80-100 Rs, some individual songs are listed at Rs. 6 whereas older ones cost as low as 20 Rs. or even less.

All the songs that you'll buy goes into your music library and can be re-downloaded again.

2) has a huge collection of songs, videos, ringtones etc. that you can download at very reasonable price. also has a monthly subscription where in you could download songs (complete album) in as low as Rs. 99 (At the time of writing).


Raaga is one another site which has a large collection of songs. Raaga also allows users to download songs as well as listen online. Regular prices are USD .99 or Rs. 12 (for users from India). In addition to Hindi songs it also offers Bengali, Tamil, Bhojpuri to name a few. As long as I know this is arguably the first legal Indian website to give downloads on the net.


Sa re ga ma is one of the largest music companies that has rights of many Hindi songs. Songs can also be downloaded from this site.

5) (For International Users)

If you live out of India and would like to buy music CDs then also has a large collection of Hindi songs. Latest movies are also available instantly, however, it is also a good source for old songs.

Sites to Listen Hindi Songs Online Legally

There also several websites that offer listening songs for free. also allows free streaming of songs.

Other sites to try. - Large collection. - Large collection of Hindi and Tamil songs. - Similar to Saavn but personally I like this much more than any other for online listening. You can create playlist, save it, and come back to re-listen. Features many pre-created playlist for you to choose from love songs, to dance to comedy or sad songs. Also has a mobile app for streaming of songs on your smartphone. Has app compatible for all platforms such as Android, IOS, Windows, and Blackberry. Just remember to on your wifi otherwise it can chew all your data plan.

Google has partnered with, and saregama to give all the songs at one place. The interface is also very decent and songs in the database is searchable. Listening songs at Google India music is a good experience. So listen songs online for free and if you like then buy it online.

Lastly, also offers listening songs online for free. You can create your playlist, browse through the collection, and share with your friends on Facebook

(Update : Google music has ceased to exist and Dhingana has been acquired by

So, support the music industry by downloading Hindi songs legally.

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© 2011 Kannan Reddy


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    • profile image

      @Aryan 2 years ago

      Nice collection………can u add some collection of vinod rathore songs...

    • profile image

      suresh 3 years ago

      this really good choice I love old romantic songs

    • profile image

      bhise pradip 3 years ago

      I am etrested old songs

    • kannanwrites profile image

      Kannan Reddy 3 years ago from Mumbai

      @Drishti Grateful that it helps.

    • profile image

      Drishti 3 years ago

      Dear Kannan,

      Thanks a lot for the information !!

      Very useful.



    • profile image

      Manoj singh 3 years ago

      I like Romantic songs

    • amanthkr01 profile image

      Aman Thakur 4 years ago from India

      Hello kannanwrites,

      This is really an interesting hub dear. I am a very much fond of the hindi songs. this information will really help me to download free and legally my favorite tracks.

    • srsddn profile image

      srsddn 4 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      kannanwrites, I am so fond of old songs and have been listening to such songs after downloading. Thank you very much for reminding me about the other aspect which I was not conscious about.

    • profile image

      garima dikshit 5 years ago

      we all like to listen songs ,specially old songs which always give peace as well as inspiration to our minds to deal with the problems in our lives and lead a happy life thus.

    • kannanwrites profile image

      Kannan Reddy 6 years ago from Mumbai

      @Sapna Yes we all love songs. Listening songs can take you to a different world, sometimes its also therapeutic.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

    • profile image

      sapna 6 years ago

      all i care is that i love songs. But you're actually right.