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5 Memorable Moments of Dean Winchester on the 'Supernatural' Television Show

Updated on August 5, 2015

Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester, portrayed by Jensen Ackles, is a hunter and brother to Sam Winchester on Supernatural. There have been some memorable moments from Dean on the show. Here are a few of these moments listed below.

1. Dean Winchester Settles Down

Watching Dean settling down with a family at the beginning of season 6 was nothing like his previous character as a hunter. It seemed as if Dean was more unsettled than anything else. He did have happy times with Lisa and Ben, but there was always something missing in his life and that was Sam. Lisa and Ben have had all their memories of being with Dean erased, he will no longer have them to go back to. Will he ever see them again or will he be alone forever?

2. Dean as a Vampire

As a hunter, Dean has to endure many dreadful times and one of them was being turned into a vampire. He became a raging fury. He wanted to drink human blood and he was tempted when he got near Ben and Lisa. Watching him turn into a vampire was very thrilling. A vampire attacked Dean and made him drink his blood and then Dean became one of them. This made Dean's character incredible and interesting to watch. Will this ever happen again to Dean or will there be something more scary than vampires to deal with in the future?

Supernatural Vampire Dean

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester


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3. Dean as a Cowboy

When Dean and Sam went back in time and pretended to be cowboys, it gave Dean the chance to dress up. He looked hilarious in his cowboy outfit wearing a blanket and his cowboy hat. He really did look the part, which gave Bobby, Castiel and Sam the chance to have a laugh about it, along with the other cowboys that saw him wearing his blanket. Of course, Dean made a great cowboy when he had to become the sheriff of the town. He really did play his part, giving viewers something thrilling to watch. Let's hope Dean gets to go back in time more often. Although, Castiel may not be so engaging to send the brothers back to the past anymore, now that he thinks he is God. Will Dean be able to be a cowboy again in the future? Perhaps, Dean and Sam will have the chance to go back to some other time in the past next season!

Dean Winchester Cowboy Scene

4. Dean as a Hunter

Dean is a great hunter. There have been times when he has had some hilarious moments as a hunter. One of them was when he had to pull a sword from a stone, but he could not succeed in doing this. Instead, he made a mess of it all when the sword broke in half. Dean can be hilarious at times. He has had to battle against all sorts of creatures like demons, vampires, shape shifters and angels. Let's hope he can still be a great hunter like always!

5. Dean as a Demon

Recently, Dean has had to be a demon. He has been an awful demon to endure from what Crowley has witnessed. Crowley could never get Dean to do anything, because Dean had his own way of doing things. Dean was definitely very hilarious as demon, because all he wanted to do was sing karaoke and drink lots of beer!

Dean Winchester Sings as a Demon

Memorable Moments of Dean Winchester on the 'Supernatural' Television Show

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