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Six Examples of Statements with Word Having a Letter Omitted

Updated on February 24, 2017

One good reason you should always check your writings for spelling errors is to convey the intended message precisely. Many sentences or statements have been interpreted wrongly due to an omission of just a letter in one word of the sentence. Below are six examples excerpt from my blog site:

I never knew the dead admires. This man is probably admiring his wife while he is, perhaps, in the grave or somewhere over yonder or what do you think?


While others are looking for means to remove spots on their body, or to become spotless and look as pretty as a baby, you love it. I am sure you know what to do to have them on your body.

Ho, let me get it well; did you mean your father is so immature that you regarded him as a kid, or you are just pulling our legs

I know of costume party, I know of sent forth party, etc., but this wage party is very strange to my eyes and alien to my ear.

I need someone to tell me when we start having sites at the top of buildings

What do you think about this one?

Like I said before, it is important for one to always cross check the spellings of what ever they are writing/ typing in order to avoid conveyance the wrong message or message which are not intended for. A good piece of writing can be destroyed or rubbish by a simple typo graphical or writing error. so when next you are writing of typing, ensure you proof read.

Have you ever made this kind of writing mistake of typo error

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