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The Slacker Personal WiFi Radio Review

Updated on May 29, 2009

I got caught up in a Woot-Off a awhile back. It was my first one and with a tax return refund freshly deposited in my bank account and my paypal account already linked and ready to fund my impulses I was in trouble. 5th item up was the Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player with 15 Stations.

I did a quick Google Product Search and saw they were selling $70 to about $100. Convinced I was in for a good deal at a price much lower, I made my purchase.. Then I researched it. Cool enough, the Slacker 2GB Internet Radio Player is umm.. a radio player. But, you set the stations and can create you own. Good enough for me. I was anxious to recieve it.

Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player
Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player

Getting Started With Slacker Radio

My Slacker 2GB WiFi Internet Radio Player arrived and I was set to get it working and listening to random songs from artists I like. I already have a Ipod Video with over 1000 songs from my favorite artists, and the random shuffle feature has always worked just fine. But that's beside the point.

Slacker radio isn't like a MP3 player where you download your favorite songs, but it's also not like a streaming radio either. Slacker Radio updates regulary your song list by WiFi and then randomly plays the songs saved in the player.

Setting The Stations

The 2GB slacker radio allows for 15 stations to be saved. You can either grab 15 from a list of 100 preset stations based on genre of music, or create your own by adding the artists you like and allowing for similar titles to be added as well.

While listening you can fine tune your preferences by choosing Love it or Block it. Not only will this make your favorites come up more, and the undesirables not play but it will also give the radio a better idea of what kind of music you like to listen to.

Costs To Use The Slacker Radio

The cost is free to use the Slacker Radio Player but you will only be allowed to skip 6 songs per station per hour. With 15 stations, you'll be able to just switch over if you use up all you skips.

Slacker Plus

If you want unlimited skips the cost is just $3.99 per month for the Slacker Radio Plus subscription with a 7 day free trial. The charge is billed annually at $47.88. I chose to upgrade feeling that under $50 was worth it and it has been. I rarely even use my Ipod anymore except in the car because I like the new music I'm finding with my Slacker G1

Looking For The Newest Model G2

If you are looking for the newer Slacker portable radio, the G2 you can get it in two sizes. The 4GB holds 25 stations and the 8GB holds 40 stations. Great for those that like to really personalize their stations to specific groups of artists or types of music.


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