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The Coolest Thing That Ever Happened To Me; Slane Castle

Updated on April 30, 2012
The stage
The stage
Me and my buddy Kevin
Me and my buddy Kevin
Kings of Leon (backstage pic I took)
Kings of Leon (backstage pic I took)
Castle Map
Castle Map
The Castle
The Castle
What 80,000 people looks like
What 80,000 people looks like

The Dirty Details

The Entry day I'm sitting on my couch minding my own business watching some TV...all the sudden I see a commercial talking about a contest to go see Kings of Leon (my favorite band) in Ireland (my dream vacation) at Slane Castle (the cherry on top, huge Ireland concert venue). I listen it says "are you the biggest fan?" blah blah blah. I laugh to myself and say "hey what do I got to lose? besides I'm doing jack right now might as well do something with my life and enter the contest." So I enter it (twice actually because I broke the rules the first time and deleted that entry so I wouldn't get disqualified) follow all the guidelines (the second time) and pretty much just forget about it. So I go to my friend Kevin's house and tell him how I entered it and how if I won he'd be coming with me. We sit there talk about it hanging just chilling like bros and before the end of the night comes we actually start getting our hopes really high. We noticed we were getting WAYYY to excited and said "ahhh forget it man, we'll never win anyway." So once again..the contest slips my mind and I go own with my normal days.


So one day I'm checking my email and I see this email from some MTV chick with a subject line GRAND PRIZE WINNER. First thought "it's spam definitely." So I humor it open it up and read it and I start to get numb. The email had a 24 hour response time before they gave the prize to someone else I literally checked it 20 minutes before the deadline was up. 20 MINUTES! I responded to confirm and 5 minutes later got a call from the MTV person and whaddya know...I'm going to ireland. SHIT! I DIDN'T HAVE A PASSPORT. I'D NEVER BEEN OUT OF THE COUNTRY. So I convince my mother to take mt to get an emergency passport (costs about 300$) for this once in a lifetime experience. I was broke at the time like a typical college student but luckily my mother loves me (I LOVE YOU MOM). So MTV proceeds to send me a flip cam telling me I will be video documenting the trip, be backstage, all this crazy stuff (did I mention it was free? well minus the 407$ taxes I just paid on it) and than proceed to tell me they will be PAYING ME to do it. I made about 120$ from MTV it was sick. So I go have guiness, stay in a hotel in Dublin, see my favorite band from the stage meet them in person and pretty much have the best experience of my entire life. To this day I still can't believe it happened and I get jitters just thinking about it. I can't wait to go back to Ireland.

Tidbits I Learned About Ireland

1.) It's awesome.

2.) Everyone there is really nice...possibly because everyone is always drunk and possibly because Irish people are a million times better than non-irish people. THE ACCENTS ARE AWESOME. Some thicker than others and some hard to understand.

3.) Irish Breakfast is delicious, mushrooms for breakfast? Odd right, but more oddly delicious. And nice and filling.

4.) Guiness in Ireland is a million times better than anywhere else, plus its like a meal. Still, Carlsberg is the most reasonal beverage to binge drink over there besides stupid american beer, but who goes to Ireland for a budweiser? Exactly.

5.) It's cold. We were there in late May and it was 40 degrees. 60 degrees is considered a scorcher. Nuff said.

6.) Irish people (drunk preferably) LOVE magic tricks. I bought a deck of cards from a little shop in Dublin, brought it around with me the rest of the trip and did magic tricks at the concert after party at the castle. Guys and girls were buying me Carlsbergs all night for my trickery. It was awesome.

7.) It's awesome.

My video proof that I'm not making this stuff up (as if the pictures weren't enough for you.

Try your hardest not to be jealous.


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