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Slasher Movie Merchandise: Dream Giftbag - Episode #4

Updated on October 10, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

In need of a healthy dose of slasher villain reminders: Now, these are the reasons for buying horror slasher merchandise
In need of a healthy dose of slasher villain reminders: Now, these are the reasons for buying horror slasher merchandise

Slasher movies: The masked psychopathic killer who stalks groups of teenage campers and shows up to almost every isolated party event that takes place at the psychopaths local town. John Carpenter’s Halloween was one of the first critically and commercially successful slasher movies that started in the 80s, and the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare On Elm Street were swift to follow.

In the 2010’s, slasher movies are seen only once a year on Halloween, and given the most part of the younger generation do not watch movies that pre-date the 90s, the slasher movies that once turned heads everywhere the 80s, the sub-categorised horror franchises have been redone and buried as a one time special spectacular in the month of October.

John Carpenter’s Halloween series was seen as a bold choice for a horror movie, and immediately grasped the attention of teenagers in the 80s, and on the Halloween celebratory day in October it only made sense to watch the one movie that shared the same name. A cult classic, but easily swept under the rugs by mediocre remakes and ridiculously terrible sequels that released into the 90s.

Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street is another slasher classic series, and although it is well known amongst horror audiences it has not seen all too much attention as we moved past the 90s. It seemed Wes Craven was kept busy with the 90s Scream series that A Nightmare On Elm Street simply didn’t have the commercial success potential to be seen as a vital project to put forward on the table.

Friday the 13th is one of the most popular cult classic horrors, and this might be down to the fact that the masked psychopathic killer is one of such power. The masked slasher, Jason, does not creepily stalk teenagers like Michael Myers, and he does not wait to kill you in your dreams, but instead goes directly for the kill, and what better weapon to wield than the machete, a weapon that has long been seen as a merciless piece of steal that is used in harsher parts of the world to brake skin and bones. Plus, the hockey mask looks badass.

Scream, released in the 90s, was seen as the slasher movie that could have it all; from the expected blood and gore, psychological mysteries to unravel, masked psychopath slashing teenagers for reasonless violence, and had a more Hollywood appeal that can boost its potential to be more of a commercial success than squandered cult followings as the reliance for making a profit.

Thanks for reading thus far, now enjoy our top pickings for slasher merchandise and memorabilia.

  • Slasher Squad - depiction art of the iconic slashers: Michael Myers (Halloween), Ghostface (Scream), Jason (Friday the 13th), Freddy Kruger (A Nightmare On Elm Street),Texas Chainsaw Massacre slasher, and the evil possessed Chucky doll (Chucky) - t-shirt (white) - for guys - £14.50 - (personal notes: The slasher killers are coming together for a t-shirt artist masterpiece) - Available at
  • Myers t-shirt (depiction of the Michael Myers character - with a blend of red and white colours) - for guys - £15.02 - Available at
  • Jason Mask t-shirt (white image depiction, and black background) - for guys - £15.54 - Available at
  • “Directed by John Carpenter” t-shirt (referencing his directional work on the Halloween series) - orange writing, and black background - for guys - £14.50 - Available at
  • Stretch (Waistband) Leggings - horror collection print (depiction of every horror villain that you could possibly think of) - for girls - £38.50 - (personal notes: this is a part of our “cute” pickings for the source findings) - Available at
  • Stretch (Waistband) Leggings - Halloween II Stencil - for girls - £33.00 - (personal notes: a part of “cute” pickings)
  • Titans of Horror (collage of every horror villain imaginable) - Duvet Covers - available in twin, queen, and king sizes - for unisex - £60 (twin), £70 (queen), £85 (king) - (personal notes: a part of “cute” pickings) - Available at
  • Trick ‘r Treat Lollipop Pattern - orange imagery, and black background - Throw Pillows - two options available: cover only (£14.99), and cover + insert (£18.99) - (personal notes: a part of “cute” pickings) - Available at
  • Freddy Krueger / Nightmare On Elm Street - red and grey imagery, and purple background - Throw Pillows - two options available: cover only (£14.99), and cover + insert (£18.99) - (personal notes: a part of “cute” pickings) - Available at
  • “ScreamWorks | Never Sleep Again” (depicts the DreamWorks logo reimagined as ScreamWorks logo, and instead of the boy sitting on the moon, there is Freddy Kruger sitting there) - for guys - £21.45 - Available at
  • Stephen King’s ‘It’ | Pennywise the Dancing Clown | Tim Curry | Galaxy Horror Icons - Canvas Print (the premium standard) - available in small (£46.50), medium (£62.00), large (£85.25), extra large (£104.63) - Available at
  • Psycho Norman Bates Pop! Vinyl - Figure #466 - $10.99 - Available at
  • Friday the 13th Jason Vorrhees Movie Pop! Vinyl Figure - $10.99 - Available at

A Quick FYI:

Amazon has to be the worst online retailer for clothes, as the website overall appeals well to entertainment media items, like Blu-Rays, DVD’s, CD’s, Books, and other entertainment goods, but everything else feels like a hit and miss. Clearly this statement would instantly be torn to shreds, as the Amazon retailer is so successful they could probably fund their own small country. In truth, for the most part, items outside of entertainment can be offered elsewhere at a far more convincing up-sell, and this is one of the few areas to Amazon’s success that eludes me.

Basically, my advice would be to those who want to buy movie/gaming/music/and other merchandise products, to stray from the grasps of Amazon as there is far greater services being catered elsewhere, such as at Red Bubble (.com) and Grind Store (.com).

Our sources:

Everything that we have listed, and so much more, can be found at these sources to fill up all of those needs for slasher horror villainy memory teasers.

Quick Pick Purchases!

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