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Sleepy Hollow -- Into The Catacombs

Updated on April 13, 2016

We last left off with Abbie and Crane believing they had found the way to the catacombs by dawns early light, as HE vows to destroy all of mankind in the next 48 hours.

Crane making coffee. It's for Abbie. He says they should embrace the fruits of life with a full heart if they're about to face the end of the world. She also brought him some donuts. It's their gift to each other before going back to the catacombs. He offers to go alone, but she says whatever he does she does.

Jenny doesn't want to trust Pandora. Foster agrees with her. Pandora says she simply wants to stop HE from annihilating the world. Danny Boy shows up wanting to join the team. Don't trust him! I'd trust Pandora more than him.

They have eight hours left. Crane and Abbie will travel to the catacombs while the rest try to distract HE. Jenny still bitching about trusting Pandora. Well, honey, if HE destroys the world you won't have anything to whine about, you'll be dead.

Crane says when Betsy returned from the catacombs she was different. She sent him a letter terminating their friendship and they never spoke again.

Pandora says HE will take the hour glass to Bear Mountain. The teams decides to try and channel the powers of the area against HE. Meanwhile as Abbie and Crane travel down the Delaware River, the flag glows and suddenly they're on the River Styx.

Abbie and Crane talk about how much they both almost died. She says the losses bring her down. Abbie asks if she was a better partner than Betsy Ross. She says he never wavers in his faith. He says when it concerns the two of them there's no greater certainty. They see the remains of Washington's boat and crew.

The teams plant spikes around the mountain to disturb and interfere with HE.

Crane finds something written by Betsy Ross. There was an insurgent on board that started shooting the people on Washington's boat. Crane says somehow Washington and Betsy survived. Crane wonders if the woman who returned wasn't the real Betsy Ross.

He in his hoodie standing by the golden hourglass. The team watches birds taking flight. Pandora says HE knows they are here. HE darkens the skies as the team takes cover.

They can't figure out how to enter the catacombs. Abbie tells him not to give up and keep looking. One of the dead men wakes up and chokes Crane. Abbie saves Crane, then Crane must save Abbie. Crane finds a dark magic charm. The Betsy letter he found was actually encoded and Crane tries to decode it.

Pandora's compass is broken so Joe must go to Jenny's trailer for another way to find the fault lines. Danny Boy suddenly decides he's in charge after being in the group for two seconds issuing orders. Jenny goes to keep an eye on HE.

Crane and Abbie hold hands as the enter into the catacombs.

Jenny sees HE and the golden hourglass unguarded. Danny Boy orders Jenny not to do something, but she ignores him. Joe sends the coordinates for the lines and as he's leaving to return Ezra Mills shows up. HE uses his powers to drag Jenny to him and the golden hourglass. HE says he'll take her love and turn it into pain. Joe's eyes turn green and he's suddenly in pain as Joe turns into a windigo right in front of Ezra. HE tells her the man she loves will be a beast now and forever.

Ezra gets in his car and tries to escape Joe. Jenny arrives before Joe can kill Ezra. Jenny and Ezra have to take off in her pick-up truck when she can't get through to Joe. Meanwhile Pandora decides to sacrifice herself to give them more time.

Reynolds told Foster he was ordered to spy on Abbie by Director Walters. He thinks it's because she's a witness.

Crane and Abbie arrive back at the catacombs. They follow Pandora's directions to where they're supposed to regenerate her box. They find a way to open up one of the walls with carving on it. They enter an inter-chamber. They find Betsy Ross there. Oh, God, I suppose she's alive and they'll bring her back with them. My worst nightmare come true. She's too well-preserved to be a corpse.

Crane claims there's no breath and no pulse. He covers her up, saying she deserved a better end than that.

Ezra shocks Jenny by revealing to her he knows Joe is a windigo and has known for a long time. Ezra knew August Corbin. Meanwhile Abbie realizes Betsy isn't dead. I just knew it! Him saying she was dead didn't put me at ease. I just knew it.

Pandora faces off with HE. HE tells her the Gods kept him imprisoned for a very good reason. All HE cares about is power. HE says when the last grain of sand falls he will take her life slowly.

The spikes begin to generate power and something akin to a force field and HE bellows, “You would dare...” While Pandora smirks. She'll probably be killed off just as she's starting to get good, while Boobsy Ross will be brought back to the future. ICK!

Crane hugs Betsy. Boobsy and Abbie eye each other. Boobsy doesn't look like she likes Abbie. Ezra says he made a deal with August. He was forced to leave them, it was part of the deal.

Jenny trying to use a spell to bring Joe back. He slaps her away and knocks her to the ground. Jenny has to shoot him to save Ezra. He comes back with a bullet wound to the chest. He says he loves her. He says she had to do it. He appears to be dead. Didn't really think they'd kill him off after all the Jen/Joe lovefest.

HE melts the spikes and gets rid of the force field. HE prepares to smash the golden hourglass but when HE picks it up he's shot with red bolts of energy. HE seems to be destroyed but something else seems to be born and take his place. With glowing red eyes HE says this world will now burn and that that is HE's final wish that HE will make come true.

Boobsy Ross tells what happened. She became greedy for more marvels of what laid in the chamber and was sealed inside. She tried everything to escape but couldn't get it to open. Boobsy thinks it's 1777.

And that's how it ends until next week's finale. I actually think this was a two hour finale split into two episodes.


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