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Sleepy Hollow -- Like A Genie In A Bottle

Updated on March 23, 2016

The Banshee

HE may have more to worry about than the Witnesses as Pandora seems to have finally had a belly full of his attitude.

a guy named Kyle threatens to quit a band he's part of. When they start to play nothing comes out. A demon appears that seems to have sucked all the sound out. Then it shrieks and it seems to blow their ear drums out.

Foster calls Abbie about the crime scene. Abbie gives Crane a hard time for using the tablet and symbol to spy on her. Foster shows Abbie a video of the demon showing up.

HE comes to see Crane. HE says his time has come. HE says they dared to lay a hand on Pandora and they have to play a price. HE orders Crane to tell him where Abbie is. Crane basically telling HE in your face in his refined way of speaking. HE says he's going to kill Crane. When HE aims a fireball at Crane the symbol floats in the air and absorbs it.

When Abbie comes home she can't enter her home. Her front door is electrified. She runs into Pandora. Pandora says the symbol was made to imprison gods and when HE tried to whackydoo Crane HE became like a genie stuck in a bottle.. Pandora claims that as HE struggles the power will build causing a maelstrom of destruction. Pandora says she can calm HE. Sorry, I wouldn't trust her. And so much for her having enough of HE. Some women are just a glutton for punishment.

Abbie says she and Pandora have to find another way to save their men.

Jenny says she thinks a banshee was what killed the band members.

Pandora wants the banshee to power her box.

Crane wakes up to see HE trying to destroy the symbol. Crane realizes the symbol is stronger than HE. The symbol is called the Emblem of Thora [pardon the spelling].

Jenny, Joe and Foster go to see a man at an Irish pub to ask how to deal with the banshee. He says pure iron can take it out but it'll take their own sound and spit it back at them just like it did with the band members.

Joe still put out that he's got the Windigo inside of them. When Jenny starts talking suddenly nothing comes out and it tips them off that it's the banshee. They put ear plugs in to protect themselves from its shriek, but they can still hear it. The banshee takes off and vanishes into dust.

Jenny warns Abbie that Pandora just wants to use the banshee to get her box back. Abbie says they don't have a choice as the ceiling shakes above her and Pandora's heads.

Crane tells HE he may know everything but he understands nothing. They have a philosophical debate on God vs. worshiper. HE starts talking about Crane as he was as a boy, somehow seeing into his mind and seeing what his life was like. HE says Crane's life was mapped out before he was ever born. He uses his power to read all the tomes and says nothing in them can save him, Crane is as alone as he's ever been.

The banshee hears music playing and is attracted to it. It's Joe, Jenny and Foster again. They put a sound blanket over it and hog tie it. Of course, J and J start talking about their personal life and it allows the banshee to get free and shriek her head off, nearly blowing Jenny's ear drums off. Joe kills the banshee to save Jenny, which could cause a big problem for Abbie and Pandora. And this is why these two suck as a couple. They can never take care of business and are always having some personal conversation in the middle of a dangerous situation.

When Joe and Jenny arrive saying they need a new monster, Pandora wants Joe to become the monster they need. She says he may die or he may live. He's willing to do it to get rid of the thing inside of him. Joe agrees to do it, as the ground shakes.

Crane says he knows Abbie will try and get them out. He also says he believes that she'll team up with Pandora. Crane suggests they also work together to get themselves out of this mess. He gets HE to translate the tablet so they can use it and communicate with Pandora and Abbie.

Abbie warns Pandora not to hurt Joe, because he's like a brother to her. She says she can make no guarantees and they both know it. Joe goes inside the mystic circle so Pandora can channel the energy. She uses the piece of her box to bring out the monster in him. He turns into the Windigo.

Pandora can't control Joe and she says they need to leave him there. Jenny says she can get through to him. Jenny declares her love for him. PUKE! It gets through to him. Of course, it does. Pandora does her spell to remove the lock trapping Crane and HE. Pandora wants more fragments of the box because she can't do her spell without it.

Abbie accuses her of trying to trick her to get her box.

Pandora says it's her fault HE was trapped in the past and in the present. She told the humans about the box. She said it's her fault cause she knew they had the emblem and didn't tell HE. It's up to Abbie if she gives Pandora the fragment of her box that she has.

HE translates the tablet and hears Pandora admitting she betrayed him in the past and in the present. Pandora better hope HE doesn't get out of there, cause her you know what will be grass. Crane and HE prepare for the end.

Jenny rushes to give Pandora the rest of her box that they have. It reassembles itself. Pandora says it's working. HE disappears as the room fills with light. Jenny gets her precious Joe back. And Pandora gets her box. Unfortunately, Pandora now has another piece of her box. The emblem has been destroyed and they have nothing to defend themselves against HE.

Crane tells Abbie that their mantle of witnesses was passed down to them through their bloodlines according to HE.

Joe thinks he's cured on the Windigo. Jenny gives him a key to her place.

Pandora returns to HE who is sitting on his throne. She hugs him. HE says she's the most devious creature. That she played the witnesses to give them what they needed. HE says they have much to discuss and they can start with the truth.

Oh-oh, sister, you in trouble now!


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