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Sleepy Hollow -- Return Of The Kindred

Updated on February 22, 2016

This should be an interesting episode. Abbie is back so how will she react to Foster's inclusion into the team. Is Pandora now powerless and what trouble with the super-powered HE cause for our heroes? And just what does Reynolds want from Abbie?

Actually, Abbie seems to have no reaction to Foster's inclusion into the team and is fine with it. On to the episode.

A rainy night. A car stops with a couple inside it. They start to get romantic. The man starts getting too pushy and aggressive when something pulls the man out of the car and kills him. The woman wants to thank the man for saving her life, but when she gets a look at him she's repelled by him and he attacks and kills her next. Some rescuer.

Abbie on hiatus from the FBI. She's having trouble sleeping at night playing chess by herself. She brings up to Crane while she was gone that he killed her house plants. He says he spent his time trying to find a way to bring her home, and suggests they go to the nursery in the morning for replacement plants. She opts out saying she's going to go running to a place she and Jenny used to hang out as kids.

Crane runs into Zoe Corinth at the nursery. He apologizes for ignoring her. She blows him off.

Abbie is out running on the path she and Jenny used to play on as children while having flashbacks of her time in purgatory. Reynolds calls Abbie up to help him. She's brought to the car with the couple who were killed and dismembered. She has a flashback about a demon and tells Reynolds to put Foster on this. When he says he didn't turn in her resignation, she says she regrets coming there. He tries to push her, but she won't let him. Foster and Abbie agree to meet in the archives. Abbie calls Crane.

She says three couples have been murdered by a halberd blade. This makes Crane realize the kindred has returned to Sleepy Hollow.

HE reveals the kindred has finally heeded the call. He'll be a loyal soldier to fight by his side. Pandora whines that her box has dwindled. God, if one isn't whining then the other one is. He tells her she's no mere mortal. That's like telling the ugly chick she's got a great personality.

Crane and Abbie ask Foster to use her resources at the FBI to check out romantic date spots the Kindred may target. Crane recalls first meeting Betsy Ross. And she's dressed somewhat demure. Will wonders never cease.

Crane says Ben Franklin was experimenting on Kindred proxies. Abbie finds the results of his experiments in his book. Crane and Abbie go to the tunnels to see if the Kindred has visited there.

Joe points out that Jenny is keeping her father's lighter when they're trying to steal the glass harmonica with they think they can use to stop the Kindred, hopefully. Again, can't this dud ever stick to business when on a mission. It's getting that the less they have Jenny and Joe on the better.

While Crane and Abbie are in the tunnels Zoe texts him saying she wants a book back she lent him. Crane tells Abbie he was very fond of her, and she says it was just bad timing. They find evidence the Kindred was there. Abbie and Crane realize the Kindred is turning human.

Meanwhile he's out stalking another couple. Foster comes upon him and starts shooting at him. He snaps his fingers for his horse and takes off.

Foster comes to report what happened to Crane and Abbie. Abbie suggests they can use the glass harmonica to lure the Kindred inside. They find the summoning tune to lure the Kindred.

Joe starts on Jenny about her father, AGAIN. God, they are so boring. Might be better if I could see some chemistry between them. Might make have to get through their scenes a little more palatable.

Crane goes to the archives to get the music needed for the glass harmonica when Zoe shows up wanting her book. Did she ever hear of calling first? He says he doesn't know where her book is, but he's preoccupied at the moment.

The Kindred is coming out and the plan doesn't work because boring Zoe had to show up and keep Crane from returning with the sheet music Just wonderful.

Joe starts playing the wrong music. “What Child Is This.” The Kindred goes towards it until he hears whiny Zoe's voice yapping at Crane.

Abbie realizes the Kindred is looking for a wife.

Zoe still whining to Crane. This is why these people shouldn't get involved romantically. It stops them from taking care of business. Because the whiny nitwit showed up the plan to trap the Kindred was ruined and now he's escaped.

The Kindred shows up and grabs the nitwit by the throat and says she's his. Please don't tell me this idiot is going to become involved in things now, too. At least Foster can contribute, all this one can do is distract Crane from doing what he needs to do by her whining and showing up at the wrong time.

Abbie and Foster trying to figure out where Kindred took Zoe. Abbie thinks he took her to the carriage house. Joe Blow notices the insignia on Franklin's book and it gives them a new place to check out. Cue another Betsy Ross flashback or should I say Boobsy, since she's got them on display once more. So far, every couple on this show is dead boring without chemistry. Not good. It makes having to sit through their scenes interminable.

Crane thinks Ben Franklin built a female for the Kindred. Foster reports the Kindred is in the barn by the carriage house. Crane opens a box with the Kindress in it. Oh, yuck, she's no prettier than he his. Get ready for another major temper tantrum from HE if Crane and company manage to dispatch the Kindred who he's waiting eagerly to arrive.

The gang rushes to bring the Kindred his girlfriend. Meanwhile the Kindred has Foster in a choke hold. Joe helps her escape his hold [What do you know? He's actually good for something.] as Foster rushes to free the nitwit. At the same time Crane brings the Kindress to life. She's got a deadly mace in her hand, but she doesn't hit her target. Crane brings the Kindress to the Kindred and it stops his rampage. He bows down before her and she does likewise. They share a kiss. They should have played this episode for Valentine's Day. They actually have chemistry together and make a kind of touching couple. First one for this show. I applaud both actors for pulling off the scene without any dialogue.

Kindred problem gone bye-bye. Guess HE will have to look for a new soldier to fight by his side. Think the Kindred will be too busy doing the bumping uglies with the Kindress. Speaking of which, has HE done likewise with his simpering twit of a wife or whatever she is to him? If so, guess it wasn't good for him. Cause it sure hasn't improved his personality or distracted him from his goal to enslave humanity.

Zoe claims she didn't get a look at her captor. Foster urges Reynolds to talk to Abbie to tell her how important he is to her, while letting him think the Kindred is dead. Crane apologizes to Zoe for the way he's treated her, but he says he's not ready for a commitment. She says he is ready, but it's not her. She apparently didn't connect the dots between Crane and the Kindred.

Reynolds drops by to see Abbie. Wonder if he'll tell her the truth. I doubt it. He talks about when he fell in love with her. He says he doesn't recognize who he's become. He says the FBI will have to do without her cause she deserves better. Abbie says she'll come back to work. Yep, didn't think the lying dirtbag would tell the truth.

HE is waiting for the Kindred to arrive. I'm going to laugh so hard if he doesn't come. Pandora is hankering after HE to restore her powers. HE, as I predicted, won't do for her what she did for him. In short, he's got all the power and intends to keep it all from himself. HE discovers the Kindred is departing Sleepy Hollow. Yep, I'm laughing real hard now. HE says he won't allow weakness like love to interfere with his plans when he sees the Kindred with his mate, happy. Guess no nookie you for, Pandy.

Crane and Abbie together. They're playing chess. Abbie pricks her finger and Crane goes to get her a bandage. While he's gone she paints a mark in her blood that she recalls seeing in purgatory. It seems she's not free from her experience there and is still being affected by it. Crane doesn't notice the symbol she made out of her own blood. The question is what does that symbol mean and how will it play into the future?


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