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Sleepy Hollow -- The Battlefield Demon

Updated on October 3, 2015

A new female evil comes to Sleepy Hollow

The first time I watched this show was last season's season finale and I found it interesting, so I decided to give it a go and see if I liked it.

The Headless Horseman is riding through the woods. A woman starts singing to him , her eyes glowing, as she sends him into the nether. She opens a box and lets something out saying they have work to do.

Mills goes to see someone named Johnny. She gets a call. It's Crane and he's in a prison orange jumpsuit. He was caught trying to enter the country with restricted materials. It's been some time before they've seen each other; nine months.

He gives her Katrina's necklace. He says it's linked to the Headless Horseman. The stone turned green one night when he was in jail before going out. The energy has been drained from it. He thinks something dire has happened to the Headless Horseman.

Mills is now a fed. She gets him out of jail. He refuses to leave without his possessions, but doesn't have any choice unless he wants to stay in jail and he doesn't. He says he's bonded wth his fellow inmates as they leave.

Two rednecks fighting. One walks away inside the cabin and starts screaming while the other goes to see what happened to him. The other stares in horror as some evil demon-like thing looks like it's about to attack him.

Mills says Crane should have called her sooner. He says Henry and Katrina's deaths closed a chapter for them. He tells her he traveled to his ancestral home in Scotland. He found his grave. He pulled the headstone off and found a talbet inside his grave. The tablet said, “The legend of Sleepy Hollow.” He thinks the tablet holds the key to their mission.

Mills gets a call about two dead bodies in the National Park. She says she has a new mission. She's an agent of the FBI, They enter the cabin where the evil demon attacked the two rednecks. They find residue of where the thing brushed up against something. Crane finds a strange footprint. He sprinkles dragon's breath on it and it explodes. He says evil has returned to Sleepy Hollow.

Crane comes to FBI headquarters. She shows him her new office. She says after he left, she couldn't put her life on hold, any longer. Mitch Granger is her new boss. Crane says there's a far greater purpose for them than what she's doing. He thinks the deaths are a sign the second tribulation is happening. The med tech, Dani, likes Crane. She can't stop looking at him.

Mills and Crane go back to their old headquarters, the Archives. He's furious it's going to be torn down. Jenny shows up. He tells her they're looking for a demon.

The woman looking at the two men's death in the water. She says she wants more. She waters something dead looking that looks like a small withered tree with the water she saw the two men's death in. Apparently, that's supposed to make the thing grow.

The red substance was cinnabar. Crane finds info on a battlefield demon and says they're servants not masters. Mills realizes there is a new player in town.

He finds Benjamin Franklin's sketchbook. He ran into one of those demons during the battle of Bunker Hill. Crane says Betsy Ross has the information that could stop the demon. Crane had a thing with Betsy. They were colleagues and shared a kiss. Jenny finds the message. It's in Colonial Times.

They go there, which is an eatery, which Crane detests, as he thinks it cheapens the time he comes from and he kind of has a point. Mills finds the document and swipes it. She drops him back at the Archives, while she heads off to take down the criminal, the Anaconda, she's after.

The woman morphs from her ancient clothing to modern day clothing as she heads towards Sleepy Hollow. She says she's been waiting a long time to get there.

Jenny goes through a box and finds a strange black object. She says it's good to have Crane back. Gun powder and aggression seem to trigger the battlefield demon. Jenny makes Crane realize the battlefield demon will be attracted to the operation that Mills is on, and darned if he isn't.

He shows himself with Mills boss and Mills shoots the demon. Mills tries to save him, but he dies. Mills tells Jenny and Crane she shot it and Chang's being blamed for Granger's death. She says the demon's eyes turned white when she shot him. Crane believes that's when the demon is vulnerable.

Mills called in to take care of a hostage situation. Crane figures the demon will show up there, so he and Jenny follow her there. Chang wants to see Mills, because she knows he didn't kill Granger. While talking to Chang she realizes it's her mission to be a Witness. The demon shows up when gunfire breaks out.

Crane and Jenny lure the monster after them. Crane instructs her to not fire until she sees the white's of the demon's eyes. It goes after Crane and he stands and waits for it. Jenny misses when the demon's eyes turn white and it attacks her. Mills is actually the one who finally dispatches the demon as it's about to attack Crane. She hugs him saying welcome back.

Yeah, the demon may be gone, but the she-devil that summoned him is somewhere in town.

Mills gets Crane back his tablet and other belongings the jail kept. Mills finds a carving that looks like her and Crane. Crane thinks the tablet means something important. He asks Mills if she believes the second tribulation has begun. Mills tells Crane he belongs here just as much as anyone else, so he doesn't need the tablet to give him a purpose. She also tells him he's not alone. Mills runs into the she-devil who introduces herself as Pandora. Is she really Pandora? She did have a strange box she opened to let the demon out. She watches Mills walk back to Crane.

I really enjoyed this episode and I regret not giving the show a go a long time ago. I can understand why there are shippers that want Mills and Crane together. They have some great chemistry together. But it seems they just may remain partners as someone from Mills' past seems to be returning to keep her busy and since Nikki Reed who plays Betsy Ross is a regular this season, I imagine Crane will be having a thing with her.


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