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Sleepy Hollow -- The Bones/Sleepy Crossover

Updated on November 3, 2015

Sleepy Hollow comes off better than Bones in this outting

The past few weeks I've been watching Bones as I wait for Sleepy Hollow to come on. That's how I forgot to watch Heroes Reborn and now have just given up on it. And I've thought it was pretty good. But it didn't fare too well when in comparison with Sleepy Hollow. In fact, I thought the Sleepy hour was so much better than the Bone's hour.

It's Halloween. Candles are being lit. A guy says Rachel will be dressed as a sexy nurse. A guy falls through the floor exposing a skeleton.

At home, Booth and Brennan are fighting over too much candy. Brennan has made an edible brain for their party. She gets a call. She's called to a church where the body was found.

The victim was a female not over 30. They find a door that Brennan says is a morte safe. They find another body dating back to the 18th century. The body doesn't have a head and a lit jack-o-lantern falls in the casket. Cue the headless horseman.

The headless body was male.

They reconstruct the woman and she's blonde. She originally had magenta hair before dying it blonde. Sarah Lipman, 26, is identified as the dead woman. Her former colleagues said she recently changed her appearance.

Booth goes to talk to Sarah's boyfriend, Joe Brown. He says over the last few weeks Sarah was happier than she'd ever been.

The headless corpse was a high-ranking British officer.

Booth finds a book of witchcraft, a book that belonged to Sarah.

Mills and Crane show up at Brennan's lab. They're there because of the headless body. Mills wants the headless body, and Brennan says it's not going anywhere.

Booth learns of all the killings in Sleepy Hollow. Crane looks around Brennan's lab. Crane believes the headless body is Abraham Van Brunt. Brennan says the body was decapitated with a modern instrument. Brennan doesn't like Crane standing in front of her blocking her view of the monitor. Crane says the body is really General William Howe. Crane is appalled when Brennan suggests he should think about having sex with Mills.

Booth and Mills play a fencing game about their time in the FBI. Mills and Brennan find a fine-tooth saw in Sarah's apartment.

Crane examines Sarah's witchcraft book. Crane reads that if the skull is in their possession the person that has the skull can raise the dead.

Sarah's body indicates she died before she died. It's suggested Sarah brought herself back from the dead.

Booth planning on something to get back at Brennan for her brain prank. Sarah was apparently resuscitated two weeks before her death. Sarah may have been beaten to death with the General's skull. Sarah also fell into something sharp.

Booth reveals he knew August Corbin. Mills tells Booth Sarah was seen with a dark-haired guy, not her boyfriend. The guy that was with her is questioned. He says they became friends because they both had close calls with death. Sarah wanted to know what happened after you died. Sarah asked him to stop her heart and to bring her back to find out. Sarah said she saw her dead sister and asked Sarah to let go of all her fear. He claims he didn't dig the skull up, it was Sarah who was convinced the skull had power. He doesn't know where the skull is.

A chemical is found that is usually found on morgue slabs. They go to investigate the medical lab and find blood splattered on the ceiling. This may be where Sarah was killed.

Crane claims he found a document that says General Howe should be buried in Sleepy Hollow. Brennan smells a rat and so do I.

The team going through the anatomy lab's trash. They find injection vials and the skull of General Howe.

Brennan calls Booth to try to stop Crane from taking the headless body. Dr. John Cruise wrote the prescriptions for the empty vials found.

Brennan can't prove that the letter is a forgery. She learns the handwriting belongs to Crane but it's as old as it seems.

Cruise is questioned. It's suspected he also helped Sarah with medicine that would stop her heart. Sarah blackmailed Cruise for the drugs cause when she smelled alcohol on his breath.

Crane comes for his body. Brennan questions him about the document mentioning his handwriting. He lets her think the Crane who wrote the document was an ancestor. Crane starts talking about Howe like he knew him. It gives Brennan a clue how to figure out who killed Sarah. They find the missing tooth from the skull that may have the killer's DNA on it.

Booth and Mills question Sarah's boyfriend, Joe, again. He says he lied, but not because he killed her. Sarah got him to go to the other side and come back. He says he was only out for a few seconds. Joe says nothing happened when he died and was brought back. It caused him to stop believing in God. Sarah took his faith away and that's why he killed her.

Crane, Mills, Booth and Brennan have a celebratory dinner. Booth and Brennan make excuses to leave. Brennan signs off on General Howe's remains being sent away to Sleepy Hollow. Booth pretends to be Howe on a stretcher and scares the crap out of Brennan.

A man driving in his van. His radio cuts out. A woman standing in the middle of the road. Let me, guess. It's Pandora. The woman's eyes glow green and she says it's not personal. She tells him to run. She opens the back of his van. It's the van that was bringing General Howe's skeleton back to Sleepy Hollow. She resurrects him. She tells him to raise his army and to go after his enemy, Crane.

Crane bowling with the Mills sisters and Joe. His potential new girlfriend, Ms. Corinth, is also at the bowling alley. She's come dressed as Betsy Ross. How convenient.

Crane learns Howe's body never arrived.

A girl and two guys in the cemetery. They got into a mausoleum. Howe comes towards them. Corpses being breaking out of the walls as one of the guy;s starts screaming as he's attacked.

Crane and Mills investigate the van where the body was stolen from. They head into the cemetery. They go into the mausoleum. They see Howe and his zombie band coming towards them and make a run for it. When the sunshine hits them they all explode into dust.

Mills asks her boss what's going on. He tells her about a secret investigation he's been doing. I wonder if this will fit into Jenny and the shard.

Crane flashes back to Howe trying to force him to write down the names. Crane reveals Washington sent him to kill Howe. Crane tried to make Howe stop his invasion of Manhattan. Howe's men stopped Crane before he could kill Howe. Mills suggest there was another reason Washington sent Crane to kill Howe.

He finds research on a living dead warrior. Mills thinks Howe was buried some place else before. Mills thinks that hundreds of people will die since it's Halloween night and Howe and his zombie band will be on the loose.

Joe and Jenny at his trailer. Jenny says Atticus Evans is after the shard. Joe knows him. Says his father called him Bull. Jenny says she'd know if his father was using her as a shill to make money. She says she won't stop believing he was a good guy until they find proof otherwise.

Crane suggests that Brennan can figure out where Howe's original tomb was located. They head to Brennan's lab for answers.

Brennan doesn't believe Howe was buried twice. Seneca and Montgomery, Maryland is where the tomb might be located. Brennan demands to go along with Crane to see the site.

Booth asks Mills what's really going on. Brennan shows up and tells Booth they're all going grave hunting.

Jenny and Joe arrive at a place his father and Nevins used to go. They go to confront the thief. They say they want to talk to her boss. Joe offers the shard if Nevins will sit down and answer his questions. Jenny not thrilled because they don't even know what the shard is and he's made a deal to give it up.

The foursome travel to an underground vault. Crane's ring opens it. Crane and Brennan get caught inside. Spikes start descending from the ceiling. The spike are shooting flames. He claims it's a legendary flame that can't be extinguished. Brennan says it's napalm. Booth shoots at the door and manages to get the door to rise. Brennan wants to excavate the tomb.

Crane says to kill Howe and his zombies they'll have to burn Sleepy Hollow to the ground. Crane says once the fire that can kill them, a Greek fire, is unleashed it can't be put out.

Another Boring Betsy flashback. Crane believes the Great Fire of New York was done to kill the undead warriors. They have to find another way to kill the zombies.

In Sleepy Hollow trick or treaters are filling the streets. Pandora approaches a child. The girl screams when she sees her ugly face. Like I said, the face of a monster. She tells Howe to slaughter everyone when the last sunbeam sets. Seriously, this chick needs to stop targeting little kids.

Jenny and Joe are enlisted to help. They have to lure the General and his zombies down under the ground where they'll be able to control the fire. Crane intends to use himself as bait.

Everyone thinks the zombie soldiers are just dressed up for Halloween. Crane and Mills drive a car in front of the zombies before they can fire on the crowd. Crane challenges Howe to a sword duel. He heads underground. His zombies follow. Using flamethrowers the zombies are set on fire and dispatched.

Pandora says there's one more bud left to blossom. So just what does her weed do once its in full bloom?

Mills tells Crane to call Zoe. She's a good one. He calls her and asks her out. It's hilarious. On Bones they were pushing the Crane and Mills ship but on Sleepy they're doing anything but push that relationship.

Mills goes to see her boss. He tells her that he's trying to take down Atticus Nevins and he has pictures of Jenny and Joe. He wants to know what's going on.


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