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Sleepy Hollow -- The Death Dagger

Updated on October 16, 2015

The Dagger Made Him Do It

Pandora's lair, with her tree. She says innocent souls call out to her. She asks for a gift to make them all see. She opens her nasty box and a white shroud seems to float out. Inside it is a dagger. A pity she doesn't plunge it in her cold dark heart and do the world a favor.

Crane giving a speech saying the American dream is dead. Unfortunately, he told only an American citizen can sign the application to get an extension on the Archive to stop it from being demolished and he isn't one.

Mills drops her cell phone and Crane sees a picture of her father. She says she hasn't told Jenny, yet. Crane announces he's going to become an American citizen.

Crane becomes friendly with Ms. Corinth of the historical society.

A man watching a man and woman talk. He follows the woman into the elevator. He tries to start up a conversation with hier, but she's really not interested.

He goes to a party she's going to and watches her from afar. Pandora is sitting next to him. She gets him to dance with her as she urges him to go after the blonde he's stalking. Later, he's laying on a bed seeming to be out of it. Next to his bed is the dagger. The guy is later in the elevator with the guy who was with the blonde whose bragging how he's going to bag the blonde in bed that night.

Jenny fills Abbie in on telling Joe everything and what went down. Abbie introduces Jenny to Reynolds. He says her next case is a stabbing where not a drop of blood was spilled. Crane is with her when she goes to examine the corpse. The way the corpse looks reminds Crane of a killing from his past. He says they're dealing with a terror from his childhood. He says this is the work of Jack the Ripper. So apparently the dagger belonged to Jack the Ripper and it made stalkerboy turn into him.

Mills says that was over a hundred years before the White Chapel Murders. The victim was his closest friend. Another friend told Young Crane they would go after whomever did this. He wasn't able to join the others because he was sent away from school because it wasn't safe for him there. Crane became obsessed with solving the Ripper killings. Crane's research proved the Ripper has been killing for over 900 years. Mills thinks Pandora is behind it. And that means she has access to Crane's earliest memories.

Jenny and Joe after Randall trying to get back the shard. They break into his room where a woman is. The woman fooled them into leaving, until Jenny realizes she stole the shard from Randall. The girl may be connected with Joe's father since Jenny says this trick was straight out of his play book.

Stalkerboy spying on the blonde again. Mills is able to identify the murder weapon. The legend says whomever holds the dagger will become the Ripper. Pandora in the back of stalkerboy's car. He tells her to leave him alone. She won't let him throw the dagger away. The dagger begins doing something to his hand, I guess to make him one with the dagger like the vile witch wants him to become.

Reynolds asks Mills to have dinner with him and she agrees.

Crane frantically going through books. Ms. Corinth shows up. She offers to help him become an American. She says her brother-in-law is on the senate subcommittee on immigration and he accepts her help.

Pandora claims she didn't pick stalkerboy at random. The dagger chose him. She wants him to become what everyone fears. She wants him to destroy the illusion of sanctuary from darkness. She says he'll stand by her side and be revered by all. She wants him to bury his dagger deep in The Witnesses and bring her back what she seeks.

Mills and Crane walk up to a door and a dagger comes through the door at them. Crane tries to tell him the blade is manipulating him. He doesn't want to go back to the person he was before. His name is Nelson Myers. Mills has to shoot him and he falls out the window. He lands on a car and they think he's dead, until his eyes pop open and he gets up and walks away.

Jenny tracks the thief down. Jenny shows that she got the shard back. She confronts her about knowing August Corbin tricks. Jenny wants to know who she was going to sell it to. The thief tells her to give it back because she doesn't want to know who she works for. Jenny leaves warning the thief that if she comes back for it again, there will be trouble.

Mills and Crane trying to figure out what stops the killer. Crane thinks the killer died from Yellow Fever. Crane realizes he was sent away because of the fever, not the Ripper. Mills realizes that every Ripper killing spree ends with an outbreak of some disease. Mills also realizes that Emily Cates is the object of Nelson's sick obsession and they need to find her before he kills her next.

Emily is walking to her car in the underground parking garage. Emily is picked up by the feds to protect her. Meanwhile Crane intends to shoot Nelson with tainted blood to end his reign of evil.

Crane and Mills find the car of the agent and presumably his dead body in the underground parking garage, so it seems Nelson managed to get his paws on Emily. They hear Emily screaming. Nelson comes out with the blade to Emily's throat.Mills attacks Nelson from behind and they get Emily away from him. Nelson and Crane get into a life and death fight as Crane tries to stick the psycho with the tainted blood.

Nelson stabs Crane who injected himself with the tainted blood which de-Rippers Nelson. Pandora shows up asking how it feels to Mills that Crane could die and she'd be alone in this fight. Can someone please sic some demons on this heifer to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Jenny thinks the mystery thief could be another secret from August Corbin's past. Jenny says more people are going to come after the shard, so they need to find out who the thief is.

Mills calls off dinner with Reynolds. He pours her a drink instead. He wants them to keep the same thing they had going in the academy. He says what they had doesn't have to get in the way. Mills spends the evening watching Crane.

Mills tells him after he passed out Pandora showed up. They realize Pandora is trying to raise fear by sending her gifts at them. Crane falls asleep saying he's glad he and Mills found each other again.

Another dead-looking rose blooms from Pandora's nasty weed. It seems her goal for all this crap is to make this thing grow and bloom.


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