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Sleepy Hollow -- The Desperation Demon

Updated on February 9, 2016

Can Abbie be saved?

Sleepy Hollow is back from it's long break. As we last left off, Abbie had sacrificed herself to save Jenny. Now can Crane save her. And have we seen the last of the wretched Pandora? God, I hope so.

The past with Crane and Betsy Ross in their finery. He warns an associate to be cautious. Then flash to the present with someone [Crane] on motorcycle being chased. The motorcycle goes into the water. Crane tells Jenny and Joe it's the Lydian Jug. He's hoping to use it to locate Abbie. They tell Crane he's grasping at straws. Crane says it's up to him to find her, and Jenny takes umbrage saying it's up to them, since Abbie sacrificed herself to save Jenny. She then says they have a lead on an artifact that could help find her and she says she and Joe will find it and he needs to rest.

Yuck! Pandora and her man. He's not happy. Well, neither am I. I thought they disappeared into the nether with Abbie. He's upset he can't purge humanity. Oh, boo-hoo, as a member of humanity I'm upset I can't purge you. He blames her and not the witnesses for their failure. She says she's found another way. She claims a fragment of the box will give him what he needs. It starts glowing. Seems the heifer and her man are back in business. Oh, great.

Crane trying to use his artifact to find Abbie. The words he speaks doesn't make it work. Agent Foster is following Crane and he asks why. She wants to know what he's doing in there. She thinks Crane is a suspect in Abbie's disappearance. He tells her to charge him or leave him alone.

After they both walk away the artifact starts glowing. Guess it took a little time to get it to work.

Jenny and Joe go visit a man. She wants a map from him. It's supposed to help track demonic presences. She offers an artifact in return. He says Atticus Nevins bought the map and now Randall has it.

Foster gives Danny her report on Crane. He's convinced Crane is wrong. Yeah, well considering you were using Abbie for some nefarious reason I'm convinced you are wrong. She suggests he take a vacation and relax.

Crane puts a frozen microwaveable lasagna in a frying pan on the stove. He suddenly hears something. He goes to investigate. He finds female underwear. He calls out for Abbie. He closes a window that's open. He hears noises coming from a mirror. When he touches it it comes alive and leaves a mark on his arm.

Foster calls and accuses him of being in her apartment and leaving a message. He goes over to find out what's going on. She has the same mark on her arm. He thinks Abbie might be trying to communicate through her. When they put their arms together the symbols glow. A spectre appears and goes inside of Crane. He sees Abbie asking him to help her. He says she's dying.

Jenny and Joe go and see Randall. He knows they want the map. Jenny tries to come on to Randall to get him to give her what she wants. He says he'll let them leave in one piece. He says he put the map somewhere safe she can't get her hands on it. But she picked his pocket and knows exactly where to go to find it.

Crane wants to build a gateway. Foster helps him realize Abbie wants them to build a gateway out of a mirror. He sees a picture of Nathan Hale and has a flashback to the past. He and Betsy watch Hale being caught by the redcoats. She urges them to leave Hale so they don't get caught, too.

He and Foster begin the ritual. He goes through the mirror and Foster begins to be dragged inside with him. She pulls him out of the mirror and he's not alone. It looks like a demon came back with him and is trying to choke the life out of him.

Foster shoots the demon, who then goes after her. Crane saves her, but it gets away. Foster is appalled that Crane knew there was a chance a demon could get loose in their world. She tells him he screwed up.

Foster comes to see Crane. She says the local cops found a body and it could be the victim of the Mirror Monster. She shows him pictures of the victim and he says he needs to examine the area. He says it's a Japanese demon that feeds on desperation. Crane says the demon used his desperation to find Abbie to trick him into releasing it from the mirror and must have thought he and Foster were partners, because she showed up when he was casting his spell.

Foster tells Crane her parents were archaeologists. She says it was rumored her parents were taken away by supernatural forces and her whole life she's been trying to find proof of it. Foster says they found another body. She suggests the demon is concentrating on people desperate to find Abbie. She thinks it's going after Daniel Reynolds, whose just as desperate to find Abbie as Crane is.

Pandora says they have been heard and soon he'll have everything he'll need to restore his strength. He says a faster way will be to find Abbie. He says if she fails to find Abbie, she won't suffer alone. Aint love grand, Pandy. And you wanted him back, why?

Joe says if Jenny accepts the truth of what happened to Abbie she'll be okay cause he's not going anywhere. She picks the lock on the storage container and gets the map as Randall shows up. In the realm of Ripley's Believe It Or Not puny little Joe knocks out Randall and his men. Yeah, sure. And, yes, I'm still not liking the character any better than I like Boobsy Ross. Who knew the lady that sewed our flag dressed like a hoochie.

Crane corners the demon and shoots at it and it runs back through the glass. Foster breaks the glass so it can't come back through. Oh-oh, seven years bad luck.

Jenny back at the Trailer of Love with Joe. She says he's stupid. She's not the type of person who talks about feelings. Guess she's doing what Joe wanted her to do. She says when she thought Randall's men shot Joe she thought she was going to lose another person she loves. He rushes to her and they get down and dirty. YUCK!

Foster doesn't tell Danny the truth about Crane. She tries to convince Danny that Crane didn't do anything to hurt Abbie. Danny says maybe it's time he shifted focus, but is he telling the truth.

Crane has another flashback of Betsy as Hale is about to be hanged. She says Nathan Hale will be hung a hero and they're there to let him know he's not alone. Talk about cold comfort. She insists they can't do anything to save him. Hale speaks his most famous line as he's hung. Betsy says all their partners won't survive and sometimes he must just continue his mission.

Foster arrives asking if he's suspending the search for Abbie. He says no, but he says he was losing focus and he must refocus to find Pandora. He begins to tell Foster about Pandora when Joe and Jenny arrive with the map. The map shows there are demons heading towards town, probably summoned by Pandora and her man.

Wherever Abbie is she's alone in a desolate place, but still very much alive. The question who will get to her first? Pandora or Crane?


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