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Sleepy Hollow -- The End

Updated on April 13, 2016

And a new beginning...

As we last left off, my worst fear had come true. Boobsy Ross was alive and well. She thinks it’s still her time as she gives Abbie a look. Jenny had to kill Joe when HE turned him into a windigo, again, and he was about to kill Ezra. Ezra knows more about what’s going on than the girls thought. And Reynolds admitted he’d been spying on Abbie.

Back to the catacombs. Abbie says Crane is freaking out. He wonders what happens if Boobsy leaves. Crane believes Ross will return to her own time. Crane pretends he and Abbie are on a mission from Washington. Ross is suspicious of what they’re saying.

Crane starts the ritual to restore Pandora’s box. The wall’s writing lights up. The box lid opens and black smoke begins seeping out. The box tries to suck Abbie inside. Ross shuts the lid as Abbie is pulled free of its grasp. Crane wonders if the box will require one of their souls. Abbie appears fine, at first, then she passes out. Crane thinks the box took something from Abbie.

Crane tells Ross he and Abbie are not coming back with her. Ross says Crane’s heart belongs to Abbie. Crane tells Ross how she can get out. So she’s not coming back, THANK GOD. Crane and Abbie prepare to go down the well. Crane says the tablet he found in his family crypt says Pandora’s box requires one of the witness’s souls. Did it already nearly take Abbie’s from her?

Jenny staring into space when Abbie and Crane return. She tells them about what happened to Joe. Crane and Abbie say Joe was their brother. Crane vows they will make HE pay for what happened to Joe. Crane, Abbie and Jenny are shocked to see Ezra familiar with the archives. Ezra offers to make the arrangements for Joe. Abbie gets dizzy again.

Reynolds believes HE is in Hudson Valley where a storm is brewing. Abbie plans to give the box back to Pandora. That may be hard, as HE has Pandora imprisoned. Abbie and Jenny show up with weapons. While they’re distracting him, Crane brings the box to Pandora and it releases her. She opens the box. HE begins to turn into dust. Pandora says Abbie knows what the box needs to finish off HE. Pandora urges Abbie to give it what it needs and to finish what it started in the catacombs. Abbie opens it to sacrifice herself to kill HE. Abbie tells Crane to never give up hope before dissolving into the box. NOT AGAIN!

Seriously, why couldn’t Crane be the one that has to sacrifice himself for once. Considering the same thing happened in the mid-season finale, this is starting to get old.

Crane kneeling by the closed box. HE is still there but no longer powerful. HE says to Pandora he’ll do what she asks. Jenny shoots HE for Joe. Crane asks Pandora to return Abbie. Pandora says she’s now going to rule the world now that she has HE’s power. Crane wants to kill Pandora, but Jenny says they need her to get Abbie back. Pandora says she’ll be a benevolent goddess as long as she’s obeyed. Oh, GOD! Guess Jenny was right about trusting her, after all.

Ezra learns what happened to Abbie. Crane vows to get Abbie back today. Crane says it’s time they fought fire with fire.

Abbie in a restaurant with August. August says a soldier needs to make a sacrifice. Says both Abbie and Joe did that. She said she made peace with Jenny and she had Reynolds. He says she’s not going to the pearly gates, yet. August says he’s proud of her. He says she’s ready for the next adventure. She wonders what will happen to Crane. He says Crane is trying to get her back, but she’s taken it as far as she can. He leaves to go meet Joe. Joe and August are reunited and hug.

People are enjoying a church serve when Pandora comes walking down the aisle. She shows her magic to the parishioners. Guess this is where she begins her rule. She tells them to rejoice. All she asks is their love and admiration. She terrorizes them to display her power and to get their obedience. They go running in fear. She starts plucking a flower and says how she loved HE dearly and HE loved her not. Oh geez!

Crane confronts Pandora and orders she bring Abbie back. Crane brings the Headless Horseman back. Pandora says she defeated the Horseman easily before. Crane gives it his head and orders he ends Pandora. Crane rushes to the box but she shoots him. She uses some of her hocus pocus on Crane but Jenny snaps him out of the pity fest he falls into. Crane tosses the Horseman his axe and he cuts Pandora in two. Crane orders the Horseman to leave, afterwards.

Pandora says death wins in the end even for a goddess. Pandora says Crane loves Abbie. She’s his everything. Pandora says Abbie was never inside the box. She’s dead. Crane and Jenny run off with the box as it looks like it’s going to explode as Pandora dies.

Crane brings the box into the archives and runs as light shines from it and it explodes.

Crane in a prison cell and Abbie the guard. She says he’s going back and it’s time to say goodbye. Abbie says she’s free now that the box has exploded. That they are eternal souls. After a touching goodbye to each other, Crane hears Jenny calling him as he awakes in the cave. He sadly tells Jenny that Abbie is gone.

Jenny drops Crane off at the cemetery as she heads off to spread Joe's ashes. She says she’ll go there by herself when he offers to go with her. Crane asks if Jenny is coming back and she says someone has to keep him safe. She tells him to tell her sister hello and that she misses her. He brings a bouquet of flowers to Abbie's grave. He tells her what’s going on in his life. That her house is now up for sale and he’s looking for a place of his own. That she’s missed and never forgotten.

Ezra shows up. He says when one witness dies, she can’t move on. Abbie’s soul lives on in someone new and she’ll be the new witness. It's an extended member of her family. His use of the phrase "eternal souls" convinces Crane his time with Abbie hadn't been a dream and it had been real. He gives Crane a missive from Washington. Betsy apparently told Washington about the Crane she met in the catacombs. George Washington founded a secret organization to fight the supernatural. Apparently, some of the members have gone astray to Washington's original intention for the group. As two cars come squealing up to the cemetery, Ezra walks off saying forgive them they know not what they do.

Jack Walters approaches Crane. Apparently, the little rat Reynolds told his boss about Crane. Sorry, Abbie, but you had bad taste in men. Says some people in DC want to have words with him. As Crane goes with them, he vows to find the new witness with Abbie’s soul.

Fade to the Sleepy Hollow screen with viewers left in wonder if this is how the series ends of if FOX will renew it for another season.


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