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Sleepy Hollow -- The Eternal Soldier

Updated on March 28, 2016

And Abbie decides to tell Reynolds all...

In the last episode, HE learned Pandora betrayed him. Crane and Abbie learned their witness status may be inherited through their bloodlines. Pandora got more of her box back and Abbie and Crane lost the symbol that could have protected them from HE.

HE says he was far too indulgent with Pandora. She was a house guest who expected a feast and she should only be fed table scraps. Remind me not to be HIS house guest. HE says she's a human and her kind can never be trusted. HE is punishing her while she's trying to talk her way out of it. HE stops punishing her when he grows tired. Oh, poor baby...NOT!

Abbie's father shows up at her house when Jenny is there. He brings a photo album for the girls to see. Jenny sitting and pouting. Crane arrives. Abbie introduces him to her father, Ezra. Sour puss Jenny takes off.

Crane catches Pandora snooping around his place and she says she needs the rest of the box. She says it's the only thing that will stop HE. Pandora says the only way to restore the box is to go to the catacombs. Crane thinks of Betsy Ross being there and escaping and thinks there might be a way.

Abbie and Reynolds working out together. Abbie says she wants to tell Reynolds things, but gets stopped when Crane calls. He tells Abbie about Pandora's visit and they only have 48 hours to stop HE from destroying humanity. Crane says he won't try to find a way to the catacombs if she isn't on board. Crane tries to remember the last time he saw Paul Revere and Betsy Ross at the crossing of the Delaware. Abbie suggests they weren't crossing the Delaware but going to the catacombs.

Abbie brings in Joe and Jenny. They might be better without them since they always have a personal talk in the middle of a mission and mess things up. Crane examines the painting of the Crossing of the Delaware and says Betsy was on the boat not the person that's painted in it.

Crane has a flashback of Betsy complaining because he isn't going on the crossing of the Delaware. Betsy shows Crane the flag she sewed. She says if everything goes well she'll be remembered for the flag.

Crane says Betsy lied about not going on the mission. Abbie says a lyre strung with golden thread allowed you to find the underworld. Crane thinks Betsy's flag with gold thread sewed into it might help them to find the catacombs. Crane and Abbie heading to Boston for the flag.

They arrive in Boston and take a tour of the Paul Revere house. Abbie tells Crane she's going to tell Reynolds the truth. She wants to have something more with Reynolds, so she needs to be honest. Pity he isn't doing the same thing, since he's acting like he's being honest when he isn't.

Abbie and Crane find the flag and it's in bad shape, but when Crane examines it he says it's not Betsy Ross's flag. Someone took the real one. An alarm goes off and a monster invades the house when Crane touches the flag.

Abbie shoots at it but bullets don't seem to stop it. She and Crane have to make a run for it. The monster seems to melt away once the duo is gone. Crane thinks it's the Eternal Soldier and he's supposed to be protecting Betsy's flag. Crane thinks the creature won't rest until it hunts them down.

Jenny looking at a picture of a candy shop her father used to buy her taffy at. Joe notices there are holes in the flag. He also wonders why the flag has stripes. Wonders what the meaning is. They figure out the holes are music notes. The notes are for the Star Spangled Banner. The song was written long after the crossing of the Delaware. Frances Scott Key was a mason. They think Key's placed the flag in a safer location. The song is the key to where the flag is.

Reynolds shows up as Crane and Abbie are about to leave. Reynolds gets all bitchy about Crane always being with Abbie. Least he isn't using her for nefarious reasons like you are, Reynolds. The Eternal Soldier shows up and loser Reynolds tries to arrest it. Rooting for the Eternal Soldier to throw a fireball at that deceitful lowlife. Telling him the truth is going to turn into one big mistake when Abbie eventually learns the truth about Danny Boy.

The Eternal Soldier misses him, unfortunately. Wonder if the idiot is getting that the soldier isn't human. Crane and Abbie ride off with Reynolds. Abbie tells idiot the truth about the Eternal Soldier. Reynolds realizes Abbie and Crane fight the monsters. Abbie wants to drop him off so Reynolds can be safe. Abbie says she and Crane have a plan.

HE wakes calling for Pandora. HE wants to know why she hasn't brought him more sacrifices. Might have something to do with you torturing her and saving she's only fit for table scraps like a lowly dog. She says she will no longer feed his vanity and his pride. Pandora says Crane and Abbie are stronger cause they have each other and they love each other. She says HE only loves the power. HE shoots a bolt of lightning at her, but it's only her astral form. HE says by sun down tomorrow HE will wipe away the world, including her. HE says she shall die among the other humans.

Well, finally she has had enough of HIM and has turned on him. Hallelujah. It just took HE torturing her and taking her power from her, again.

Reynolds confronts Foster about how long she's known. Foster says she hasn't known long. She tells him she and Crane had to battle demons to get Mills back. He wants to know who else is involved. As I said, it's a serious mistake telling him anything. They're all going to find out this mole can't be trusted.

Crane recalls Betsy being gone from camp and leaving him a letter. She says she's leaving and she may never see him again. She goes where she's going willingly. She says she loves him.

Crane says it's best he and Betsy parted when they did, because they both had different paths to travel. They find a 42 foot statue of Orpheus on the grounds of an American fort. They examine the statue. He's holding a lyre. Abbie plays out the tune on the lyre and the statue opens up at the base. They go down a spiral staircase. Torches suddenly light. They find the real flag there.

The Eternal Soldier shows up and his palm starts flaming with a fireball. He throws a fireball. Crane tries to fight with him. Abbie puts out his fire with a fire extinguisher and manages to freeze him with it and he bursts into a bunch of rocks. Joe and Jenny show up.

Abbie goes to see Reynolds. She says now he knows she's still scared. She should be. Very soon, I'm sure, she'll find out how much he can't be trusted. It's just about the two of them. He asks about Crane. Then he asks to kiss her. And, lowlife, when are you going to tell her the truth, that you've been scoping her out for your boss since day one. That's why I don't buy his love act one bit.

Ezra shows up at Jenny's trailer. He gives her a bunch of taffy like he used to then drives away. Will it melt her cold cold heart?

Crane summons Abbie to the park. He's trying to figure out how to make the flag work. He thinks it's means something more. They watch the dawn coming up. Light begins to shoot from the stars on the flag. It's leads a path to the catacombs as Crane and Abbie prepare to follow it.


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