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Sleepy Hollow -- The Hidden One

Updated on November 30, 2015

The Eye of Providence

It's time for the fall finale and it's going to be a pretty long hiatus until the show returns. Pandora's plan has come to fruition and Jenny has fallen into her clutches. Is there anything that can be done to save her. And up until now Crane and Mills have been able to easily defeat Pandora's demons, but will whatever this thing is she's brought to Sleepy Hollow be so easily defeated this time? Let's find out...

Jenny glowing red by a lake as Pandora is bathing in a stream. She's unwrapping what appears to be a mummy. He asks what they have done to HIS world. An entire species gone forever. She says the mortals that possess this world care nothing for the beauty of the world. He's apparently bound to Jenny because of the stone she absorbed.

Mills won't tell Sophie or Danny anything about Jenny. She leaves to find her sister. They wouldn't believe her, anyway.

Crane and Joe trying to track Jenny. Mills joins them.

Pandora chanting about he that she loves as HE makes Jenny levitate into the air. He feeds off her red glow. He says he'll bend this world to his will, again. Jenny falls to the ground and seems to come out of it for the moment.

HE says his eye lies within her. Oh, that’s not creepy in the least. She starts having visions and screams. The trio runs to her but they disappear before their eyes.

Crane believes HE is a living breathing god.

HE is uncreation; unbeing. He's referred to as The Hidden One.

Crane reads the drawings Jenny made on the wall. Ben Franklin wrote a treatise on the Eye of Providence. The document is kept in Albany.

Meanwhile at the university, they're having an Animal House-like party. Crane runs afoul of one of the frat boys and Joe makes it worse when he punches him. Then all hell breaks loose. In the melee they manage to sneak into where the book is kept and find a secret passage.

Washington sought out the Eye of Providence. He brought along Paul Revere’s nephew, Jonathan. The stone went inside of Jonathan when he touched it. Jonathan sacrificed himself to save everyone.

Jenny down in Pandora's lair. He says the cleansing must begin and the world set afire. Then he begins sucking the fire out of Jenny as she screams.

Paul Revere captured the Eye of Providence in a staff. Crane saw it when he visited Revere. Revere warned Crane not to let anyone get close because when you lose them it'll break you. Revere melted down the staff and when Crane makes a sketch of it, it looks like the shard. If they can find it, they can draw the eye out of Jenny and save her life.

Every time he sucks some of the fire out of Jenny he becomes more rejuvenated.

Sophie tries to get something out of Nevins before he's taken away. Nevins says he's not afraid of the feds. She says she can protect him, but he says no way in hell can she. Then he offers to make a deal if he can see Mills, but it appears she has no intention of granting that request.

Abbie goes and steals the shard and Sophie tells her Nevins wants to tell her something. I’m surprised, she did tell her, when she acted like she wouldn’t. Sophie tells her to accompany Nevins in the van, but Pandora gets to him, first. She begins strangling him. Abbie and Sophie find the guards dead and Nevins gone with nothing but a puddle on the floor that’s all that’s left of him. Guess, Pandorka melted him with her glowing reptile eyes.

Abbie sees Pandorka walking away. She says Abbie can have a place in the new world. Pandorka gets in her head about when she failed Jenny before. When Sophie arrives Pandorka vanishes.

Crane sees Joe looking at a grimoire so he can turn himself into a beast to save Jenny. Crane tells him that's not what they need to do.

Mills hands in her badge to Danny when he demands answers. She says they both broke promises to each other. Danny calls his superior referring to her as the asset they were cultivating and says they just lost her. So he's using her. The question is for what? Guess it's a good thing she didn't tell him everything. Not that he'd probably believe her, anyway.

Danny calls up Mills. He says he hasn't filed her resignation, yet. Trying to reclaim the asset for his superior no doubt. Sophie tells Danny all the material that Mills took from the FBI before resigning. He asks Sophie to find her.

Mills, Crane and Joe prepared to wage war on Pandorka and HE. Mills gives Crane the spell book that Nevins used to raise the berserkers. So now they may be able to bring monsters out of Pandorka's box, as well. See how she likes a taste of her own medicine.

HE prepares to suck Jenny dry. The gruesome twosome share a kiss.

Crane tells Mills he doesn't think they really stand a chance of beating Pandorka and HE. Mills worries that she isn't thinking straight because she's worried about her sister. They say they're going to do this come what may.

The trio begin to enter the lair as HE starts sucking Jenny dry. Pandorka says she'll take care of the intruders. Mills shoots Pandorka but it doesn't affect her. Pandorka says Abbie and Jenny's fates are sealed. Then Joe sets fire to Pandorka's precious tree and she's not so smug. Abbie takes the shard and tries to draw the Eye of Providence out of her, but HE gets his hands on it and destroys it. Meanwhile Crane starts reading from the spell book as he and Pandorka face off.

Abbie manages to pull the crystal from Jenny and has it glowing in her hand. Abbie decides to sacrifice herself and runs to the tree. She tells Crane and Jenny to take care of each other.

In the aftermath Crane sees that Jenny is all right but Abbie has vanished. I wanted to see that hag Pandorka melt into nothing, and since I didn’t get that wish, it probably means she's still around. Seriously, she's more than worn out her welcome.

This season both Gotham and Sleepy Hollow seem to have miscast both their main villains so they're absolute torture to endure. I doubt that Mills is really gone and I'm sure Crane will find a way to bring her back. How else will we know why Danny boy is after her. And I'm afraid the remaining part of the season will feature more of Jenny and Joe's cringeworthy romantic relationship...Yuck!


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