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Sleepy Hollow -- The Jersey Devil

Updated on March 6, 2016

A couple jogging. The woman, Alice, suddenly is grabbed and the man finds her bloodied on the ground. He starts screaming when it attacks him next. The Beast who attacks them has been summoned by HE, of course. The beast is the devil.

Abbie continuing to have flashbacks. She uncovers the secret symbol. Runs her hand over it.

Crane has been rejected as an American citizen because he missed his official interview while looking for Abbie. Jenny almost uncovers the secret symbol when Abbie distracts her.

Crane thinks Abbie is getting better. Jenny tells him she feels Abbie is hiding something.

Abbie gets a call about a murder and heads off to investigate. Crane goes with her. Crane thinks the killer was the Jersey Devil.

Jenny and Joe head back to the Trailer of Love and find that it's flooded.

Crane and Abbie back in The Archives. Crane says he once met a man who might have created the Jersey Devil. It's flashback time. The man claimed he had an electro-static inducer. The man, Leeds, found a way to isolate animal traits. Back in the present Crane finds a message in a book from Franklin about Leeds. Franklin says Leeds turned to alchemy and magic. Leeds began experimenting on himself. So Leeds may be the Jersey Devil, himself.

Crane and Abbie head to Atlanta County Park where Crane finds a tomb-like thing and he figures out how to open it. It reveals a stairway leading into the ground. He goes down first and the candles in the chamber automatically light. Abbie finds a sketch of HE and Crane realizes Leeds has come to service his master. Abbie also finds the symbol [in the form of a pendant necklace] in the chamber that she's been worshiping and Crane doesn't know what it is, but says since it's here it must be evil.

Jenny goes back to where her trailer was and finds it gone. In its place is a new trailer.Joe coming out of it with a giant red bow. Jenny isn't thrilled that Joe bought her an entirely new trailer. She says he can't replace her house without asking.

They find a movie projector Leeds made two hundred years before they were made. It has a file about HE aka The Hidden One. It's the story of his life and how he and Pandora got together. Pandora would serve an offering each day to one of the Gods in the Catacomb of the Dead. Pandora was a ray of hope for HE. HE is telling Pandora the story of the Gods. He said they hid all the evil in the world in her box. It was his job to guard it. He says the only power that can destroy his brother lies within that box. Pandora unleashed the contents of the box, thinking it would set HE free. Humanity betrayed the Hidden One, however, and cast him down, once more.

Leeds is going to recreate the Golden Hourglass. HE is luring monsters to him to use their power.

Leeds shows up in all his Jersey Devil glory.

Crane tells him he's an amoral abomination. Leeds thinks HE will bring about a golden age for him. Then he asks how Crane wants to die. Crane stabs him when he attacks Abbie. Unfortunately, it only knocks him down and he gets right back up all healed. Crane passes out from the poison of Leeds tail as he walks out the door. Abbie tries to find an antidote to save him from the scorpion poison. He gives her the ingredients to make the cure, but she gets distracted by the symbol, and forgets all about the life and death situation Crane is in, as Crane writhes on the floor about to expire.

She hears whispering in her head, as she goes into a trance. She finally comes out of it and makes the antidote. She gives it to Crane, but is it too late? She also takes the symbol necklace for herself. Crane comes around. She says she's sorry. She got distracted. And Crane realizes it was by the symbol and that she's clutching it in her hand. Abbie admits she's needed it for months. She finally opens up to him about the symbol and its affect on her and how she credits it for her survival in the nether world.

She says it gave her peace when she draws it. It gives her peace. She says she almost let him die because of it.

Jenny calls Abbie to tell she that she finally found the book about the golden hourglass. It took her awhile thanks to Joe moving all her things from the Trailer of Love. Once again he proves more of a hindrance than a help. All Leeds needs is the fire of the Gods to make the hour glass work. Crane figures out where Leeds went to collect the lightning. HE is watching Leeds through the water reflection, as Leeds does his ritual to capture lightning with his magical lightning rod.

Abbie and Crane show up. Crane tries to tell him HE can't be trusted. Leeds says he chooses him as his master. Leeds catches the lightning in his lightning rod as Crane and Abbie watch helplessly.

Abbie tries to shoot the rod to stop it. Crane tells Leeds HE will enslave him like he'll do the rest of them. Abbie stabs him with his lightning rod as Leeds is blasted into dust. The sands of life disappears, however. Let me guess, HE zapped them out of there before Leeds was destroyed. Well, he's got to win some time to further the plot, unfortunately.

Jenny tells Joe that replacing her house was like stealing from her and he needs to respect her boundaries. Then she gives him some tongue, telling him to never touch her stuff without asking, again.

Abbie and Crane back home. She tells him not to go, when he's going to give her her space. She asks him to talk to her. He says he overstepped his bounds. He says it's not his place to judge. She said he could have died because of how much she needed the symbol. She says what's scary was she rationalized it all in her mind. She gives him the symbol necklace. She says she needs his help to break free of the hold the symbol has on her.

HE gives Pandora the same kind of flower she brought to him once a long time ago. HE says she is the only gift he's ever needed. HE asks her to join him. The golden hourglass appears before them floating up out of the water. It's filled with the sands of life. HE says the time has come and the new world begins now.

I knew it. But like I said, team good guys can't win every time. To beat HE and Pandora, you have to let them win and put their plan into action, first, so there's an element of danger and risk.


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