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Sleepy Hollow -- The Norse Berserkers

Updated on November 19, 2015

Can Jenny be saved?

Crane playing chess with Mills. Mills says he seems a little bit off his game. He's worried what Pandora will do next.

Danny shows up to see Mills. Crane leaves them alone. He's heading to Washington for a few days. He asks her to hold down the fort while he's gone.

Nevins tearing apart a room. He says if he's doesn't have the shard in the next twelve hours the person who contracted him won't like it. He goes to an underground cavern and recites a poem about Pandora. He manages to make her box rise out of the water and open up. The air fills with blue smoke. So what did he let out of her nasty little box?

Behind him is three bald red looking demons that start snarling. I think he's sending them after the shard.

Jenny and Joe sparring in the ring. She starts having a flashback and knocks Joe down. He sees her glowing red and staring like a zombie. They go to Mills and Crane. Mills is pissed they went to see Nevins. Joe says Nevins handled the red stone with gloves, and realizes Jenny absorbed the shard. Jenny realizes the shard is going to kill her because a human isn't meant to handle what the shard is doing to her insides.

The demons are in the woods.

Mills wants to figure out how to get it out of Jenny. Joe wants to go to Nevins, but Abbie tells him he's off limits. Jenny hears the demons coming before they arrive. Jenny starts glowing red and takes out all three demons single-handedly. But they may be down, but not out. They get right back up. The foursome goes underground to escape the demons.

Crane thinks Nevins is working with Pandora. Jenny nearly passes out. They head to the archives.

Crane feels he's fighting a losing battle. Talking to Joe, it gives Crane an idea. He figures out the demons are the Norse Berserkers. They are vulnerable to mistletoe.

Jenny glows red again. She speaks in a creepy male voice declaring that HE is coming. Must be the HE that Pandora is summoning with her weed.

Danny shows up at some house party. The man that appears to be his superior is having a birthday party. Danny asks for a couple of more weeks to take down Nevins. The man also asks how Mills is doing and says to keep an eye on her.

Jenny wakes up in bed. She feels a bit done in. She says she felt like she was someone powerful. Mills looks after her sister while the boys are out looking for mistletoe.

Crane has an idea where the berserkers may be hiding. It's some kind of metal cave. They enter with crossbows. The metal cave looks like an auto parts garage. They find a dead body lying on the floor. Crane says that means they're here.

They come out of hiding and go on the attack. The boys start firing their crossbows at them. Unfortunately, the demons pulls the darts out of their body. Crane and Joe run as the berserkers chase after them. They take off in their red pick-up truck.

Mills wonders if the book was wrong. Crane wants to go to Nevins place to look around, but she says if he's spotted it could ruin everything. He says they have to find a way to stop the creatures. She gives him a lock pick kit to break into Nevins place.

Crane arrives outside of Nevins place. Mills calls the surveillance on Nevins place to draw them away so Crane can sneak in undetected. Crane goes to break in once he sees them leave. He seems to have some trouble figuring out which tool to use, but finally gets in. He starts searching Nevins' place. He sees the notepad that Nevins wrote his little verse on and pencils over it to get the words. Sophie catches him trying to leave. She lets him go.

Crane says Nevins invoked the power of Pandora instead of Odin and that's why the mistletoe didn't work. Crane talks about a moment he recalls of Daniel Boone to give him an idea on how to take down the demons. He wants to make the enemy defeat themselves.

Joe withdraws some blood from Jenny. It's part of the plan to trick the demons into defeating themselves. Joe kisses Jenny. Yuck. Sorry, I don't like him and I don't think they have any chemistry together. Like I've said before, I think there's more of a yin and yang between Jenny and Crane. Oh, well. I imagine the Crane/Abbie shippers would go ballistic. I saw them attacking the actress that plays Jenny for not being a fan of the Crane/Abbie romance they want. Oh, the shippers and the games they play.

Crane, Joe and Mills in the woods. Mills has to show Crane how to put on climbing gear. They smash the vial of Jenny's blood to lure the demons to them. The threesome lower themselves from the trees and sneak up on them. Then they spill more blood on the demons so they'll attack each other thinking they're what they seek. They start tearing each other apart until they fall on the ground dead. I hope. Crane sticks his sword into one of their chests saying, “Give my regards to Pandora.”

Crane confesses to being off his game, lately. He doesn’t want to adjust to the twenty-first century. He says he doesn't want to leave her or the archives. She says they take him into the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, Nevins shows up with his little sidekick Sophie wanting to know where Jenny is. He got the drop on dumb Joe. Typical.

Besides, I had a feeling it wasn't over. Too much time still left in the episode.

Nevins wants Jenny. He threatens to kill Joe if they don't tell him where Jenny is, since his employer [who is worse than Pandora] needs Jenny. Sophia is FBI and she shoots Nevins. It seems Danny Boy didn't tells Mills about that, which Crane helpfully points out. They arrive back at the archives and find Jenny gone.

Jenny dips her hand into Pandora's water and someone comes through a portal. I'm guessing it's Pandora and the really bad guy. She kneels at the unseen ones feet as Pandora orders.


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