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Sleepy Hollow -- The Red Wasp

Updated on November 11, 2015

But Jenny is the one everyone should be worried about...

At this point, it seems like Pandora will succeed in bringing her weed to bloom. After all the build-up we, the viewers, have to see what happens when this weed is in full bloom.

Crane out to dinner with Zoe. Sucking on a drink with a pink paper umbrella. He awkwardly asks her questions about herself. She seems to be just as awkward on the dating scene. Is Zoe a good match for Crane or is she not what she appears to be?

Mills with her boss. He once again goes over his case with her and her sister's involvement in it.

The weed seems to be giving off bubbles. Pandora brings forth another ghoul to make it bloom it's last flower. She calls it the Red Lady. It's vision is like an insect. Possibly a queen bee. Seriously, I've never been able to figure out the difference between a bee and a wasp. They'll both sting you and I run away screaming when I see either.

A man is stung by it then covered in a swarm of insects. The man is the judge Crane is supposed to go to for his citizenship hearing.

Mills takes Crane for his citizenship test. Everyone says the judge is acting all slim crazy. Mills thinks they need to evacuate his courtroom. Crane sees a swarm of insects form a woman for a second. The judge collapses at the bench. The judge dies.

Abbie tells Jenny it's over her trying to find the connection between Corbin and Nevins. Too bad Jenny didn't heed her sister's advice and stuck with Joe since what will happen to her by the end of the episode would never have if she had listened to her big sister.

Crane finds a Caribbean wasp. The bite is supposed to give the victim a fever and paranoia until it kills them. Mills thinks Washington might have also been bitten. More of Boring Betsy. The only cure is the death of the wasp that bit them.

The head of the PTA is also the victim of the wasp. Mills thinks authority figures are potential victims. Mills boss gets on her back for calling Crane to fill her in, not realizing he's been bitten by the wasp, too.

He starts driving erratically. She finally notices he's been bitten. She tries to tell him he's been bitten and it's impairing his judgment. When he attacks her she has to take him down and handcuff him.

Crane figures out the riddle about the red wasp. It gives them the list of ingredients for a cure, hopefully. Jenny and Joe got to get the ingredients.

The guy they get the ingredients from suddenly becomes possessed and grabs Jenny. When he comes back to himself he tells Jenny her fate has changed and implores Joe to look after her. Unfortunately, he doesn't heed the messenger.

Pandora talks of the one who remains hidden, who will rule. She says the hour draws near.

Joe looking at the old picture of his daddy and Nevins together. He calls someone saying they have to finish it.

Mills tries to figure out where the wasp's hive is so they can destroy her. The symbol on the back of the tablet is a tree. Mills realizes there's six blossoms on it and Pandora has brought forth six ghouls. Coincidence? Mills doesn't think so. Mary Quite Contrary's garden may grow by silver bells and cockle shells but Pandora's weed is fed by demons.

Joe meets with Nevins by himself. Joe gives him the shard. Nevins says he's not the villain. The debts collect you. Joe is exactly like his father and he's drawn to the darkness and can't look away. He opens the shard and removes what's hidden inside. Jenny arrives and holds a gun on Nevins. Jenny takes from him what he took from the shard. He warns her she's making a big mistake. Again, she should have listened to him.

The red stone from inside the shard dissolves and goes inside of Jenny. Too late.

Crane and Mills arrive at Pandora's lair as wasps begin swarming around. They look around for the hive, as Pandora picks the blooms off her weed. Crane comes up behind her with a crossbow. She says calling beast out of the box was easy, but Crane and Mills did all the hard work to help her tree grow.

Crane fires an arrow at Pandora and she catches it in her hand. The tree beings to glow. Crane tells Mills that whatever Pandora has planned has come to fruition as they speak.

The wasps begin to swarm around Mills. The red wasp takes on female form as Crane fights with her. Mills manages to destroy the hive before it can kill Crane.

Pandora tells them to bear witness as her tree starts growing again. Seriously, after the tree is done doing its thing, do we really need Pandora around. In short, can't the weed devour it's caretaker so we can just be free of her.

Mills boss wakes up in a hospital bed. He doesn't remember anything that happened after he got bitten by the wasp. Probably a good thing that.

Crane brings flowers to Ms. Corinth. She does the same to him. They both seem to be dating-challenged.

Pandora apparently disappeared through a passage in the tree. Crane feels Pandora is preparing something and he fears her return. Me, too. Hopefully when she returns she lives the little children alone.

They may have bigger problems than Pandora. Jenny should have listened to her sister and left Nevins alone. Jenny's hand lights up with red as she dreams, so does her face. No doubt from what went inside of her. She wakes up suddenly.

Will whatever Jenny is now prove a help in defeating Pandora and whatever she's bringing forth or will it devour Jenny whole. Well, there goes my Jenny and Crane dreams.


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