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Sleepy Hollow -- The Return of Atticus Nevins

Updated on March 1, 2016

Nevins wants help, but can he be trusted?

Pandora walking around mourning the loss of her power. HE seems surprised by that. HE says his strength grows more each day. He gives her a small boost of power. She complains that she only received a fraction of her former power. I'm sorry she received any. HE says she wishes to be his equal, so as he suffers so shall she. Baby, that's what love is all about.

Atticus Nevins gets caught running through the woods.The cop that finds him hears a snarling in the woods and he's attacked.

Crane trying to sing opera as he cooks. He's making a nice dinner for Abbie. Abbie says she doesn't need to be pampered cause she survived on her own for ten months. He gives her a glass of wine. He also reminds her they're going on a double date with Joe and Jenny to the movies. Abbie says she only came home to get some time on the range to get her shooting up to snuff. She's keeping a journal and she says she's fine. But is she?

Frick[Joe] urged Frack[Jenny] to go meet her father in a diner. When he says she's the spitting image of her mother, she wants to leave. She says she's hated him for as long as she can remember. She asks why he left. He says he left when her mother got sick because he couldn't handle it. He joined the service for medical insurance but when he got out he didn't come back. He says it wasn't anything she or Abbie did that made him leave. He says he'd like to see Abbie.

As she shoots on the range, Abbie keeps having flashbacks of the nether world. Reynolds just happens to be there practicing, too. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. He's not there because he's working for his secret employer who wants her for something. He invites her out for dinner, but she says another time.

She gets a text on her phone asking her to meet someone in the woods. It's Nevins. He says if she wants to stop the creature that came after him and the cop, she's going to need his help, because he knows it.

Nevins is placed in the hands of Frick and Frack. Nevins shows the two judgmental morons what Pandora did to him. She apparently ripped out his spleen. They smugly declare they don't need his help; he says they do. Abbie comes in saying depending on his information will depend on how much his information is worth. Crane brings in some food for him.

He tells a story about 1991 Iraq about a cave he heard was made of gold. August Corbin was with him when he went into the cave. They find the gold but hear a strange noise when they begin taking the gold. It's a demon. The men run for their lives. Nevins says after the war August was obsessed with finding out about the creature. He then reveals Corbin kept a secret hiding place in the files he kept. Gee, wonder what the all-knowing Frick and Frack will say to that.

The creature is a demonic ghoul. Only the golden scarab can stop the ghoul. The person that holds the scarab can enslave the demonic ghoul. Let me guess? HE and Pandora have it?

Meanwhile two of Randall's flunkies decide to break into Nevin's private stock. They find the place cleaned out, but it does contain something. The demonic ghoul who goes on the attack.

Jenny tells Abbie she went and saw their father. Jenny says Abbie's different than when she disappeared. She tells Abbie he wants to see her.

Reynolds gives a briefing on the two flunkies that were killed at Nevin's place. Abbie sees the symbol shining at the meeting and goes into a bit of a trance saying it's beautiful.

Abbie finds documents on the Golden Scarab. They think Randall may have it and he's controlling the creature. Foster helps Frick break into Randall's place looking for the ghoul. As they're about to open a crate, Randall arrives with a gun. He warns them not to open it. All that's in the crate is money and he knows nothing about the scarab.

The demonic ghoul shows up and kills Randall as Foster and Frick try to warn him about the demonic ghoul. It's puts his hand right through his body. Foster tries to shoot it and it grabs her by the throat and lifts her in the air. It also almost takes a bite out of Frick. Foster thinks Nevins is the one actually controlling it.

It turns out the scarab is inside of his body and he grossly removes it. The thing is alive. He tells Abbie and Crane he returned to the cave and found the golden scarab. He realized he could control the demonic ghoul. It was Nevins that made the creature attack all the men when they went into the cave of gold. He says Pandora and HE have summoned the creature, but he can control it.

Nevins said he needed access to August's files and now that he has he summons the creature to take care of Abbie and Crane. He lets the golden scarab go inside the demonic ghoul. Then he leaves telling it to sic them [Abbie and Crane].

Abbie shoots at it. Crane says he'll draw it away. Abbie tells Frack they have to stop Nevins, cause he took Corbin's files. Crane and Abbie make a run for it. Crane tells Abbie to shoot for the scarab on the creature's chest.

Frick yaps that he should have known Nevins was playing them. Dude, you're really not cut out for this line of work. No offense.

Abbie has flashbacks as Crane is in a life and death struggle with the creature. She finally comes out of it and shoots it dead on in the scarab.

Nevins grabs Frack and orders Frick to drop his weapon. Nevins rails that August was honest. Frick says he believes August meant more to Nevins than he'll admit. He tries to use August against Nevins and he says the hell with August as he gives him back Frack and takes off. So much for getting the files back from him, eh, Frick.

The upshot is get ready for another HE temper tantrum when he realizes another of the demons he was summoning won't be knocking at his door. This one not getting the happy ending that the Kindred got.

Back at the Trailer of Love. Frick seems to be brooding, but Frack climbs on the sofa with him to make it better. Frick swears they'll get the documents from Nevins. Frack says they'll get it back. She compares them to Bonnie and Clyde.

Abbie goes to meet her father. She says she needs to ask him something about Mom. She asks what happened when her mother started unraveling. He said she started having hallucinations and it was like she was living in two worlds. Abbie says he has no idea who she is and he says she doesn't know him, either. She says she remembers his voice reading stories to her and singing songs to her. She said she loved that voice. He says he wants to help if she's going through something difficult but she turns down his offer.

Reynolds gets a call from his employer. He says he hears Abbie isn't as stable as she once was. He also wants to downgrade the search for Nevins. Nevins is in the car with the man. He's giving him money to get out of town. Nevins hands over the nine sacred sites that was in August's files. Then he shoots Nevins.

Abbie goes to see Crane. Crane asks about Abbie seeing her father. She puts it off to talking about it at a later date. She says she having a hard time adjusting to being back. He says just as she was by his side when he returned to Sleepy Hollow he'll be by her side. He leaves and she says she'll meet him for dinner, but when she's alone she uncovers the symbol she has on the wall. Her diary is filled with sketch after sketch of the symbol. She says it saved her and now she belongs to it.

HE is summoning people, I wonder if he's summoning Abbie and somehow connected to that symbol?


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