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Sleepy Hollow -- The Stone Demon

Updated on February 13, 2016

Crane Finds Abbie

Abbie in whatever place she ended up in is waking up. She calls for Crane and the others. She sees the eye lying on the ground near her. She goes towards a shining light. She seems to be in some ancient tomb. She walks outside by the water. She finds a sword stuck in a stone and pulls it out as a weapon. Later, she lights a campfire for herself as she vows to find a way out of there. She notices a bunch of drawings on the wall.

Pandora and He saying they will bring a reign of blood and terror until the mortals swear fealty to him. Dream on, douche bag. Pandora is such a simpering twit to this toad it turns your stomach. She's very sickening to watch. You just want to smack her and tell the boob to snap out of it cause he aint all that.

A man goes to get his cell phone he left behind inside a university building. There's a demon inside. It attacks him.

Danny and Foster at a university investigating the man's death, apparently. Foster suspects this is another of those special cases she may need to consult Crane on.

Joe Blow comes knocking at Abbie and Jenny's father's door, while Jenny sneaks into his house to snoop around his office. She finds a lighter with Mills engraved on it and takes it before sneaking back out. Joe Blow learns he's Ezra Mills. He whines because she didn't tell him he was distracting her father.

Crane builds a cabinet to Jenny's specifications. It's a spirit cabinet. You enter a fugue state and they hope it'll help them find Abbie. Jenny thinks she should be the one to go, but Crane says he's the best chance cause their witnesses and he's more connected to Abbie than Jenny is.. He prepares to go into a trance. Jenny reads the magical words and Crane goes under. They enclose him in the cabinet, with Jenny beseeching Crane to bring her sister home.

There's a knock at the door. Foster shows up looking for Crane, but Jenny and Joe Blow try to blow her off. She insists on showing the nauseating duo what she suspects is a demon issue. Foster says there's a gargoyle missing from university tower and she thinks it's what killed the guy whose death she and Reynolds are investigating..

Abbie playing a game of chess with herself and pretending her opponent is Crane. She hears him. He begins to pop in and out. She thinks it's all in her head. He needs her to help him materialize. He finally stabllizes when she prays he's real, but when she tries to embrace him he vanishes. He explains he's just a spectral projection, so no touching or he disintegrates. She claims she's been there for ten months when he says it's only been a few weeks, but they've never given up looking for her.

Simpering Pandora asking He if he's okay cause he weakened himself by moving their home. He starts whining about the eye. She claims there may be another way to find the eye. Simpering Pandora says Crane found a way to Abbie and she'll use that to get the eye. And the big whiner says he'll make the mortals pay for what they did to him. Me, rolling my eyes.

Abbie says she doesn't need to eat, drink or sleep there. She's spent most of her time mapping the place and trying to find a way out. She shows him hieroglyphics on the cave wall so he can read them and says she's been talking to him pretending he's with her all the time she's been there.

Little Jenny doesn't like Foster is better at translating stuff than she is and cops an attitude. They read about Boobsy Ross and a creature of stone. Foster gets sick of Jenny's attitude and takes off when she talks about what Crane and Abbie do but comes up with no ideas herself on how to get rid of the stone demon.

Crane says the sword Abbie found belonged to Boobsy Ross. Let me guess. When Abbie comes back, Boobsy will come with her. Then we'll have the annoying duo of Simpering Pandora and Boobsy to contend with in real time. Oh, joy!

Simpering Pandora shows up to get the eye. She's in astral form, as well. Crane says she and her husband are monsters. She says she can show Abbie how to go home if she gives her the eye. Then she stabs Crane and it cuts him loose and he vanishes, supposedly to float anchorless from his body in the nether like when John Robinson's line got cut when he was walking outside the Jupiter in space in Lost In Space and he began to float away aimlessly in space.

Foster and the nauseating duo see the creature on the tower. Bullets won't stop it. Joe Blow comes up with an idea that Crane and Abbie have used in the past. Foster and Little Jenny get into it because Little Jenny doesn't like it when Foster comes up with a plan and Joe Blow suggests giving Foster's plan a chance.

Simpering Pandora keeps trying to work on Abbie to give her what she wants. Simpering Pandora doesn't get what she wants when Abbie crushes the eye. Then she returns to her whiner husband. If I was the simpering idiot I wouldn't be so quick to do that, but dummy must have forgotten He saying if he didn't get what he wants he'd make her suffer. Or maybe she didn't understand the “not suffer alone” line He threw at her as a threat to what he'll do to her. She's not exactly the brightest bulb in the package.

Right in the middle of trying to defeat the stone demon Little Jenny kisses Joe Blow and explains why she didn't tell him they were visiting her father. What a great time for that conversation. Like it couldn't wait until afterwards.

The stone demon is dispatched by putting it back in stone. Foster's idea worked.

Abbie alone again seeming to go a bit crazy from the isolation. She hears Crane's voice. Abbie says she knows Crane so well and feels so connected to him she knows what he'd say. She thinks Boobsy's blade was left where she found it for a reason that she initially missed when she pulled it out of the stone. She figures out Boobsy may have gotten out by lowering herself through a well tied to the sword that had been stuck in the stone. She begins to climb through the well and tells Crane to cling to her and she'll get both of them out of there. So maybe Booby won't be coming to the present, hopefully. Having her in flashbacks is more than enough for me, thank you very much.

Crane calling for Abbie as they seem to be emerged in water. Abbie emerges from a lake with a jet plane flying overhead. She believes she's gotten home, but has she? Jenny and Joe find Crane in the cabinet but he's not awake. Abbie enters and goes to Crane to try and get him back in his body. The candle suddenly lights and Crane is back. He says he was lost in the darkness but he heard her voice and he followed it.

The whole Abbie/Crane connection just makes the whole Joe/Jenny thing even more pathetic and unrealistic in comparison. Not that I think they should get romantically involved. I think that could ruin the show. Maybe they could get together when the show ends.

Simpering Pandora still in a trance, when she wakes up to He hovering over her. She says she's sorry but Abbie destroyed the eye. The beacon he put out doesn't summon the demons as fast as he wants. He says he's hungry and the beacon needs to be charged. She offers herself up to him. What a freaking moron. You think he'd do the same for you? She tells him to take what power he needs from her. He sucks her dry and she falls on the floor. Is it the end of Pandora? God, I hope so. Unfortunately, He is now supercharged. No, she's still alive. Damn! But she probably has no supernatural power, so hopefully Abbie can beat the crap out of her and give her what she's been asking for since the season began.


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