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Sleepy Hollow -- The Thing in the Woods

Updated on March 12, 2016

And Pandora wants her box back!

Abbie trying to climb a stone wall. She's doing rock climbing with Jenny. She's supposed to go on an FBI survival weekend with Reynolds.

HE watching the hourglass. Pandora says she's recovered another fragment of the box. She yaps about how creatures of darkness will be summoned to them the more parts of her box they have. She adds HE will be restored to his glory and then HE can restore her box. HE gets his nose out of joint telling her not to mar HIS moment with her selfish needs. Hey, Pandy, HE is who HE is. Kind of sad you didn't get that when you were so hot to bring HIM back.

Crane asks a Professor Cranston to help them try and figure what the symbol is made out of. He says he'll go to Rochester alone since she's going on the survival weekend.

J&J trying to track down a mysterious object that could be linked to HE and Pandora. She starts digging him about his money and buying her the trailer. He says he did it because he wanted to be the one steering the boat for a change. She once again tells him he must never again touch her stuff or she'll probably stop touching his stuff.

Reynolds assigned himself to Abbie and Foster's team because their team member coincidentally got a case of appendicitis [if that's really even true]. Foster asks Abbie if when she was in the other world if she thought she'd never get out of there. Abbie says she knew Crane was looking for her. She tells Abbie when she was a kid her parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances and learning about the magic in the world gives her hope she may find out one day what happened to them.. Abbie says the supernatural took a lot away from her.

Reynolds and the field guide, Malone, find a mysterious well out in the woods. Maloneseems about to gets pulled down inside the well by whatever is dwelling inside when he stands up and walks away. Unfortunately for him, that won't be the end of it.

Reynolds can't seem to find their way out of the woods, so Abbie takes over. She says she's glad they're on the same team. He claims he didn't plan this. Until he tells her he's working for some guy who wants something from her, everything he says and does should be suspect.

J&J at the auction. They meet an old acquaintance of Jenny's named Hans. Jenny recognizes the item up for auction as part of Pandora's box.

Something is stalking Malone in the woods. Probably the thing from the well. This creepy demon attacks Malone and Abbie and Foster take it on. Malone's chest has been ripped open. Foster says they need to get him out of the woods.

Foster sees images of the well on Malone's camera. Foster says it may be a 400 year old dutch monster. Abbie realizes something is out there. Foster wants to tell Reynolds, but Abbie says they need to keep him out of it. She tells Foster to go off with Reynolds while she goes to track the monster down on her own.

Abbie having flashbacks as she tries to track the creature through the woods. She senses it's behind her and cuts off it's arm, but he grows it back. Foster comes up and saves her when it looks like it's about to get her. Foster tells Abbie that the supernatural brought her Crane, so it hasn't brought all bad in her life. The threesome and their wounded guide head to an abandoned cabin.

Reynolds wants to take off on his own solo to get help. He accuses Abbie of never letting anyone in. Oh, she let's people in, just not YOU, which is a good thing considering your little secret agenda. He says he didn't want to let her back in [I'm sure he didn't, he was probably ordered by his boss to do that], but won't explain what he means.

Jenny realizes Hans is bidding against her for the object. Joe bids a million. They win the auction. When Joe touches the object his eyes turn white. Jenny doesn't notice.

Pandora sees that Jenny and Joe have it. She's going after her precious box piece. Too bad HE gave her back a little of her power. I'd love her to have to face them as a powerless mortal.

Foster finds a book describing a creature attacking the villagers. It was the well creature. It talks about how the creature wounded one of the villagers and he died and came back from the dead. Just then Malone sits up and rips off his bandage and has the eyes of a demon and is making all sorts of nasty demon noises. We could really use Crane right about now.

Malone sprouts fangs and nearly bites Foster. Abbie knocks him out. Abbie thinks it's not too late to save Malone. She compares the creature to a vampire and thinks if they can kill the demon it will save Malone. She also thinks antibiotics could stop the creature. She gets to works brewing some home made antibiotics.

Crane is with the professor in Rochester. He says the symbol is warm like it has its own source of power and shows Crane that it comes apart. When Crane is playing around with the two pieces of the symbol he flashes back on telling Abbie the tablet may have something to do with their position as witnesses. He discovers the pieces of the symbol fits into the tablet and when they do he gets flashes of Abbie being attacked by the demon in the woods. He rushes off to try and find her.

Jenny suddenly feels she's being strangled. It's Pandora, of course. She's magically choking Jenny. Then she starts ranting about how she will not let anyone take her magic from her, AGAIN. Wrong people to be spouting that to sweetie. Go say that to your darling husband who sucked you dry of your power and now won't give it all back to you. Joe offers to give the fragment to Pandora but it goes inside of him instead. He turns into a monster and slashes Pandora and she takes off. The fragment comes out of Joe and he seems to go back to normal. Of course, before she slithered away back to the Cave of Love [although doesn't look like there's much of that going on], Pandora had to give him a parting shot that the box was just reacting to the darkness inside him.

Abbie and Foster in the woods looking for the demon. They split up since it seems to like to attack when you're alone. It comes upon Abbie and she manages to stab it with her antibiotic doused weapon. Foster also stabs it. Crane shows up and starts shooting it. It disappears into nothing.

Crane tells Abbie he could see her by touching the symbol. Crane says the symbol may not be evil. It may be a tool to help them with their cause. Abbie tells Foster she's another of the good people the supernatural has brought into her life. Abbie relieved she wasn't succumbing to darkness and that the symbol is there to help them. He says sometimes the things you think will hurt you will save you.

Reynolds in his office. Abbie brings him a coffee. Malone will be fine. Abbie says she's seen that something missing in her life. She seems to be suggesting it's him. She says she doesn't think of them as something in the past tense. Great, she goes from being addicted to a symbol to wanting a relationship with her own private little Judas.

Joe returns to the trailer. Jenny has hidden the fragment from Joe and Pandora. Joe says he's still a monster inside.

HE sees the marks Joe left on Pandora. She uses it to try and get him to give her power back. Instead of giving her back her power, he decides to destroy the witnesses. He throws all her failures in her face. He says he must do what should have been done long ago. Pandora looks in the water and see Crane and Abbie holding the symbol. Looks like snookums has an idea and it might not bode well for HE.


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