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Sleepy Hollow -- The Tooth Fairy

Updated on October 23, 2015

More like the monster under the bed...

Children in a secret fort when they're told it's time for lights out. They get into their beds. One of the children sees a monster going after the other child.

Mills and Crane at home with Crane saying he doesn't need to study history to pass his citizenship test. He gets in a snit that he has to learn what the history books say happened, instead of what he knows to have happened. He starts hassling her about when she's going to tell Jenny about their father. A phone call interrupts their discussion.

It's Joe, who says a little girl fell in a coma and no one knows why. Her sister said she saw a monster attack her. The evil Pandora is lurking around the hospital halls like the ghoul she is and goes up to the girl and suggests her sister will be just fine. Then Abbie and Jenny come up to talk to Saffron. Saffron, however, won't say anything. Crane believes Pandora's game is to spread wide-spread panic.

The sisters go to look around the little girl's bedroom, while Crane goes to try his luck at speaking to Saffron. Abbie asks if Jenny ever thinks of dad. Crane tries a quarter trick, but his act would terrify me if I was the kid. When he falls down the girl laughs. Saffron says her father thinks she made the monster up, and a Dad is supposed to believe you. Crane suggests Saffron do a drawing. When Abbie asks the girl who it's a drawing of, she says the Tooth Fairy.

More on Betsy Ross. Her niece fell into a mysterious illness as many of the town's children had. She called on Paul Revere to help her niece. 16 children had died after a loss of a tooth. Revere was a dentist. Betsy closed the door in Crane's face when he wanted to help. Revere was a warrior in a supernatural war. Revere had something in his dentistry bag that ended up saving Besty's niece.

Crane says the Tooth Fairy eats children's souls and they have 48 hours to save the girl. Their one weakness is silver. Supposedly the silver warded off the Tooth Fairy. Crane wonders if the Tooth Fairy is only visible to children.

Another child about to lose his tooth. When his mom leaves the room the monster comes out. When he screams about the monster his mother returns but can't find anything and blames it on scary movies. The boy gets out of bed to investigate on his own, but doesn't see anything in the closet. It's standing behind him and attacks him as the boy screams.

Crane and Jenny figure out the monster is territorial and will strike in one general area. Crane goes to the school to try and figure out which kids are about to lose a tooth. Unfortunately the whole class raises their hand, but only one child has a loose tooth at the moment. The monster's next potential victim, no doubt. Gregory, the boy who was attacked, doesn't say anything, but Jenny and Crane notice him. Jenny gives him a silver coin to protect the boy and realize he's the one they need to watch.

Crane manages to get the museum that has Revere's denistry bag to let him have it. Joe and Crane staking out Gregory's house together. Crane gets a little flustered when Joe suggests he's getting back in the saddle with Ms. Corinth, Zoe. Crane says she's just helping him get his citizenship.

Abbie on stake-out with Jenny tells Jenny she found their father. Jenny reveals she found him five years ago and knows a lot more about him than Abbie does. Abbie is pissed that Jenny didn't tell her. Jenny says she hates him because Abbie made her hate him and she doesn't even remember him.

Gregory's babysitter leaves him alone and the monster comes after him. Abbie and Jenny hear him and run to his rescue. Jenny takes on the monster. When she squirts it with water she's able to see him. The monster appears to get Abbie, who Jenny can't wake-up. Meanwhile, the bad babysitter arrives to take Gregory for ice cream not even hearing him scream cause she was too busy chatting on her cell with her boyfriend.

Abbie in the hospital. Crane heads off to see what he missed, while Jenny keeps a vigil at her sister's side. Saffron comes and visits Jenny. Saffron feels it's her fault, and Jenny tries to make her feel better. It makes Jenny decide to leave to help. Then evil Pandora tells Saffron what Jenny said was empty words, but she believes her and gives her something she claims will cure her sister.

Crane and Jenny figure out they have to put together the tools in Paul Revere's denistry bag. They assemble into a weapon. Jenny figures out Revere used silver nitrate which is present in water. That's why it became visible when squirted with water.

Evil Pandora goes in to see Abbie. She makes her wake-up. If I woke up and saw that mug staring at me I'd scream. She makes a pretty good monster with her own face. What's the matter. Does the Princess of Pain need to help her monster's work along. If that's the case, why doesn't this heifer just do her own dirty work herself and stop with all these little tricks from her witch's hat.

Pandora trying to figure out what makes Abbie tick. Pandora says her father beat her and sold her to slavery. Then she fed her father to a lion.I that's supposed to make me feel sorry for her, it doesn't. Pandora vanishes after saying she hopes Abbie didn't grow too attached to those two little girls. The foul witch has given Saffron the task of killing the monster, knowing it'll, in fact, kill her. This broad needs to go and so does Betsy Ross. Sorry, she adds nothing to the show and has no chemistry with Crane. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually think Crane and Jenny make a better couple.

Just as the monster is about to attack Saffron, Crane comes in and shoots it. Unfortunately, he doesn't kill it. The silver nitrate wears off and Jenny loses it. The monster manages to knock the gun from Crane's hand. Crane and Jenny manage to dispatch it.

Saffron's sister wakes up. Abbie calls Crane to say it worked.

Another flashback of Crane and boring Betsy. Another kiss. He's remembering that while he's in the dentist's chair. Abbie tells him it's all over and he passed his dental exam. He's really out of it. I didn't think they used laughing gas or whatever they used to dope him up, anymore.

The shard thief name is Sophie Foster. Jenny apologizes to Abbie for not telling her about their father. Abbie admits she wants to talk to him, but doesn't want to screw up his new life and new family.

Crane says the word Pandora spoke to Mills means destroyers. And she's from Sumaria and not the original one. Crane wonders if they're destroyers, while Pandora sees Crane and Mills in the water and her evil tree sprouts another black rose.


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