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Sleepy Hollow -- The Whispering Wraith

Updated on October 15, 2015

Mills and Crane battle a cousin of Lost's Smoke Monster...

Crane doing housekeeping and singing. Staying at Mills place. His attempts at making breakfast set off the smoke detector. They settle for takeout.

Pandora is urging her dark weed to grow. She brings a new evil out of her box of tricks. Black smoke follows her outside. Looks like a weak version of Lost's Smoke Monster. She then dons a new disguise and approaches a man. She sends her smoke after Paul Everett. He says he has important info as he tries to contact the FBI. The black smoke impales him as it reads his mind.

Mills gets called in. Told Paul Everett died of a heart attack. Agent Daniel Reynolds is Mills new boss. They went through the academy together. Crane leaves Mills to Reynolds. As Crane is leaving he seems to notice something in the air and turns around to find Pandora behind him. He thinks a new threat is hiding in the shadows.

Crane says he sensed something between Mills and Reynolds that seemed beyond professional. Crane is trying to have the Archives made a historical site so it won’t be turned down. Mills plays a copy of Everett's call to the FBI. A strange voice says. “Secrets. I will find your secrets. I will kill.” Or at least that's close to what it said.

A shadow that moves that's alive. Crane finds evidence about a whispering wraith that ferrets out secrets. Marcus Collins was the identity back in colonial times. Crane tells Mills about another of his adventures with Betsy Ross that relate to the current day situation. He tells Betsy that Marcus Collins is a turncoat. Betsy finds their comrades dead and she nearly comes face-to-face with Smoky.

Mills thinks Richard Williams, who worked with the victim, may be the Wraith's next victim.

Meanwhile Jenny gets a call from, Joe, who had his trailer trashed. He asks what she's into now and she says nothing. She doesn't want to tell him what's going on since his father didn't want him involved in this mess. Something is watching them from the shadows. Perhaps the person that trashed the trailer.

Crane and Mills go to see Williams. Crane sees the Shadow. It impales Crane sucking his secrets out of him. When Williams tries to escape, it goes after him, causing him to crash his car. Its voice says, “Secrets kill.” Williams stares sightlessly. It appears he's dead.

Mills investigates Williams' house for clues, while Crane returns to the Archives to see if he can discover a way to kill the Whispering Wraith. Reynolds shows up as she's searching.

Joe is being followed by a man in a car. He knocks him out and puts him in the trunk of his car.

Mills realizes the dead men discovered an embezzlement scheme and planned to stop it. Crane says the Whispering Wraith is doing now what it did then. Crane confesses he got captured and General Howe offered him a deal to name names. He says he escaped before he had to see if he would have done it.

Their secretary, Susan James, will be next on the hit list, as she also knew the secret. Crane believes since they also know the secret, the Whispering Wraith will be coming for them, too.

Pandora in her dark little cavern playing with water and quoting verses.

Susan James is brought to the Archives to try and protect her.

Jenny comes out in the woods where Randall has Joe. They want Jenny to give an artifact she retrieved. Unfortunately, she loses the fight, when she attacks him. She gives him what he wants. He leaves and she releases Joe. He wants to know what she gave Randall.

Crane still can't find a way to kill the Whispering Wraith. The lights suddenly go off in the Archives. Crane goes to investigate.

It's the Whispering Wraith. He needs the darkness to be able to attack his victims. Crane tells it that his secrets are his own. Mills saves Crane from him. Mills says something Betsy did that day is the secret to defeating it. She called it by name and that stopped it. Crane calls it Marcus Collins. Marcus takes on a sort of human form. Crane says he had the same choice but he didn't take it. When it attacks Crane Mills attacks it and it seems to be destroyed. So far, little Pandora's little nasties haven't been too hard to defeat.

Crane still troubled because he considered betraying his friends, but he ultimately didn't. He says the shame of that moment has bothered him for centuries. He says telling her has taken a weight off of him. Mills says a lot of personal stuff came up while he was gone and she found her father. That he's alive and lives up in Saratoga. She's wondering what his life was like and why he left and never came back. She's been secretly watching him. But she can't take the step to go and meet him. And she hasn't told Jenny about it. Crane says to take it as a victory that she shared what she did with him.

Later, Reynolds and Mills have a little alone time in his office. He says if they play their cards right they can both get what they want.

Jenny and Joe back at his trailer. He wants an explanation. She says once you open the door to the world she and Abbie inhabit you can't close it again. He wants to continue his father's work and go after the shard that she had to give up to save him. He says it's time she shared that part of her life with him.

Crane is talking to a woman and notices what he thought was a coffee shop where he spoke to Pandora is now an empty building and goes to Mills to compare notes. She sees a video of Pandora and recognizes her from meeting her previously when she looked radically different and tells him the woman introduced herself as Pandora. They realize Pandora is in Sleepy Hollow and throwing monsters at them, while her weed flowers into a rose that opens. Crane wonders what evil she intends to release on them next, as the weed becomes a tree and burst upwards from its dark cavern.


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