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Slytherin - Where To Find Harry Potter Slytherin Crest, Banners, T Shirts, Scarf, Robes, Collectibles, Toys and More!

Updated on September 20, 2011

Slytherin Banners and Room Decor

These banners are a great way to create a room that looks like it was taken right of Hogworts Slytherin dormitory.

Simply hang a few of these around the room, throw a solid forest green or black comforter on the bed, and any Harry Potter fan will feel right at home.

If you would like to be really creative, you can even sew one of these banners to the top of the comforter to really bring the theme to life.

Complete the room by painting faux "castle bricks" on the wall, add a cool trunk at the end of the bed and toss a green or black rug on the floor to create a one of a kind Slytherin sanctuary.

Slytherin Apparal

A great way to show your true Harry Potter colors is by wearing them.

There are quite a few apparel items made with the Slytherin theme.

Items such as t-shirts, ties, ski hats, scarves and patches.

There is even a book that contains knitting patterns so you can make your own Harry Potter Slytherin items.

Click on the blue link next to each item for more details.

Slytherin Wands and Walking Stick

As most Harry Potter fans know, there is no tool more important than your magic wand.

Here are two versions of Slytherin Malfoys wand. Again, fun for play and also would look great displayed in a Slytherin inspired bedroom.

Another great item taken right from the book and movie is Lucius Malfoy's walking stick. This is another unique item that is sure to bring attention.

Slytherin Costumes

These Slytherin costumes are perfect for both Halloween and all year round pretend play.

You have the option of the cheaper version for younger Harry Potter Slytherin fans or the more detailed deluxe version.

These robes will also look great hung on a hook in a bedroom decorated in Slytherin decor to make the room look more authentic.

Slytherin Toys and Collectibles

There are also some fun toys based solely on the Slytherin theme.

The lego set to the right is not only fun to build and play with, but will also look perfect displayed on a shelf in a bedroom decorated in Slytherin decor to help bring the entire theme together.

Other items include Slytherin action figures such as Draco Malfoy.

Slytherin Key Rings and Accessories

Mmore Unique Slytherin Items

There are a few more unique items that carry the Slytherin theme for both younger and older fans.

They include key rings, a Slytherin pen or mug, decals and even a soft case book light with the Slytherin logo on top.

Click on the blue link above each item for more details.


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    • profile image

      Dove.M  6 years ago

      WOOHOO i can't wait to make my own room look like the slytherin dormatories cant wait to ge started :)

    • profile image

      Indica 7 years ago

      I love Harry Potter. :)

      More than anything.