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Smallville Supervillain List

Updated on January 22, 2015
Smallville Logo
Smallville Logo

Before Clark Kent became Superman he was already using his powers for good. There is a saying that goes “You shall judge a man by his enemies as well as by his friends.” There is a special truth to this when talking about the Man of Steel. The Last Son of Krypton never stepped away from a challenge, no matter how overwhelming the odds were stacked against him. He always fought to save a life, even when killing was an easier option.

Many of the villains he went up against can be found in the DC Universe. Here is a list of the villains Clark Kent fought before revealing himself to the world.

* Characters in more than 10 episodes will not have individual episodes listed.

James Kidnie as Amos Fortune
James Kidnie as Amos Fortune

Amos Fortune

Actor: James Kidnie
Episode 211: Fortune

Amos Fortune made an appearance in what I call “The Hangover” episode. Clark and Lois have a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party at Amos Fortune’s casino. After drinking some magically spiked champaign, compliments on Zatanna, our crew blacks out from a night of drunken revelry with only a few clues and Fortune’s pet lemur.

Amos was going to have his men rob his own armored car so that he could keep the money and double his profits by scamming the insurance company. When Clark and his friends drunkenly put a stop to his plans Amos ruthlessly tried to get to the bottom of what happened. He kidnapped Emil Hamilton and tortured him for information. Thinking Emil stole his money he orders his men to kill him. Clark is able to save Emil in the nick of time.
Amos also captured Lois and Oliver when they tried to get Lois’s engagement ring back from him. He refused and had them tied up in the back room of the casino. During their escape he attempted to strangle Lois but Oliver was able to knock him unconscious and Lois was able to get her ring back.

Tom Welling as Bizarro
Tom Welling as Bizarro


Actor: Tom Welling
These are the episodes in which Tom Welling was playing Bizarro and not the Phantom Wraith appearances.
Episode 133: Phantom
Episode 134: Bizarro
Episode 141: Gemini
Episode 143: Persona

Bizarro was accidentally created in a laboratory on Krypton and the sent to the Phantom Zone by Jor-El and the Martian Manhunter. He escaped the Phantom Zone as a bodiless wraith and while on Earth tried to find a host to sustain him but human bodies could only survive for 24 hours. He eventually was able to steal some of Clark’s DNA and create a clone. The clone was not perfect but did possess all of his powers. Strangely enough elements had the opposite effect on him. Blue Kryptonite would amplify his powers and the yellow sun would steal his powers and turn his skin to stone.

Bizarro was accidentally created in a laboratory on Krypton and the sent to the Phantom Zone by Jor-El and the Martian Manhunter. He escaped the Phantom Zone as a bodiless wraith. While on Earth he tried to find a host to sustain him but human bodies could only survive for 24 hours. He eventually was able to steal some of Clark’s DNA and create a clone. The clone was not perfect but did possess all of his powers. Strangely enough elements had the opposite effect on him. Blue Kryptonite would amplify his powers and the yellow sun would steal his powers and turn his skin to stone.

In season 6 Bizarro escaped the Phantom Zone with several other prisoners. During his search for a Kryptonian host he left a trail of destruction as he inhabited human bodies, used them up and then discarded their corpses. Lex attempts to capture this wraith and use it to help him create an army of super soldiers. Things go horribly wrong and not only does Bizarro escape, killing the doctor and research assistant but he also is able to steal Clark’s DNA creating the clone Superman fans have come to know as Bizarro.

Season 7 had several fights take place between Clark and Bizzaro. With the help of the Martian Manhunter, Clark was able to defeat Bizzaro and trap him on Mars. Later in the season, while Clark was frozen in the Fortress of Solitude, Bizzaro was able to escape from Mars. When he returned to Earth and found Clark gone he decided to try to take over his life. He was able to fool Clark’s friends for a while but when Clark returned and the truth was discovered they needed to defeat him once again. This time is was Bizarro’s feeling for Lana Lang that would be his ultimate undoing and not the superpowers of his adversaries.

James Marsters as Brainiac
James Marsters as Brainiac


Actor: James Marsters
14 Episodes

Brainiac was introduced in season 4 but it was not until season 5 that we finally got to meet the Brain InterActive Construct. Brainiac was created by Dax-Ur, who stopped working on it when he realized its potential danger. Jor-El then built it for the war with Zod. Unfortunately, Zod was able to corrupt Brainiac and use it in the destruction of Krypton.

When Brainiac arrived on earth he took on human form and the identity of Dr. Milton Fine. In his plans to destroy Clark he first attempted to gain his trust. He took a job at Central Kansas A&M as a professor and took Clark under his wing. Later he pretends to be a Kryptonian like Clark. (He leaves out the machine part.) Brainiac then begins to fill Clark with lies and doubts. Claiming Jor-El was a tyrant and responsible for the destruction of Krypton, while General Zod was the hero. He even tried to poison Clark’s mind into thinking humans were untrustworthy. Clark unravels these lies and ultimately defeats him.

Brainiac would become a recurring character throughout the rest of the series. He attempted to transform earth into another Krypton, unleashed a virus infecting every computer on the planet, brought Zod back to life, and of course attempted to kill the person who would become Superman. For the last season, he returns from the future after being reprogrammed by the Legion of Superheroes. Now known as Brainiac 5, a member of the Legion, he visits Clark to help him overcome the feelings that are holding him back from fulfilling his destiny. The episode was a Wonderful Life, Smallville style. They travel throughout Clark’s life so he can come to terms with the death of Jonathan Kent and the other tragedies of his life that were not his fault.

As a villain Brainiac was an excellent antagonist for our powerful superhero. Not only did he possess a heightened intelligence but he also had his own super powers making him more than a match for our hero. Like our Man of Steel, Brainiac has super strength, speed, heat/x-ray vision, flight, and accelerated healing. He also had the power to interface and manipulate technology, absorb information from living creatures, biological/mineral manipulation, shape shifting, self replication, and could possess a living host.

Although a tough opponent he is not invulnerable. He can be shut down for short periods of time with an electromagnetic pulse. His body is difficult to damage with earth objects but he is susceptible to many Kryptonian materials. Clark is also strong enough to cause him physical harm. His biggest weakness comes from his need for vast amounts of energy to function. Earth technological capabilities can make finding a single power source hard to locate.

Smallville Darkseid
Smallville Darkseid


*Since Darkseid was a computer generated effect no actors are listed.

Season 10

Darkseid was not played by an actor but he did possess several characters in his quest to corrupt earth. The most notable of these people were Gordon Godfrey, played by Michael Daingerfield, who he used to spread anti-hero sentiments around Metropolis and Lionel Luther, played by John Glover, for his final physical confrontation with Superman. When Darkseid was on screen they rarely showed his true form of a large rock like body with glowing red eyes. Instead, he would appear as black smoke or a flock of ravens.

Darkseid is a powerful alien with almost godlike powers. His mental powers allow for telekinesis, manipulate people’s feelings, and possession of weak souls. Physically he is practically invulnerable and has super strength. With the ability to travel between dimensions no world is safe from his evil corruption. Most of Earth’s darkest moments in history have been a result of Darkseid’s involvement. This time around he was using the anti-hero movement to both spread his evil will and destroy the one man who could defeat him.

Although there are possible ways to harm Darkseid the only proven way to stop him is through a pure heart or strong light force. So great is Darkseid’s power that all of Clark Kent’s trials have been to prepare him for this battle.

Bradley Stryker as Deadshot
Bradley Stryker as Deadshot


Actor: Bradley Stryker
Episode 198: Shield
Episode 208: Collateral

Deadshot is a member of the Suicide Squad and an assassin for hire. An extremely proficient marksman he is able to make impossible shots with the help of his electronic eye patch. He is known for never missing.

Firing a perfectly aimed bullet into Cat Grant’s car, Deadshot is able to cause an explosion that would have killed Cat if Clark had not been in the car with her. As it turns out Cat was not his target. He was really testing Clark Kent. For his second shot at Clark he once again uses Cat Grant as bait. Tracking her down to a bus station he aims a lethal shot at her head. Clark quickly steps in front of the speeding bullet to absorb the hit and knocks Deadshot unconscious, leaving him to be picked up by the authorities. Little is Clark aware that the man who never misses was successful in his mission. He had used the bullet to implant a tracker underneath the Man of Steel’s skin.

Rick Flag and Plastique rescued Deadshot from prison, after he agreed to join the Suicide Squad. His marksmanship makes him the ideal lookout. On a rescue mission to save the League from a virtual reality world designed for the Vigilante Registration Act, Deadshot kept the cost clear. When two VRA members were about to kill Chloe, he was able to take them out with the greatest of ease.

Michael Hogan as Slade Wilson
Michael Hogan as Slade Wilson

Deathstroke / Slade Wilson

Actor: Michael Hogan
Episode 205: Patriot
Episode 207: Icarus

Slade Wilson is a Lieutenant General in the United State Army. He is a strong supporter of the Vigilante Registration Act and was put in charge of enforcing it. He was constructing military bases to imprison people with superpowers. Slade is a suspected war criminal and has no problems with torturing his prisoners to get what he needs. As an expert fighter and strategist he is a formidable opponent. Slade is able to capture Aquaman, Mera and Green Arrow. He was even able to cage Clark for a short period of time. Fully committed to his mission, Slade was willing to die if it meant killing Clark in the process. With Clark’s invulnerability and Slade’s healing ability they were both able to survive an explosion at one of these government secret prisons.

At a press conference Slade blamed Oliver Queen and his league of heroes for destroying a government facility. He then proceeded to interrogate Lois Lane, Tess Mercer, and Emil Hamilton to find the League’s location. They escaped with the help of Cat Grant and Clark. Later Slade catches Lois in Oliver’s office. Holding her at gunpoint, Hawkman intervened and fought Slade Wilson to a standstill. It was during this battle that Slade was able to demonstrate his expert swordsmanship. He ultimately defeated Hawkman by stabbing him in the back. Clark then confronted Slade and sent him to the Phantom Zone. He escaped the Phantom Zone but returned to earth in a coma. He is currently in a military hospital.

Slade Wilson never uses the code name Deathstroke but does tell Clark, "Let's just say the reaper can swing his sickle at me, but I'm beyond Death's stroke now”.

Smallville Doomsday
Smallville Doomsday
Doomsday was shown in dark lighting to help with the believability of his appearance.
Doomsday was shown in dark lighting to help with the believability of his appearance.

Doomsday / Davis Bloome

Actor (Davis Bloome): Sam Witwer
22 Episodes

Actor (Doomsday): Dario Delacio
Episode 163: Bride
Episode 164: Legion
Episode 168: Infamous
Episode 169: Turbulence
Episode 175: Doomsday

Doomsday is a genetically engineered monster created by combining the DNA of Zod, Faora and the most vicious creatures found on Krypton. As genetic material it was placed on the ship that brought Kal-El safely to earth as a child. It took on human form while it evolved, until it became powerful enough to destroy humanity. While it was growing up on earth, its human shell went by the name of Davis Bloome and was unaware of the monster living and evolving inside of him.

Davis Bloome was working as an EMT in Metropolis when he meets Chloe Sullivan after a bus explosion. They were helping Bette Sans Souce with her injuries. Before the monster took over Davis was a good guy and unaware of what the monster did during his transformations. He and Chloe became good friends and he was asked to help on several different occasions. It was Davis who kept Oliver Queen alive, after he was poisoned, until Clark could get the antidote. As Doomsday grew stronger so did the evil in Davis.

He attempted to keep the monster from coming out for as long as possible. When he discovered killing helped keep the monster inside, Davis searched for evil people to murder. Being near Chloe helped for a while but soon his need to destroy Clark lessoned his need for her. He even tried antipsychotic drugs. In the end Doomsday was never meant to be suppressed. He was not only fighting genetics but also the various beings who wanted him to destroy Clark and Earth’s civilization.

When Faora escaped from the Phantom Zone she found Davis and informed him of his origins. Upon seeing his reaction, she realized he was not evolving fast enough. Faora then killed Davis by stabbing him with a metal pole. Every time Doomsday is killed he grows stronger and is no longer able to be killed by the same means. Now he was invulnerable to being stabbed. Obviously, she is a very caring mother and believes in tough love. Brainiac imprisoned Davis in the Fortress of Solitude in order to rid him of those annoying human emotions that were holding him back. Clark was able to defeat Brainiac before the process could be completed but not before a lot of mental damage was done.

When the Justice League confronted Davis with the goal of killing him, Chloe was able to use black kryptonite to split Davis from Doomsday. As an emotionless monster Doomsday used its super strength, speed and invulnerability to quickly defeat his adversaries and flee. Clark was able to lure Doomsday into a geothermal facility deep underground. The Justice League then set off explosions to bury Doomsday, trapping him inside the earth.

Davis who is now separated from the beast discovers that the only reason Chloe left with him earlier was to protect Clark. This enrages Davis and he impales Jimmy. He then turns to murder Chloe but Jimmy, with his last dying breath, is able to save her by killing Davis.

Wesley Macinnes as Icicle 2
Wesley Macinnes as Icicle 2

Icicle 2 / Cameron Mahkent

Actor: Wesley MacInnes
Episode 186: Absolute Justice

Cameron is the son of Joar Mahkent, the original Icicle. His mother died of hypothermia while giving birth to him and his father was put into a coma by The Justice Society of America. Cameron has the ability to create and manipulate ice. He mostly uses his powers to throw ice spears or freeze his victims. Checkmate took advantage of his talents and desire for revenge to kill the original members of the JSA. He succeeded in killing the Star-Spangled Kid, Sandman, and Dr. Fate. After stealing the Helmet of Nabu from the deceased Dr. Fate it took the combined forces of the Justice Society of America and Justice League to stop him.

During Cameron’s incarceration he was taken to the Checkmate headquarters. With his services no longer needed the White queen executed him.

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luther
Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luther

Lex Luthor

Actor: Michael Rosenbaum
154 Episodes

You can’t have a Superman series without including Lex Luthor. In the first episode, we meet Lex after Clark saves his life. They soon become friends and their complicated relationship begins.

Smallville did a wonderful job in developing the billionaire businessman who would become Superman’s greatest enemy. At first, Lex wants to be a good guy. His methods may be questionable but his intentions are honorable. His father, Lionel Luthor is a cutthroat businessman who has no problem breaking the law to get ahead. For him the only rule is to succeed. Lex continually fights his father’s influence and attempts to get out of his shadow. Sadly, we see Lex slowly lose this struggle and piece-by-piece his dark side emerges. His ambition to succeed, quest for answers and obsession with power became his undoing. The respect for the family and friendships that Clark has turned into envy and shattered their relationship.

Personal Commentary: A lot of people gave Michael Rosenbaum a hard time for leaving Smallville after Season 7. I personally think he should be commended. Smallville is about the characters in the Superman comics growing into who they will become. Lex Luther’s character had finished his arc and was starting to be stretched out more than it should. He then returned for the last episode so that the story’s arc could end. I respect Michael Rosenbaum’s choice as an actor.

Charlotte Sullivan as Maxima
Charlotte Sullivan as Maxima


Actress: Charlotte Sullivan
Episode 156: Instinct

Maxima is a queen on the distant planet of Almerac. She has the standard super strength, speed and invulnerability. Maxima’s most potent power is her endorphin kiss. This kiss releases endorphins and adrenaline causing male victims to find her irresistible. While the sexual overdrive produced will kill humans, a Kryptonian can survive the kiss but is still vulnerable to its seductive powers.

Maxima travels to earth by following a Kryptonian signal released from the Crystal of Knowledge. When arriving in Metropolis she wastes no time looking for her Kryptonian “soul-mate”. The first man she meets is quickly greeted with a kiss and falls to the ground dead. Obviously, this was not the man she seeks. Maxima travels from Metropolis to Smallville and back again in her search for Clark, leaving a trail of dead men in her wake. When she finally finds Clark and seduces him with her kiss, her spell is quickly broken before it can fully take hold. By seeing his true love, Lois Lane, he is able to resist Maxima’s temptations. With his head clear, Clark activates Maxima’s bracelet and transport her back to Almerac.

Brian Austin Green as Metallo
Brian Austin Green as Metallo


Actor: Brian Austin Green
Episode 176: Savior
Episode 177: Metallo
Episode 192: Upgrade
Episode 216: Prophecy (Not B.A.G.)

John Corben was a reporter on assignment in Afghanistan when his sister was killed by a murderer who escaped a prison bus The Blur had saved earlier. Holding The Blur responsible for her death he was committed to exposing him to the world.

He took Clark Kent’s job at the Daily Planet when Clark went on indefinite leave. While investigating a story about The Blur he was accidentally hit by a truck. His mangled body was found by Zod and his Kandorian army. In an attempt to get back their powers they experimented on John giving him cybernetic implants and a green kryptonite heart. His new heart gave him super strength, speed, durability, and endurance. Although none of these powers were at the same level of Superman, his new heart gives off high levels of kryptonite radiation and weakens any Kryptonian who comes near him. This heart also caused an abnormal level of adrenaline to be released and changed John’s personality.

With his new found powers John attempted to destroy The Blur. With his increased adrenaline he was willing to cross lines that his old self never would. He kidnapped Lois Lane and was even willing to kill her to destroy Clark. John was defeated when the kryptonite powering his body was ripped from his chest.

Tess Mercer had John Corben repaired so that he could be used if war should break out with the Kandorians. They were able to fix the adrenal flaw (thus returning his original personality) but the procedure had turned most of him into a machine. Before they could install a control chip, turning him into a mindless robot, John was able to escape. With his power running low he needed to replenish his battery with liquid kryptonite. Shortly after regaining his power Tess was able to install the control chip. Now under Tess’s control, she and Chloe sent John to stop Clark who was under the influence of red kryptonite. While battling Zod and Clark the control chip was knocked out. John was able to destroy it, allowing him to become himself once more. After saving Clark from the red kryptonite, John left in a flash. He visited Lois for one last goodbye and then went underground with a new red kryptonite heart.

In season 10 we discover that John is now going by the name Metallo and has joined Marionette Ventures. In their attempts to take over Metropolis he was given the task of eliminating Supergirl.

Trent Ford as Mxyzptik
Trent Ford as Mxyzptik


Actor:Trent Ford
Episode 74: Jinx

This one was more of a stretch than many of their other interpretations. Mxyzptlk was a foreign exchange student at Smallville High School. He comes from a group of people who live near the Balkans and are rumored to “control the hand of luck”. It should come as no surprise that he was being sponsored by LuthorCorp.

Mxyzptlk has the power of mind control. By verbally speaking a command in high-frequency the victim will do whatever he says. This power can be nullified by another sound at the same frequency. Although modern technology can match this pitch it can also be found naturally in a swarm of locusts.

Of course Mxyzptlk uses these powers for his own personal gain and starts a gambling ring. With his mind control abilities he is easily able to fix the outcome of these games. Mikhail will stop at nothing to get what he wants and make sure he does not get caught. For his final showdown with Clark he threatens to kill Chloe if Smallville High scores another touchdown. Clark saves the day, of course, and Mikhail is arrested. However Lex Luther gets him out of prison and takes him to a mysterious level 33.1 where Lex has plans for Mxyzptlk and his special abilities.

Fraser Aitcheson as Persuader
Fraser Aitcheson as Persuader


Actor: Fraser Aitcheson
Episode 164: Legion

We only get a brief introduction to Persuader before The Legion of Superheroes comes to Clark’s rescue and send him back to the future. He is a large human who wears a metal mask and armor. We know that he possess super strength and used an Atomic Ax capable of cutting anything. As a member of a future terrorist organization called the Human Supremacist Movement, Persuader traveled back in time by stealing a Legion Ring and was attempting to stop Clark from fulfilling his destiny of becoming Superman. Clark’s Kryptonian origins would inspire other aliens from all over the universe to come to earth. This is something the Persuader’s organization wanted to stop.

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Plastique
Jessica Parker Kennedy as Plastique

Plastique / Bette Sans Souci

Actress: Jessica Parker kennedy
Episode 154: Plastique
Episode 173: Injustice
Episode 198: Shield

Bette has the ability to release explosive energy blasts from her body. She has control over her powers but when she gets angry these powers have to be actively restrained. She was taken to LutherCorp’s Black Creek facility and imprisoned with other metahumans at the age of 12. This experience left a lot of psychological scars and has made her less than stable. Jessica will not hesitate to kill if she feels threatened.

We first meet Jessica after she has left Black Creek and involved in a bus explosion. An explosion we later learn was caused by her when she killed a “friend” who had betrayed her. Later when Chloe tries to help, Jessica again uses her powers and attempts to kill Chloe. Luckily, Clark is more durable and able to shield her from the blast. When being sent to Belle Reeve Sanitarium Jessica was intercepted by Tess Mercer who offered her a job as a member of the Injustice League. It was here that she took on the codename Plastique. This team of metahumans was assigned to find Chloe and Davis.

During their search for Doomsday they discovered that microchips had been put in their heads. The chips could both trace their locations or kill them if they were to go rogue. Plastique and Parasite attacked Tess and tortured her, attempting to get the Black Creek files so they could form their own super powered team. Before she was stopped by Clark and the Green Arrow, Plastique cements herself as a villain by stating she would rather be with the bad guys.

In season 10 we discover that Plastique is now working with the Suicide Squad. While on the team she marked Hawkman with a chemical tracker and helped free Deadshot from prison.

Ted Whittall as Rick Flag
Ted Whittall as Rick Flag

Rick Flag

Actor: Ted Whittall
Episode 197: Lazarus
Episode 198: Shield
Episode 203: Ambush
Episode 208: Collateral

Rick Flag is the leader of the Suicide Squad. As head of this unit he has no reservations when it comes to torturing his prisoners to get the information he needs or killing to accomplish his mission. He appears to get sadistic pleasure from it.

Rick Flag was first introduced when he captured Green Arrow. He tortures Oliver for information about his super team and the recent attack by the Kryptonians. Oliver is released when they exchange him for another prisoner, Chloe Sullivan.

The Suicide Squad’s next mission revolves around the Vigilante Registration Act. They will stop at nothing to make sure this act never becomes law. After breaking Deadshot out of prison Rick and his team target Sam Lane, who is a supporter of the VRA. In their attempt to assassinate General Lane, they fired a missile that would have killed him and all those around him if not for Clark rushing in to save the day. When the bill did pass, Rick turned his attention to attacking Anti-Vigilante support groups and their infrastructure.

Chloe Sullivan used blackmail to get Rick Flag and his team to help her break the Justice League out of a Vigilante Registration Act facility.

Steph Song as Roulette
Steph Song as Roulette

Roulette / Victoria Sinclair

Actress: Steph Song
Episode 179: Roulette
Episode 216: Prophecy

We first meet Victoria Sinclair at her casino call Roulette. Oliver is there during his downward spiral as he copes with the loss of Jimmy after their battle with Doomsday. She offers to play a little game with Oliver. During the course of this game she pushes Oliver to his limits. He is drugged and kidnapped. She faked her death and then makes it look like he is the murder. She steals all of his money. After capturing Lois Lane, Victoria dresses Lois up to look like her and then attempts to trick Oliver into killing Lois. In the climactic battle between Victoria and Oliver she is pinned in her burning casino by falling rubble. When Oliver goes to save her life at the risk of his own she reveals everything was faked in order to get Oliver back on the right path. Although this intricate plan was devised by Chloe Sullivan to help Oliver, Victoria is still a villain. As Roulette she was assigned the task of destroying Watchtower in Marionette Ventures attempt to take over Metropolis.

Odessa Rae as Silver Banshee
Odessa Rae as Silver Banshee

Silver Banshee / Siobhan McDougal

Actress: Odessa Rae
Episode 190: Escape

When Siobhan’s father died she became the clan leader. Out of greed she was killed by her younger brother and cursed. She returned from the underworld and was given great powers. She now has super strength, can possess females by touching them and has a sonic scream. Her scream could not only hurt her victim’s ears and physically push them back but also caused extreme aging. She was given the name Silver Banshee by the village she was terrifying. Eventually her brother was able to banish her to the underworld again.

While on a romantic vacation with Clark Kent, Lois Lane accidentally release the Silver Banshee when she ripped a portrait revealing her image. When Siobhan was freed she immediately began possessing woman so that she could seduce men and ultimately kill them. As an undead supernatural being physical attacks on the Silver Banshee were useless. In order to destroy Siobhan and send her back to the underworld our heroes needed to burn the picture that was used to release her.

Chris Gautheir as Toyman
Chris Gautheir as Toyman

Toyman / Winslow Schott

Actor: Chris Gautheir
Episode 167: Requiem
Episode 179: Echo
Episode 216: Prophecy

Winslow Schott is a genius with a very strategic and logical mind. Because of his refined dexterity he is capable of building small mechanical devices and explosives. He used to work for Queen Industries but was fired when his eccentricities went too far. His habit of bringing toys to work garnered him a lot of attention, putting explosives in these toys got him fired. He maintained a low profile for years, until Lex Luther took advantage of his bomb making skills and hatred for Oliver Queen. Lex hired him to kill their mutual enemy.

Winslow tried to kill Oliver several times and failed. On his last attempt Oliver was able to capture Winslow and force him to reveal where Lex was hiding. Oliver took the toy bomb that was going to be used on him and killed Lex Luther with it. Winslow was then accused of the murder and he officially became an outlaw. The media gave him the name Toyman.

In season 9 the Toyman returns seeking vengeance on Oliver Queen and tries to make him confess to being the one who killed Lex Luther. Winslow strapped a bomb to an innocent man and then placed him in a Queen Industries factory. He also put an explosive under a pressure plate where Oliver was giving a speech. Clark was able to disarm the bombs but instead of the Toyman he found a robotic replica. It would be Chloe Sullivan who tracked down the real Winslow Schott and had him arrested.

For the last season Toyman was still behind bars but because of his powerful allies and their common enemies Winslow remained a force to be reckoned with. He created and used mind control devices to have innocent victims do his dirty work. He was even able to get Lois Lane to try and kill Clark Kent by using one of these devices.

The Toyman is one of the few villains still alive to know Clark Kent’s secret. However, he will not reveal this to anyone else so that he can use it for his own games.

Although Chris Gautheir played a LutherCorp Technician in season 3, episode 11 of Smallville his two characters are not related. It is simply an actor being cast for the same show twice.

Elias Toufexis as Warp
Elias Toufexis as Warp

Warp / Emil LaSalle

Actor: Elias Toufexis
Episode 203: Ambush

With the power of teleportation LaSalle is a formidable member of the Suicide Squad. Warp was able to use his abilities to help his fellow team members escape interrogation and plant a bomb in the headquarters of an Anti-Vigilante support group. Emil was involved in the operations involving the Vigilante Registration Act. The team was willing to go to extreme lengths to make sure this act would not pass congress.

Pam Grier as White Queen
Pam Grier as White Queen

White Queen / Amanda Waller

Actress: Pam Grier
Episode 186: Absolute Justice
Episode 191: Checkmate
Episode 194: Sacrifice

Amanda Waller is in charge of the secret underground government agency known as Checkmate. She goes by the codename White Queen. Their objective is to bring all superhumans under the control of the U.S. government or else have them eliminated.

To accomplish her mission Waller will to go to extreme lengths. She used Icicle to hunt down and kill the original members of The Justice Society of America. Although Icicle thought he had failed his mission after he was finally defeated, it turned out he was never meant to kill all of them but instead force the group to join back together. Amanda then killed Icicle, execution style herself. Amanda has no tolerance for failure. When Tess Mercer, an agent of Checkmate, failed to capture the Green Arrow, Amanda threatened to kill her.

Extremely resourceful, Waller trapped the Martian Manhunter and kidnap Watchtower. She was also able to discover The Blur’s identity as Clark Kent. The Martian Manhunter later erased her memory of Clark, Chloe, and Oliver and helped preserve their secret identities.

Checkmate had captured the newly arrived and powerless Kandorians. Waller was about to have them executed but Clark was able to rescue all of them, except Faora. He was also able to intervene and save Waller from being killed by Zod. However, Zod was later able to uncover Checkmates location and burn down their castle with his heat vision. The White Queen was in the castle at the time of its destruction but what happened to her is left a mystery.

Callum Blue as Zod
Callum Blue as Zod


Actor: Callum Blue
22 Episodes. (9 were credit only.)

Callum Blue took on the role of Zod in season 9 but the character was introduced much earlier. Whatever form Zod inhabited his plans remained the same, to rule earth and turn it into a new Krypton. You can’t blame the guy. He was responsible for blowing up the original one.

In the fifth season, followers of Zod arrived on Earth with Brainiac and attempted to conquer the planet in his name. When the Kryptonian failed Brainiac tried to free Zod from the Phantom Zone. In order to be released Zod would need a human vessel. Brainiac’s first endeavor of turing Clark into that vessel failed but his next attempt using Lex Luther was successful. Clark was eventually able to banish Zod’s spirit from Lex’s body. Many attempts would be made to free Zod but it would not be until the end of season 8 that he would return. His clone was released from a Kryptonian Orb that was created before the destruction of Krypton.

Zod and many more cloned Kandorians were brought back to life on earth but without their powers from the yellow sun. Clark was happy to have people from his home planet and was attempting to help them adjust to their new life, Zod had other plans. He was able to restore their powers and then tried to take over the word. He was almost successful until the other Kandorians figured out how he was manipulating them. They then imprisoned him in the Phantom zone.

With both Zod’s physical clone and phantom wraith in the zone at the same time they were able to join together and become one. Zod later made a deal with Darkseid to rule over the Phantom Zone if he agreed to kill Kal-El. This did not require a lot of convincing for Zod. Although he failed to kill Clark, I am sure he will keep on trying.

As a Kryptonian, Zod has the exact same powers and weaknesses as Clark Kent. However, Zod has years of military experience and has been tested in combat time and time again. To defeat Zod, Clark must push himself to his limits and draw upon his resolve to do what is right.

Injustice League / Gang

Episode 173: Injustice

Tess Mercer formed the Injustice League by recruiting metahumans. Their goal was to track down Doomsday so that the Traveler could destroy him. Plastique was a major character within the Smallville Universe but the other members did not branch off into different storylines. However, they were still characters found in the DC Universe.

Livewire / Leslie Willis
Actress: Anna Mae Wills

Livewire had mastery over electricity. She was able to both produce and manipulate it at will. After witnessing the power and brutality in which Doomsday was able to kill Neutron she felt they were on a suicide mission. When she wanted to quit Tess had parasite remove her powers. When the rest of the team left she then activated a chip in Livewire’s head to explode.

Neutron / Nathaniel Tryon
Actor: Jae Lee

Neutron is a living atomic bomb with enough power to give Superman a little rattle. He was killed quickly in the team’s first encounter with Doomsday at a garage in Granville.

Parasite / Rudy Jones
Actor: Brendan Fletcher

Parasite was able to absorb and use the powers of others by simply touching them. He would also absorb their weaknesses. He was loyal to Tess until he found out about the Chip in his head that could kill him. With powers stolen from Clark, he and Plastique confronted Tess. He was defeated when the Green Arrow used Kryptonite to weaken and cause enough pain that Rudy gave Clark his powers back.

Livewire (top), Neutron (bottom left), Parasite (bottom right)
Livewire (top), Neutron (bottom left), Parasite (bottom right)

Marionette Ventures

Episode 216: Prophecy

In season 10, episode 20 we find that Toyman has assembled a team of villains to kill The Blur and his team of heroes. They were named Marionette Ventures and had the ultimate goal of taking over metropolis. Although some of these villains, like Roulette and Metallo, have appeared in previous episodes there are other members mentioned or seen in a round table conference meeting that are worth mentioning but do not need a full description. They were fun background characters thrown in for us comic fans who are familiar with the Legion of Doom.

Black Manta
He was assigned to destroy Aquaman.

Captain Cold / Leonard Snart
He was given the task to kill Impulse.

Solomon Grundy / Cyrus Gold
He was to eliminate Black Canary.

Smallville Marionette Ventures / Legion of Doom
Smallville Marionette Ventures / Legion of Doom



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    • CYong74 profile image

      Scribbling Geek 

      3 years ago from Singapore

      This is a great recap!

      Smallville was a really valiant attempt to capture the Superman stories. Too bad the effects weren't quite up-to-standard yet at that time, or affordable. Further made worse by the tv episode format. Still, it was a memorable watch.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      wrong spellings..

      1. LEX LUTHOR, not Lex Luther

      2. AMANDA WALLER, not Amanda Walker

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      The Martian Manhunter. He has been watching over Clark for a very long time but only showed himself after the phantoms escaped the phantom zone.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Does anyone know who flew down and saved Clark Kent from getting his back broken by the dude that was eating peoples insides?

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Enjoy! It is a fun run.

    • Jared Lowry profile image

      Jared Lowry 

      7 years ago from Arkansas

      I'm still watching old episodes I haven't seen them all. I've seen a lot though. I do have to say it is one of the best superhero shows ever in my opinion.

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Nice to find a fellow Smallville fan. We shall raise our heads high.

    • davluz profile image

      David Luzader 

      7 years ago from Phoenix

      I think that's when the show really began to grow. When they introduced Bizarro, they really stepped up the game. It wasn't the best show out there, but I was always entertained.

    • Geekdom profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks. Yea, the show had a lot of flaws but it was my guilty pleasure. I always felt that when they killed off Johnathan Kent the show took on it's own mythology and they became more liberal with who they brought in from the DC Universe.

    • davluz profile image

      David Luzader 

      7 years ago from Phoenix

      Great recap. I always thought it was funny that Clark faced his greatest villains before even getting on the cape in the show.


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