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Sneaky Sound System Album Review

Updated on June 11, 2011
Sneaky Sound System Album Review
Sneaky Sound System Album Review

Listen Up!

I'm begging you.

Go to pandora. Pull up grooveshark. And type in "Sneaky Sound System."

This Australian band is totally rad, and I am making it my personal mission to get USA in on this hidden gem. To learn more about the band, check out their wikipedia page. This hub is to review their album (shown in the picture) labeled This Is Sneaky Sound System. As far as I figured out, this album includes the best songs from their first and second albums.

Favorite Track


Sneaky Sound System's Pictures makes me feel like disco-ing. So hip. So fun. A great workout track. Does the song not make you want to skip out on the beach with all your aussie friends and play a game of beach volleyball? Yeah, I thought so.

Other Best

I Love It

SSS doesn't always deliver genius lyrics. This song, though, captures the sudden appreciation of an entire relationship when things are on the rocks. "And what we got, oh we got something more than I could have imagined. So why do we have to be apart?" The track expresses the anxiety you feel when you're wondering if the break up is about to come. (Don't relationships always seem so perfect when you reflect back on them in their entirety?!)

I Want Everything

I love the female singer of Sneaky Sound System. Her voice is so funky in this track, and gosh darn it, she wants everything! This is a hip song that gets me ready to go out or hang out with friends. Just like the entire track, SSS does not take themselves too seriously in any of the songs. The album maintains a carefree feel from track 1-14.

I Just Don't Want To Be Loved

A sassy track. Song title speaks for itself.

Kansas City

A track to blast on a road trip. Maybe one through Kansas City?


Alright, so it's great if you read this hub. But, mostly I want you to check out Sneaky Sound System. If you leave having listened, I will be a happy hubber. Let me know what you think! And, if you end up being a fan, check out their sites.

Sneaky Sound System Website

Sneaky Sound System on Facebook

Sneaky Sound System on Twitter

Sneaky Sound System
Sneaky Sound System


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