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4 Reasons You Should Take An Adult Dance Class

Updated on December 11, 2015

I grew up with a lot of dancers in my family. In fact, my dad’s whole side of the family was somewhat of an artistic bunch. Most closely related, are my opera-singing grandmother and my ballet-dancer-turned-teacher aunt. Needless to say, my dad was not a dancer, in contrast he spent his days skateboarding and surfing, before turning in and working on classic car repairs. In this regard, I’ve always taken more after my dad and have therefore always been something of an odd duck in comparison to the rest of his family. This, of course, doesn’t take into account my mom’s artistic ability of painting and drawing, or my father’s extremely talented sketching hand. Neither does it include my younger brother, who is something short of an art protégé, and can draw almost anything with incredible detail.

No, I alone seemed to have missed the artistic side of my family, finding only comfort in words and books, giving way to a passion for writing. This fact, however, has not kept me from dreaming big. While I can sketch out a mean stick figure, I’ve always found myself drawn to that “other” world known as dance. Perhaps it started with my aunt and grandmother, who when I was little begged my mom to put me into dance classes to help spark in me that same desire that they found. Being three and extremely uncoordinated, the class left me running for the hills, with my tutu bouncing in the wind. Yet, the older I became, the more I became aware of a desire that went unfulfilled. Year after year movies depicting the world of dance graced the silver screen. I watched enviously as Julia Stiles applied for Julliard, I thought of how best to ask my mom for pointe shoes after seeing Center Stage, and I became fully convinced I’d missed my calling as a hip-hop dancer after watching Step Up.

As an adult, however, joining the world of dance doesn’t only seem like a far-flung dream, but an impossible one. People train for years, multiple hours a day, to become the kind of dancers you see in any form of entertainment, meaning that it’s unlikely that I'll find myself auditioning as a backup dancer for JLO any time soon. All this to say, that despite paddling out every sunset to catch a few waves in high school, or spending summers cruising the neighborhood on my long-board, I’ve now—as a real adult—seriously considered enrolling in my first dance class.


I’ll be entirely honest with you. I’m not an idiot, which is why high on my list of reasons for why adults should consider joining a dance class, is the exercise level. Every form of dance, from waltzing across a room to west coast swing, exerts a certain measure of physical activity that’s just not found in other forms of exercise. Enter any Zumba room and you’ll find men and women dripping with sweat, their hearts pounding, faces smiling, and heart-rate monitors counting upwards of 700 calories per session. Not to mention, have you ever seen an unfit dancer? Of course not! Dancer’s keep their bodies toned and nourished, giving way to lean muscles, long limbs, and flexible bodies.

What kind of dance class would you be most interested in taking?

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A New Hobby

Let’s get real for a moment. How many of us, when asked what their chosen hobby is, would struggle to name something? With the invention of the smartphones and Facebook, a vast majority of the population spends their time logged in to other peoples’ lives, or with their eyes glued to the palm of their hands. Besides, who of you really want to answer that binge watching the latest season of House of Cards on Netflix is the only real idea of a hobby you have to date? Joining a dance class gives you back an opportunity to interact with the real world and experience something new. Get out of the house for a change; by signing up for a dance class and you’ll be able to get in shape by doing something fun.

Make Friends

This is a particular bonus for those who have just moved to a new location. Dancing is often considered something of a group sport. Between dance partners, or group choreography, you’ll be working in close and sweaty quarters to your classmates. If you’re in a position wherein you feel like you need a new group of friends (aside from those outside your work or school), then enlisting in a hobby such as dance can leave you satisfied. Between bonding over blisters, broken toe-nails, and aching muscles, you’ll be able to spend time with people outside of your comfort zone, introducing you to new and exciting things about the world around you. Additionally, dance is a great choice for couples, looking to mix up their Wednesday nights, while also allowing for them to interact with other couples their own age, creating lifelong memories.

Fun for You

While having an excuse for joining a dance class can help soothe your worries over the financial side of things, it doesn’t always need to have an excuse. Rather, joining a dance class can be something you do because you want to, which happens to be the real beauty of it. So maybe you’re wondering if you need to take a dance class? Who cares! Taking a dance class allows you to indulge your body and soul in one of the most ancient form of art around. Choose something that you’ve always imagined yourself doing: jazz, tap, hip-hop, ballroom, swing, ballet—it’s all up to you! Find something that you’ll enjoy spending an hour or two doing each week and find yourself soaring across the dance studio floor.

If you’re the kind of person who has watched enviously as others around you danced the night away, then it’s high time you register for a local class today. No matter your age, dance level, or even financial status, there’s a dance class out there specifically suited to your needs. So get out your leg warmers, slip into your leotard, and lace up those shoes it’s time to boogie-oogie-oogie ‘til you just can’t boogie no more.


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