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Just Two People Doing It In An Airplane Bathroom

Updated on February 12, 2013

10 Years Later

Everyone is on high alert because the people in charge have been telling us for a couple of days that something is going to happen on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Thankfully things have been uneventful. Lots of football, an Australian won the ladies US Open Final and views of the memorial in New York are amazing.

High Alert

Some people had to actually get on airplane today and go somewhere. One flight from Denver landed as law enforcement waited to confront some suspicious passengers who were spending a lot of time in the airplane bathroom. The two people were in the bathroom for a long time. So long in fact that people noticed. People actually got up and knocked on the bathroom door. It was clear that whatever bomb or terrorist act about to be unleashed required two people to put it together while hiding away in the crammed airplane lavatory. Why else would two people smash themselves into a tiny, gross space like an airplane bathroom unless they were up to no good. Those two were up to no good if you asked your mother. Luckily the two were just making sweet sweet love.


It turns out that there was no sweet love making going on during those 9/11 flights. Just a sick man, a woman who had to use the bathroom for its intended purpose and a third woman who just got lumped together with the other two because she was sitting between them. Conclusion: People in airplanes on September 11, 2011 were a little on edge.


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