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So You Are a Chinese Zodiac Sign Year of the Dog

Updated on October 3, 2012

Year of the Dog

Sincere, faithful and honest are the known characteristics of the Chinese zodiac sign Dog. They are fond of helping other people and enjoy doing it as well. When it comes to traditions, they have high respects and will surely follow whatever traditions they have. People who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign Dog have a righteous attitude, wherein they tend to justify everything that they do and say.

Another thing that you should know about this Chinese zodiac sign is that, they are not fond of going to parties and gatherings to socialize. They also do not shine whenever they are around a big group, which is why they avoid gatherings with big groups. On the other side, they are known to be great listeners, caring and very intelligent when it comes to certain things.

Dogs can certainly fulfill every duty that they have in life, which is why a lot of people always count on them. If you have secrets and you wanted to tell people who are born under this Chinese zodiac sign, then you will surely have your secrets safe with them. They are not fond of gossip because they would rather do productive things, than to gossip things that are actually none of their business.

Another good thing about Dogs is that, they are known to be a good companion especially if they are in a very positive mood. Just remember to avoid getting into their nerves, or you will surely see a different side of them.

Metal Dog: 1910 and 1970

People who are born under the metal Dog are known to have standards and expectations that are high, when it comes to themselves and as well as to other people. They are very loyal and they usually have a solid look in life, which makes them successful. They have the tendency to choose the friends that they like, and they always make sure that they can take good care of them no matter what. Typically, when they start to commit to one situation, they always make sure that they can fulfill everything that they have in mind. If they think that some things are not right, they will surely find a way disagree and to make things right for them. On the other hand, if they have plans and these plans go out of hand, they will likely feel stressed at times. Whenever they have a task to fulfill, they usually find it hard to relax.

Water Dog: 1922 and 1982

Water dogs are known to be perfectly educated when it comes to certain things. This is the reason why: they tend to be flexible in almost every situation that they come across. They are fond of going out and spending a lot of money, which can sometimes cause problems with their loyalties to their friends. Fortunately because of their flexibility, they still tend to manage to have friends around them. Typically, their friends are the ones are who known in the society and such.

Wood Dog: 1934 and 1994

People who are born under the wood Dog are known to be individuals that are very rounded. They are laid back, flexible and as well as adaptable when it comes to certain situations. Unfortunately, they are not that independent and they tend to join groups wherein there can depend when needed. The reason behind this is because they crave for support when it comes to things, and they also feel safe and confident when they are around a group. Another good thing about wood Dog is that, they are very loyal to their friends and they usually have those affectionate and warm feelings for them.

Fire Dog: 1946 and 2006

A good leader is what fire Dog is, and this is because of their charisma and popularity to other people. They have always been admired by a lot of people around them, because of the personalities that they have. They are vibrant, attractive and definitely irresistible to a lot of people, which makes them vivacious at times. They are also known to be honest when it comes to certain situations. They are known to be very active when it comes to business and other related things; therefore they are having a hard time settling down in their personal lives.

Earth Dog:1958 and 2018

Genuine and clever are the characteristics of earth Dog. They are very stoic, stable and supportive to the people who are dear to them. They are also known to be very confident and inspiring, which is why a lot of people look up to them. Whenever they have a decision to make, they ask the people around them about their opinions and they will definitely listen to both of you. They are known to be very diplomatic and trustworthy, which makes them a good leader.

Overall, people who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign Dog are known to be humanitarians amongst the other signs. They have equality and justice in their minds, which makes them loved by a lot of people. If you are important to a Dog, you need to expect that he is willing to sacrifice and give up everything, for you. They are very loyal and loving, which is why a lot of people admire them. These are the reasons why people under the Chinese zodiac sign Dog deserve to be respected in different ways possible.

According to some experts, people who are born during the day will be calmer than those who are born at night. People under the Chinese zodiac sign of the dog and who are born during night time are said to be alert. They are always ready for everything that life has to offer, including the negative ones. So if you are born under this Chinese zodiac sign and if you know someone, then you very well know how to take care of them and treat them in the right way. Always remember that it is true that they are man’s best friend.


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    • angel4967 profile image

      Cindy Pierre 

      6 years ago from Nevada

      I love this. My mom is a fire dog so this caught my attention. Most of it matches her. Great job on the Hub!


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