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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- 14 Become 12 Tonight

Updated on July 30, 2013

Curtis is sidelined with a shoulder injury and in the bottom three

Original Airing: July 30, 2013

We’re down to 14 dancers who open the show doing a strange dance that features flying on a wire and a lot of fog. So which two of these 14 will be sent home, this week? Sonya and Dmitry choreographed the number.

Cat announces Curtis wasn’t in the number and hurt his shoulder and can’t perform, this week. But it sounds like he’ll be back next week. When something like this happens, I wonder if it’s fair to the other dancers if they get a free pass for the week. Of course, if Curtis is in the bottom three, he might not get a free pass, especially if he can’t do a solo performance.

Tonight’s guest judge joining Mary and Nigel is Anna Kendrick. Let’s hope she’ll have more to offer and to contribute than last week’s judge Carly Jepsen. I think if someone is a guest judge on a dance show they should actually know something about dance or have some experience with dance in some way.

The show does a recap of last week’s performances and the judges comments before revealing who are in the bottom three, this week. It was ironic hearing Nigel proclaim that Curtis’ shoulders ruined his routine and his shoulder is the reason he can’t perform, this week.

The bottom three are: Jasmine, Alan, Alexis, Curtis, Makenzie and Nico. The home audience doesn’t seem to like Makenzie. Isn’t she nominated pretty much every week. Cat asks who Nigel wants to send to safety. Nigel says all the boys are in danger, but he doesn’t want to see them dance, again. Nigel decides to save Makenzie. Doesn’t matter, the home audience will no doubt vote her into the bottom next week. At some point Nigel is going to have to stop saving her. There’s just something about her the home audience doesn’t like.

I don’t know, but I didn’t think Alexis’ solo was that good. It took her a few precious seconds to even get started up. It just seemed to be lacking something. I thought Jasmine’s solo was better. It seemed to have more passion in it. Judging on the solos, my prediction for girl going home would be Alexis.

Before getting on with tonight’s performances, they show highlights from Dance Day.

Jenna and Tucker do Hip Hop. Jenna first performed as a child singing Lollipop on stage with other kids. Tucker’s first performance to Boy Meets Girl on stage as a teen. They dance to Slight Work. I thought they did a good job at the dance.

Nigel – he said it was a little unconvincing. Glad the dance was so forgettable.

Mary – not a slam dunk.

Anna – wasn’t their strongest, but kind of cute.

Alexis and Nico will be doing a contemporary routine. Sonya Tayeh is choreographing. Alexis’ first performance she dressed up as a boy. Nico was the class clown and first danced as one. The dance is about a relationship at the point it’s breaking up. Alexis is still in love with Nico and didn’t want to break up. They dance to Ashes. Will this dance impress the judges and save her from elimination? I thought they did a very good job displaying the emotions of the dance.

Mary – compliments Sonya’s choreography. Alexis displayed the desperation in her standing run. Mary thinks they both did spectacular.

Anna – says they both showed range and complexity.

Nigel – both gave a great account of themselves.

Hayley going to do a tango minus partner Curtis. Miriam and Leonardo are the choreographers for this dance. Curtis’ first dance was the Mexican Hat Dance when he was 6. Hayley’s first dance was when she was 8 and she was really clumsy. Curtis shown in rehearsal with Hayley. Hayley will perform with choreographer Leonardo, instead.

Anna – established herself quickly as an emotional dancer.

Nigel – Hayley nailed everything.

Mary – it was so impressive.

Makenzie and Paul do a jazz routine. Makenzie first performed when she was 4 signing These Boots Were Made For Walking. Paul’s first routine when he was 18 doing Latin Ballroom. Sonya choreographing the number. They dance to You’ll Find A Way. Not sure I really cared for it, myself.

Nigel – they were both brilliant. Doesn’t understand what America is not seeing in Makenzie.

Mary – adores Makenzie and Sonya brought out a new side in Paul.

Anna – Paul a MVP and Makenzie was powerful.

Jasmine and Aaron do contemporary. Aaron was a goofy character. He did a Hip Hop number when he was 7. Jasmine dressed in a tuxedo when she was 7. Piece based on The Giving Tree. Jasmine gets to play a tree and Aaron the boy that takes everything away from the tree. They dance to The District Sleeps Alone Tonight.

Mary – seriously interesting number.

Anna – Jasmine has such grace. Glad Aaron got to get on the show.

Nigel – they have unconditional love as partners and give to each other. Loves them as partners. So it’s going to come down to two contemporary dances to determine who stays or who goes. I think Alexis’ contemporary might have been stronger, so she may now have the edge.

Fik-Shun and Amy are doing a Chris Scott Hip Hop dance. Amy was 7 when she first danced. Fik-Shun danced at the Winter Assembly. Amy plays a waitress that wants to go home and Fik-Shun is a customer who has a crush on her. They dance to Let’s Get It On.

Anna – her favorite dancer on the show. Says Amy some times elevates Fik-Shun’s dancing.

Nigel – it was tremendous. Worried they always play similar characters.

Mary – absolutely spectacular.

Malece and Alan perform this season’s first Salsa. Malece first performed after peeing her pants because she was nervous. Alan first performed in a dance competition when he was a child. Dance going to have a lot of flips and tricks. They dance to Pa’ Los Rumberos.

Nigel – the energy level is ridiculous they need for the routine. It was a tremendous routine.

Mary – routine was insane and difficult. Also one of the fastest Salsa’s they’ve ever seen on this show.

Anna – made her want to take ballroom lessons.

Spencer Lift choreographing a Broadway group dance to Come Together. Spencer filled in for Curtis in the routine.

Anna – says they were all incredible.

Nigel – doesn’t think Spencer helped because he’s a professional dancer and they had to match them.

Mary – Mary agreed that Spencer was the one to watch.

The other 7 contestants will take on a group dance by Bonnie Story about bullying. It’s done to Tears Of An Angel. They get a standing O from the judges for the dance.

Mary – said it was beautiful.

Anna – she wants to thank all of them for doing this platform.

Nigel – congratulates them all for doing it. Both Mary and Nigel mention Fik-Shun as the weak link of the dance.

[Note: I didn’t mention who danced which dance because I couldn’t correctly identify which dancer did which dance. I know Jasmine was in the bullying routine, but I guess I find Alexis so forgettable I couldn’t figure out which on she was in. Since the camera focused on someone in the bullying routine about the elimination, it may have been her. Although I thought she was in the other dance.]

The time for who is going home, this week. It could really either be Jasmine or Alexis. Alexis’ solo was kind of blah but she got a highly emotional contemporary dance that may cause the judges to pick her to stay. As for the boys, I haven’t even got a guess.

Nigel reveals who he’s sending home: Alexis and Curtis are asked to step forward and he sends them home. So both the tappers are out of it. I think they were the last two remaining tappers in the contest.


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