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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- And The Winners Are...

Updated on September 10, 2013

SYTYCD renewed for season11

Original Airing: September 10, 2013

Tonight we learn who will be named America’s favorite boy and girl dancer. In a way, it doesn’t really matter who wins. The four dancers to make it to the finals were arguably the best of the 40 dancers that made it into the top twenty. Making it to the finals is an accomplishment in itself and the rest is a popularity contest on who is considered the favorite dancer of the audience.

The top 20 is welcomed back, with the exception of Malece’s former partner. So it’s really the top 39 instead of the top 40 dancers that made up this year’s top twenty.

The judges tonight are: Twitch, Adam Shankman, and Paula Abdul along with Mary and Nigel.

A video recap recalls how they got to this moment.

It’ll be interesting to see which past dances will make it in this final performance show.

The top 20 redo a dance to Wonderwall. Looks kind of like a speakeasy. I actually don’t remember this dance. I don’t remember many of the dances that took place this season. None have really stuck in my mind.

Each judge gets to pick which routine they want to see again. Paula picks, Edge Of Glory with Makenzie and Paul. Paula claims the dance was healing.

Cat is doing Top 5 memorable moments from the road. Clips of Shen Shen’s dance are shown.

Jasmine gets to pick which dance she wants to do over, again. She picks Blurred Lines with Marco where they’re both dressed alike. That was one of her most memorable dances.

Adam picks a dance that will bring everyone joy. Adam says Fik-shun is a distilled version of Twitch and wants Twitch and Fik-Shun redoing their Hello Good Morning routine.

Scenes of the four finalists going to watch Battle Of The Year which stars All-Star Dominic. I’ve been wanting to see the movie because of Josh Holloway. The movie was done in 3D. It opens on my birthday. The only turn-off is Chris Brown being in it.

The Battle Of The Year dancers dance live.

Nigel announces they’ve been picked up for season 11. Then he asks to see Alexis, Aaron and Curtis doing You Really Did It tap routine from the Top 20 show.

Twitch chooses a Broadway number Kiss Of The Spider Woman with Hayley and Nico.

Number 4 most memorable moment from the audition tour is Shane who stutters and uses dance to speak for him.

Aaron picks to perform I’m Kissing You with All-Star Katherine to re-dance.

Top 10 guys perform Sand. I think I remember this one. It was an interesting dance.

Anthony the little boy dancer from the audition is the number 3 best moment.

Cat decides to pick a dance. Comfort and Jasmine’s Run The World dance.

Number 2 memorable moment is Will Sisko Green and his hip movements.

A video montage of the choreographers describing their various dances to the dancers.

Mary picks Travis Wall’s number with All-Star Robert and Tucker, Medicine.

Cat introduces the Top 20 doing Puttin' On The Ritz. It's the actual dance that aired and not a redo.

Montage of the All-Stars choreographing their own routines.

Jenna and All-Star Mark do I Am The Best from that show.

Amy and Fik-Shun picked the same dance to redo. They pick After Party. It seems that Amy and Fik-Shun’s dance relationship may be more genuine that Jasmine and Aaron as both Jasmine and Aaron picked dances to do they did with All-Stars. Aaron was even going on about his chemistry with All-Star Katherine. They preferred to dance with each other one last time before breaking up, so to speak.

Montage about bringing dancers together, which is actually a tribute to Nigel and Mary. Nigel and Mary are doing a dance routine to Let’s Get It On. This may be the highlight of the season. They look like they’re having a good time and Adam gets in on the act.

The most memorable moment from the road happened in Boston. Movement Box performs live to This Life.

Cat announces which Travis Wall routine people on Twitter voted for and it’s Wicked Game with Travis dancing with Amy. It’s nice seeing Travis dance again. He was the one I wanted to win in his dance season. He’s come a long way since then. He’s become a really famous choreographer while Benjy seems to have vanished from the radar.

A video montage of final four at the beach is shown. That leads to a dance to Rock Lobster. It features the top ten and the All-Stars.

Cat announces the winning female contestant got the most votes overall. I have no idea who is going to win. The only one who might win it based on personality over dance skill seems like Fik-Shun. He’s just got an infectious personality. It could be what wins it for him.

Mary thanks the dancers for the season. Nigel says he’s heard the show has been too artistic this season and that makes him happy. Thinks America will be happy for whomever wins the title.

The guys get to hear first who won. A video montage is done of Fik-Shun and Aaron’s journey. It’s actually a good thing a twist of fate got Aaron on the show, as I got the feeling he wouldn’t have come back and auditioned for the show, again. On a personal level, I think I like Fik-Shun better than Aaron, personality-wise.

And the winner is: Fik-Shun. Aaron is a better dancer, but Fik-Shun’s got the winning personality.

Now it’s the girls’ turn. Will Amy win and make them the winning couple of the show?

A video montage of Amy and Jasmine’s journey. It would be nice if Jasmine won, especially since Cyrus dumped her when he got on the show. She’d do one better. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a perfect dance week, last week, and all the judges were singing Amy’s praises. So it wouldn’t surprise me if Amy wins.

And the winner is: Amy wins it.

Personally, I find Jasmine a more memorable dancer than Amy. Maybe after this year the show will consider changing it from favorite male and female dancer to the two favorite dancers. If they had both girls might have won.


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