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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- The 16 Will Become 14

Updated on July 23, 2013

Carly Rae Jepsen is guest judge

Original Airing: July 23, 2013

The show is back after a week off. The top 16 perform an opening number where they’re all dressed in red. This week’s guest judge is Carly Rae Jepsen. Nigel reveals they got 7 Emmy nominations.

Six dancers in danger and two will go home at the end of the show. Mariah, Alan, Makenzie, Blu Print, Jenna, and Curtis are the bottom 6. Nigel and the other judges are asked which two they are going to save. Jenna is saved, but everyone else has to dance for their life.

Alexis and Nico do the jive. Alexis reveals she’s an Olympic medalist in tap and Nico says he’s played soccer. They dance to Mayhem. The music sets a fun tone.

Nigel thought it started out well, but lost it half-way through. I thought it was me that just thought there was some awkwardness to it.

Mary enjoyed the routine.

Carly was so impressed. Loved Nico’s facial expressions.

Jenna and Tucker take on an emotional contemporary piece. Jenna loves baking and Tucker dressed up in weird costumes as a kid. Travis Wall is choreographing the number for them. They dance to Hangin By A Thread.

Mary said routine was spectacular and beautiful.

Carly said it was so emotional.

Nigel said Jenna was brilliant and Tucker was magnificent.

Marian and Blu Print doing a jazz number. Mariah was a cheerleader in high school and Blu Print is good at pencil drumming. They dance to Fall Into The Sky.

Carly thought it was fun and energetic.

Nigel thought there was an awful lot of hip hop mixed with jazz. It was goodish.

Mary thought they looked spectacular. Good synchronization. Lacked a little at the end.

Alan and Melece doing a hip hop routine. Malece can out-eat a man twice her size and Alan is a cry baby.

Nigel says Malece is a mean little alien. Alan needs to put on a different mantle for every different dance he does.

Mary says Alan didn’t grab on to the style. Malece was on fire.

Carly says Malece was adorable. Couldn’t take her eyes off Malece.

Curtis and Hayley take on contemporary. Hayley says she’s a beauty queen and Curtis says he’d be a professional basketball player if he wasn’t a dancer. They dance to Don’t Let Go Yet.

Mary thought the number was creative. Curtis needs to watch his shoulder.

Carly thought the partnership was amazing.

Nigel was disappointed because the whole routine was ruined by Curtis’ shoulder. He was disappointed with his solo, as well.

Amy and Fik-shun going to do something called Hobo Jazz. Amy is her dad’s sidekick and Fik-Shun has been doing martial arts since he was two years old. They dance to Under The Bridge.

Carly says it was absolutely adorable.

Nigel says they’ve grown enormously this week. They’re the couple to beat.

Mary says the routine was as sweet as a Twinkie.

Makenzie and Paul do a hip hop routine. Makenzie is obsessed with James Franco and Paul says his first love is art. They dance to Pretty Lil Heart.

Nigel says sexiest routine of the evening.

Mary agrees with him.

Carly incredible.

Jasmine and Aaron are doing the quick step. Jasmine was a tom boy and Aaron’s other passion is music. They dance to Pencil full Of Lead.

Mary says she loves they went for it.

Carly very sexy and fun.

Nigel says they were both vivacious.

Now the time has come to decide who is leaving. Curtis may be the one leaving, after the remarks Nigel made about his solo. Nigel picks the guys to deal with, first. Alan is called forward first and said he didn’t bring in his solo what he brought in his partnership. Curtis is asked how many times do they keep telling him about his shoulders. Blu Print is magnificent at what he does. Blu Print is the one who gets sent home.

Mariah and Makenzie are called forward and Nigel says Makenzie cemented her place on the show with her performance and Mariah is going home.

I’m not sure why Carly Rae Jepsen was asked to be judge, because she didn’t really seem to bring anything to the table. Does she even have any experience in dance?


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