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So You Think You Can Dance 10 --- The Performance Finale

Updated on September 3, 2013

Who will impress America as their favorite dancer?

Original Airing: September 3, 2013

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the Performance Finale. Tonight we’ve got 4 judges. Paula Abdul is back, which is great as she’s a dancer. However, the fourth judge leaves me a bit confused as it’s Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas. What does she know about dance? Wouldn’t a choreographer had been a better choice or Debbie Allen?

Each of the four remaining dancers will dance a total of 5 times. The show decides to mix things up a bit by having Amy and Aaron dance a jazz fusion together. Amy’s outfit is weird. It looks like a spider costume for Halloween and it also leaves her looking half naked. Strangely enough, Aaron isn’t attired in something similar. He only his chest resembling Amy’s costume and has a jacket and pants on. They dance to Primitive.

Nigel – great way to open the show. Loved the costumes. I’m sure he did since Amy looked half Naked. Probably got Little Nigel going primitive.

Mary – Knocked it out of the park.

Gabby – It had spunk and attitude.

Paula – Liked the coupling of Aaron and Amy.

Jasmine and Fik-Shun do a Travis Wall contemporary. It should be interesting considering the height difference. Travis says Fik-Shun needs to pull it together and dance in Jasmine’s league. They dance to Spiegel I’m Spiegel. The dance is supposed to look like it’s taking place underwater. I thought they did a good job. It was visually beautiful and you didn’t really notice the height difference.

Mary – thought they’d be a disaster but they looked beautiful together.

Gabby – she has goosebumps and they drew her in.

Paula – Jasmine’s been exquisite this entire season. Aware of the incredible journey Fik-Shun’s made.

Nigel – Compliments Jasmine’s lines. Nigel echoes Paula’s words about Fik-Shun.

Aaron dances with All-Star Melinda in a tap number. Aaron was given the choice of the style he wanted to dance in. They dance to When I Was Your Man. The tap dancing was good, but I wasn’t really feeling the emotion of the number. Tap and an emotional number may just not work.

Gabby – just incredible.

Paula – finally a tap number.

Nigel – loves the way people love tap.

Mary – she loved it.

Jasmine is with All-Star Comfort and decided to go outside her style and chose a Hip Hop number. I think she made a smart choice, because she just did a contemporary. Doing another one might make her seem a bit limited and somewhat boring. She’s going to dance a Tabitha and Napoleon number. They’re going to come on stage on bikes. They dance to Run The World.

Paula – There’s nothing Jasmine can’t do.

Nigel – Jasmine better than just a contemporary dancer. She’s fighting to win it.

Mary – Jasmine danced it like she choreographed it.

Gabby – Amazing and should get a call from Beyonce who sang the song they danced to.

Amy and Fik-Shun dance an Argentine Tango. It’s going to be a combo of the Tango and Pasa Doble. They dance to Hazardous.

Nigel – Fik-Shun’s toughest challenge. He wasn’t strong enough. Amy was really strong. Said she’s as strong as Jasmine.

Mary – Mentions some of Fik-Shun’s weak points, but he was there for Amy. Amy most dominating dancer in the competition.

Gabby – Loved it.

Paula – Fik-Shun handled his women pretty well and Amy is perfection.

Jasmine tells what the journey has met to her. Says she never got any closure from Cyrus. Talks about Vegas. Had to turn down traveling with Sierra as a back-up dancer to do the show. She’s gained so much confidence from being on the show.

Jasmine does her solo to Ready For Love. Nigel says Jasmine wasn’t in their top twenty until Cat spoke up and said this girl needs to be in the top twenty. Mary says she had her doubts about Jasmine but she’s won her over. Paula says she’s explores her vulnerability through dance and makes people fall in love with her.

Jasmine and Aaron dance a Samba. The Samba going to be a party starter. They dance to Can’t Touch It. Wardrobe malfunction with Jasmine’s skirt.

Mary – Didn’t feel it was danced very well. Aaron looked awkward. Jasmine did a little bit better. Wasn’t the best thing for both of them.

Gabby – it wasn’t the strongest one.

Paula – Happy to see the two of them together, because they’re her favorite couple.

Nigel – Wanted more from them in the dance and didn’t feel the chemistry between them. They looked uncomfortable with routine.

Fik-Shun talks about his journey. Feels when he’s dancing on stage it’s his world to control. Was made nervous in Vegas with each new style he had to dance. Felt he had a breakthrough with his first routine with Amy. Knows he’s not America’s best dance, but he hopes to be American’s favorite.

Fik-Shun dances solo to Gangham Style. Nigel loved it because it showed off his personality. The other judges agreed.

Now it’s Amy’s turn to talk about her journey. Everyone dances in her family. Her father dancing at audition. Says Fik-Shun helped to make America love her with his personality. And counts dancing with Travis as one of the high points of her experience.

She dances her solo to Unchained Melody. Mary says her power and control is exquisite. Gabby says she’s strong as a person. Paula says she’s an angel and remembers her solos most. Nigel says he can’t believe the stamina you guys got.

Fik-Shun chose Hip-Hop with Twitch for his dance choice. They dance to Hello Good Morning. They do chest butts [is the only thing I can think to describe it.]

Gabby – kind of incoherent comments.

Paula – it was fun and like a playground out there.

Nigel – Twitch and Twitch Jr.

Mary – Absolutely great.

Aaron talks about his experience. His father was a performer and got to dance on stage with him. Talks about his failed auditions and how a twist of fate got him on the show.

Aaron dances his solo to You And I Both. Aaron first tapper to make it to the finale. Gabby is amazing. Paula says she adores him. Nigel reveals Amelio got a part in Step Up, so everything worked out well. Mary says he killed it.

Amy dances with All-Star Robert for a contemporary. Amy decided to stick to her own dance style, contemporary. It’s about unrequited love. They dance to Say Something.

Paula – tearful and says it was her favorite routine of the night.

Nigel – Their dancing was intoxicating. His favorite routine. And she’s become his favorite female dancer.

Mary – Absolutely loved it.

Gabby – Blew her away.

The last two dances will feature the two boys doing a dance together and the two girls.

The boys with do a Broadway number. Fast paced rough city where it takes place. They dance to The Jitters.

Nigel – great routine. Gave them fun stuff. Never stopped dancing once. Not sure if they saw the best of both their abilities tonight.

Mary – cutest thing ever.

Gabby – Loved the energy.

Paula – Both were in their element. Two top showmen of the season.

Amy and Jasmine do a jazz number to close out the season. They're supposed to be Siamese Twins. They have to in in sync. They dance to The Diva Dance.

Mary -- that was crazy and creative.

Gabby -- Great way to end the show.

Paula -- feels she's finally home. No wonder. Half the time she acts like she comes from another planet.

Nigel -- a zany routine. Nigel says it's difficult to say who is the best.

I know that's what he says, but his comments to Jasmine that she might not have what it takes to win it after Amy danced and then trashing Aaron and Jasmine's dance kind of speaks volumes.

I think Fik-Shun will win it for the boys because of his personality. I'm still rooting for Jasmine to win it for the girls. I just like her better than Amy.

Anyway, by next week at this time we'll know who wins. See you then.


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